5 quick ways to get out of funk, according to experts

Do you feel low? These mood strengthening activities can really help.

When you are in a bad mood, it can be difficult toDo you shoot. While a funk differs from a serious depression in that it is generally shorter, nobody likes to feel blue. Perhaps you are overwhelmed by global events, or maybe it is something closer to your home, like a fall with a friend or a work drama-whatever the case, there is Many reasons why you could be in the discharges. So what is the best way to square your shoulders, stimulate your mood and finish this funk?

SistersShanna Cancino (Serial entrepreneur and co-founder of Zen Resources) andCherish Wilson (a student in psychology and clinical advice) foundedThe atmosphere control deck, a deck of 52 cards that incorporates psychologically ideas to help stimulate your mood throughout the day. Read the rest for five of their best ideas to withdraw from a funk.

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Take time for meditation.

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You have probably heard that meditation can begood for your health, but did you know how much it can help with your emotional well-being?

"Meditation can help promote mental, physical and emotional advantages such as better self -awareness, reduction in stress and anxiety and improved sleep," explains Cancino and Wilson. "Even in five to ten minutes a day can help." Meditation can also help reduce yourRisk of dementia and improve yourFocus and concentration. In fact, research has shown that only 15 minutes of meditation can be equivalent toA whole day of vacation- And you won't even have to book plane tickets or ask your boss permission to take holidays.

To start,The New York Times recommendedSlowly: "If you train for a marathon, you would not start with a 10-mile race," they explain. If you are a real beginner, usingA meditation application can help you start.

Write your thoughts.

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"Journalization is an effective technique for promoting well-being," explains Cancinco and Wilson. "The simple fact of putting a pen on paper and writing on everything that comes to mind, good or bad, helps to release your mind from any size or negative thinking models."

PsychotherapistF. Diane Barth Tell to NBC News that "not only does journalization offer a number of intellectual, organizational and psychological advantages, but alsoSome studies have shown that it can also improve your physical health. "(Studies have shown that by decreasing stress, writing can strengthen your immune system.) If you have never journalized before, use invites tohelp you start. And let's not stress the quality of your results: "None of these advantages requires that you are a good writer," adds Barth.

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When Cancinco and Wilson talk about connecting to the earth, they do not mean opening a copy ofNational Geographic Or watch the latest documentary Nature: "The earth is like a large battery. Since everything is connected, connecting the electrical energy of the earth to be one with nature helps us to feel the earth", they explain. "It is difficult to absorb the restorative energy of the soil when we are so acclimated in industrialized cities and we wear rubber / leather shoes or when we are surrounded by electronics and household appliances, which is why It is important to integrate bare feet into your daily practices. "

So find grass (clean) and earth, remove your shoes (or press your palms against the floor) and take the time to soak up this energy, while being aware of theA lot of wonders This nature must show us.

Practice gratitude.

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The search shows that simply saying "thank you" aloud canBoost your mood 25% (as long as you really think!). But get into the habit ofgratitude Can have a myriad of advantages not only on your mood and your perspectives, but even physiologically (being grateful has been demonstrated to help you sleep better and keep your heart healthy, among others).

"When wegratitude, it can trigger several areas of the brain which are responsible for the delivery of chemicals of mood and happiness, such as dopamine and serotonin, "according to a positive psychology. Journal!"Gratitude newspapers Can allow individuals to better organize their thoughts and tasks, which potentially leads to improved organization and clarity "Leela R. Magavi, MD, says very Wellmind.

Cancino and Wilson recommend to name five things for which you are grateful every day: "What could be better than actively appreciating people, things and experiences in your life? When we are grateful, we say to the universe we want more. "AE0FCC31AE342FD3A1346EBB1F342FCB

Think of someone you love.

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Speaking of dopamine ... "Think of someone you like automatically triggers dopamine, oxytocin, endorphins, etc., which are linked to positivity and happiness", say Cancino and Wilson. "When we feel these types of natural chemicals, we feel good."

So let your mind move away from the negatives of life in order to focus on the people you love. Make sure you rationalize your thoughts so that you really think of a person and your love for them, as opposed to potentially complicated details. For example, think of your little sister, but not necessarily on the moment when she deliberately overthrew the grape juice on your long -term paper.

Thinking about the love you feel can stimulate your energy. "Why not send more of this energy to the person we think about?" Ask Cancino and Wilson. "Wouldn't we want them to feel this type of energy too?"

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