11 items that you should always have in your bathroom when guests come, according to experts

A well -stocked bathroom says "welcome" in a language that everyone understands.

When we open our doors to the guests, we show our homes and our hospitality. Although they probably do not judge us as hard as we judge ourselves, we certainly do not want to be short in both areas. In addition to where they will sleep , the bathroom is the most important place to find the comfort of the house. Whether guests spend the night or you only go for dinner, it is good to have a standard collection of these 10 items in the bathroom. Read the rest to hear professionals from the design of the house on luxury and the necessities that you must make sure to have in the bathroom when customers arrive.

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Perfumed chamber spray.

Lavender spray

We were all told that scent is one of the most important things that people notice on any room, and the bathroom is no exception. Not everyone likes candles, and they can be a risk of fire when they are left unattended. Instead, opt for a room spray in a neutral and fresh perfume, on the left where customers can use it, suggests Chris Alexakis, Interior designer and Founder of CabinetCelect .

This will also help you alleviate any discomfort that your guests may feel if they have left your bathroom less than the one after their visit.

A collection of important toiletries.

A woven white basket filled with toiletries
Tanyajoy / Shutterstock

Laura Schmites , Professional decor and editor -in -chief of the design blog Soul and way , suggests filling a kit or a basket of pleasure with hygiene and essential personal care that your guests may have forgotten to provide, in particular Q-runs, deodorant, razors, cotton balls , body lotion, combs, shampoo, revitalizing and bodily washing.

"For customers who could stay for a while - or even those who visit for a quick meal - keep additional oral hygiene products (for example, additional toothpaste, toothbrush, toothpicks, mouthpiece) is always appreciated, "adds Yasmine El Sanyoura , house designer at Opendoor real estate website .

Female hygiene products are another much appreciated offer that guests may not be too excited to ask, underlines El Sanyoura. "Ideally, there are different options available, and several at hand."

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Something dry for them to wipe their hands.

A wooden tray with rolled hand towels stacked in it
Elena Rostanova / Shutterstock

"Nobody wants to dry their hands on a soggy towel that has been used many times," explains El Sanyoura, which is why she suggests publishing several mini hand towels instead of a single towel if you have many guests . Make sure to turn off a small basket or a trash can for dirty towels.

It can also be a good touch to provide paper towels. "Especially since we have all become more aware of the germs in recent years, the idea of using a fresh towel is, well, refreshing", Share Christy Biberich, interior designer and founder of Christy B. Home . She adds that since they come to so many elegant designs, paper towels can also be a way to disguise the bathroom.

A selection of fresh towels.

Guest items in tidy bathroom
New Africa / Shutterstock

If you have guests during the night (or maybe you organize a party at the swimming pool and guests will have to wash before dinner), nothing says at home like a pile of soft towels.

Molly McGinness , Owner of Interior design Molly McGinness , Advises to provide two towels / bath leaves, hand towels and guest troves. "Obviously they are available so that they can use." Also make sure they don't have effiled stains or ends.

A bath mat.

bathroom with soaking tub, mat and grey towel
New Africa / Shutterstock

Especially during the colder months, it is nice to get out of the shower and from something other than cold tiles. McGinness says that a thick, absorbing and clean bath mat has a more well -being experience - and helps keep the bathroom dry.

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Hand soap and disinfectant.

Matching bottles of hand soap and hand lotion in the bathroom
Tonelson / Istock

Fill a good pump distributor with quality liquid soap. McGinness suggests avoiding bar soap or decorative soaps because they become disorderly very quickly and customers can feel uncertain if they are supposed to use them. A matching scented lotion is also a nice touch.

Hand disinfectant gel is now a staple food, and some people reach it by habit. "" Keep him near the sink, even if you have a lot of soap nearby, "explains El Sanyoura. A guest who only intervened to repair his hair can just prefer to use a disinfectant pump.

Additional toilet paper.

Bathroom cabinet with essentials

We don't need to explain why it is important. To prevent your guests from having to ask for more, be sure to keep a stack of rollers on a shelf or in a covered basket. AE0FCC31AE342FD3A1346EBB1F342FCB

El Sanyoura underlines the fact that "you never know when you could exhaust yourself, so have enough on hand (and in easy access for guests) will put them at ease and make a more pleasant experience."

A toilet piston.

man using plunger on toilet, property damage

The guests will do it certainly I don't want to ask for this if they need it. So make sure it is somewhere visible. Schmites also suggests a toilet toilet cleaner "so that they don't have to bother you in the event of a" accident "."

Lots of hooks.

Modern interior of stylish bathroom with towels on hooks
Pixel-Shot / Shutterstock

McGinness notes that customers often do not have enough hooks in the bathroom. "Plan how the guests will use the bathroom and offer an adequate quantity of hooks and towels to hang wet towels, bath vests, a bathrobe, etc."

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A small stool if they bring children.

child stanidng on tip toe in front of dresser
Elena Gudilina / Shutterstock

It is easy to forget the smallest guests, but Schmites says that their parents will appreciate you to have provided a stool of PAS to children to use the sink and all that is just out of their reach.


Man pulling a single tissue from black tissue box

A box of soft facial fabrics serves a multitude of uses. "It may seem obvious, but the fabrics are useful all year round - not just during the flu season. I love storing mine in acrylic tissue boxes for a design declaration," explains El Sanyoura.

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