8 best fats for weight loss

"I will have the garden salad with a bold-free vinaigrette," said my friend Kelly to the server. Then she turned to me for approval: "No fat! You are what you eat, no?"

False, I told him. You are not what you eat, although many of us still give up our favorite foods, think, "if I eat fat, I will grow."

Well, here is your new mantra: eating fat to lose fat.

That's right: our bodies need food grease, especially healthy oils - in order tolosing weight and work properly. Good types of fats and oils help cancel hunger, maximize your metabolism and rapid nutrients through your body. But all the oils are not created equal: some are downright bad (like trans fat in margarines), while some fat are simply confusing (what is a canola looks, anyway? And that Is it on an extra virgin?).

To lift the fog of fat - and put you on the path of fast weight loss - I created this essential countdown compliments of my new book, Zero Yelly Diet, ranking oils of their most important quality: their "Fat profile". These oils have the highest levels of omega-3 healthy fatty acids, monounsaturated fat and lauric acid (all good for you), lower levels of omega-6 fatty acids and saturated fats (not if Good for you) and zero gras trans (avoid at all costs).

Enjoy as indicated to blow immediately - and for a complete and fast weight loss plan, read this special report:14 ways of losing your belly in 14 days.

# 8 belly fat # 8

Coconut oil

Why it's great: Extract from fresh coconut meat, this tropical oil is an excellent source of medium chain saturated grease, lauric acid, which converts more easily into energy than other types of fat. Choosing coconut oil on other less healthy fat, such as Shard and Margarine, means less fluubber to be stored on your frame. (Exchange your standard cooking oil for this exotic version is one of our 10 daily habits that explodestomach fat.)

How to use it: This plugged oil can be used for everything you could use butter, frying to cooking; Use it for cookies, cakes and pancakes. It is so healthy, you will find it in some of the zero belly smoothies. He also tasted a lot about the toast and picked up on "fries" of the ground potato terracotta with a little powder of garlic, salt and pepper. Coconut oil breaks down when exposed to very high temperatures, so do not fried deeply with it.

Zero belly fat # 7

Peanut oil

Why it's great: Peanut oil is loaded with monounsaturated grease called oleic acid (OAS) that can help reduce appetite and promote weight loss. In addition, the research of the University of California, Irvine, found that this type of fat stimulates memory. Do not forget the next time you cook.

How to use it: Due to its high smoke point, peanut oil must be your inch oil for frying and many high heat tasks such as cooking wok and pan.

Zero belly fat # 6

Avocado oil

Why it's great: Made from pressed lawyers, this oil is rich in healthy cardiovulte monounsaturated fats that can help improve cholesterol and hunger hunger. It also contains vitamins B and E and a banning potassium - it is not surprising that it is one of Paleo's favorite food fats.

How to use it: Like a salad oil. The oil has a sweet hazardous taste and a light avocado aroma. It works well on loaves, fish and homemade pizzas. It also pairs well with watermelon, grapefruit and oranges. Add them to your fruit salad to create a new twist on a classic dish. And do not miss this special zero belly report:8 reasons why the lawyer is the perfect weight loss.

Zero belly fat # 5

Macadamia nut oil

Why it's great:You will have to hunt in specialized stores for this, but this bold and buttered oil can be the most satin that you will find: eighty-four percent of the fat macadamia nuts are monounsaturated, and it has a very high percentage of Omega-3S fatty acids. It is also a source of phytosterols, a plant derived compound associated with a decrease in the risk of cancer.

How to use it: Because of its average smoke point at high, macadamia nut oil is best suited to cooking cooking, removal frying and oven. For a quick snack, mix soft potato slices with walnut oil and bake in 350 degrees for 20 minutes or until the crisis.

# 4 belly fat # 4

Olive oil

Why it's great: Extra virgin olive oil can increase serotonin blood levels, a hormone associated with satiety. In addition, olive oil is also responsible for polyphenols, antioxidants that help combat many diseases such as cancer, osteoporosis and brain deterioration.

How to use it: An extra blank dear, with its robust flavor, should be saved to dress salads, vegetables and cooked dishes. For cooking purposes, regular or light olive oil is sufficient.

Gras fat n ° 3

Nut oil

Why it's great:Recently, splashing on the restaurant menus and grocery shelves, this oil has a rich hazel and roasted flavor. A small state study of Pennsylvania revealed that a nut-rich diet and nut oil can help the body to react to stress and can also help maintain diastolic blood pressure levels. Nut oil is also rich in polyunsaturated fatty acids that can increase the calorie burns induced by the diet and the metabolic rate at rest (the calories we use to keep our heart pumping and our body running). And nuts have more omega-3 fatty acids than any other nut.

How to use it: Mix with sherry vinegar, olive oil, cumin and a pinch of salt and pepper to make a salad vinaigrette. This oil does not work well under heat, so it should not be used for hot surface cooking or high temperature cooking.

Gras fat n ° 2

Canola oil

Why it's great: The canola, derived from the seeds of a plant in the broccoli family, goes up our list with its almost perfect ratio 2.5: 1 of omega-6 fats in omega-3. According to a study study published last year inExperimental biology and medicinePeople who realize a food ratio similar to it have been able to fight cancer, arthritis and asthma more effectively. It is also rich in alpha-linolenic acid (ALA), an omega-3 fatty acid that can play a role in weight maintenance, according to a recent study.

How to use it: This is the best option for day-to-day cooking situations. Canola oil can withstand relatively high heat levels and its flavor is quite neutral, so it will not dominate a dish.


Linseed oil

Why it's great: Also known as lin-bird oil, yes, the things you used in the art class - this grease contains ALA, an omega-3 fatty acid that can help maintain weight maintenance and can Reduce the risk of heart disease by promoting the health of blood vessels and reducing inflammation. This oil can also be used topically to combat carpal tunnel syndrome, according to an Iranian clinical trial of 2014.

How to use it: Linen oil does not remain well when exposed to heat. Sprinkle on salads or use it instead of olive oil or Mayo when flying pestos, tuna salads and sauces.

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