20 bell snakes found in the man's garage - here is where they hid

The moving expert said that there may have been up to 40 snakes at home at some point.

No matter where you live, it is not uncommon to meet a single serpent in your courtyard from time to time. However, it is always disturbing when you get your way inside your home, especially if they are a poisonous species . But even then, the only thing that is probably more frightening is to find a plot dangerous snakes hiding where you live. And although it may seem to be the kind of situation you only meet in the nightmares, a new video shows the moment when 20 bell snakes have recently been found in a man's garage. Read the rest to know where they were hiding and how you can avoid this situation.

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An Arizona man recently discovered a bell snake infestation in his garage.

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Even if you are relatively well tidy, the garage is a part of the house that can acquire dimensions and ends over time. Usually, the worst case is a congested mess. But an Arizona man recently learned Things could get worse When he discovered nearly two dozen naked snakes at his care-saigs hiding in his garage. AE0FCC31AE342FD3A1346EBB1F342FCB

The infestation was documented in a video published on YouTube by the Rattlesnake Solutions animal control company, during which the owner explains to Wrangler Marissa Maki that he only noticed lonely snakes on his property before noticing some intruders of potential reptiles in his house. But an intense rattle choir starts shortly after it is driven in the garage, indicating a serious problem.

After peaking in a corner, it quickly became clear that the initial estimate by the owner of three rattlers was incorrect. "There are a lot of snakes here!" she exclaims.

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Many snakes were hidden near the hot water tank.

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The owner explains in the video that he "only saw them to take a look at the corner of the street" and had "tried to wait for them". But Maki quickly discovered that the area around the house heater still ramp positively rampant with bell snakes - which it identified as Western diamonds, especially five adults and what it counted for the first time as 10 to 12 babies .

"It's a lot of snakes ... I'm not going to lie. It's crazy," said Maki using a special tool to collect snakes and place them in a bucket. "I guess more than one of them was a mother who had babies," she said, noting later that an adult was pregnant and was probably preparing to give birth.

After charging adults in one bucket, Maki was forced to take a second, so the first batch of Rattlers did not start hitting. But she was surprised to find much more from the recent offspring hiding around the device, removing enough to wear the total number of bell snakes to 20.

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The infestation of ringing snakes was probably even greater at a given time.

This photograph is of a garage lined with shelves full of things stored at home including, tools, cleaning supplies, holiday decorations and sporting equipment. The garage door is open.

During the withdrawal, Maki noted that baby snake snakes generally leave their mother for about 10 days after birth until they get rid of for the first time and take off for themselves. She said that the area near the water heater already had several skins, which means that several had already left when they had been discovered.

While 20 is already an intimidating workforce, the number of bell snakes on site and the quantity of discount skins means that there were probably up to 40 snakes living in the garage at a given time, Bryan Hughes , the owner of Rattlesnake Solutions, told the Tribune of San Luis Obispo .

"It seems that it is a group estimate (hibernation) and a driving site for some time, so we will never know how many bell snakes have come and have passed over time," he said. "This is our record for the most taken in one call snakes!"

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Experts warn that this is the start of the season of rings.

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Despite the overwhelming number of poisonous reptiles, no one was injured. Maki took the rhumba of the bell snakes in a remote location in the desert and released them, confirming her 20 account when she let them go.

The owner speculates in the video that the parents may have arrived through a "desert" on the desert "on his property. These act as channels for flood waters during intense rain periods, but become often occupied ways for snakes and other wild animals, according to the Tribune . Maki also pointed out that a space near the corner of the garage door probably gave them easy access to their hiding place.

While the sight of nearly two dozen rattlers is shocking, the experts emphasize that the season of cracks with crackles is I just launched In many regions of the United States in an article on Facebook on August 17, the National Weather Service Office in Midland, Texas, warned that it had found one Rattler recently born While launching a weather balloon and warned people to remain aware.

"As sympathetic neighborhood meteorologists, we are not only here to advise you from dangerous time, but also dangerous fauna," wrote the agency. "This is the time of year when the bell snakes give birth, so keep an eye and stay safe!"

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