7 perfumes that age, experts say

Try to avoid these special aromas when you choose a perfume.

When you look for a hug or enter a room, those around you can take different notes of Your perfume - And then come and associate with these perfumes. Maybe you've always leaning towards softer scents, or maybe you've left for a little more spicy that people now remember. It is wonderful to be recognized in this way, especially when others always tell you that you feel good or ask what you wear. However, what you don't do it Desire is a perfume that could age instead of highlighting your style.

"Regarding the personal brand, the way we Odiss are just as important for appearance," Elizabeth Kosich , certified image stylist and founder of Elizabeth Kosich style , tell Better life . "In fact, some would say even more, because perfumes are quick to trigger memories. Personal fragrance also has the ability to linger, which makes one last impression that is good or bad. It is a fairly tool Powerful that can be exploited, so it is important to choose a fragrance that reflects that you are and strengthens your personal image. "

Small style coach Angela To favor Also underlines that, like fashion trends, perfumes run in and out of style, which means that one of your favorites could now be considered a little obsolete.

"Technology has made new synthetic perfumes and possible and extremely affordable perfume combinations, inevitably forcing certain perfumes in the old-fashioned category," she says.

So, if you are looking for a perfume that will define your style without making you look older than you, stylists have some suggestions. Read the rest to find out what perfumes they recommend staying away.

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According to Foster, with regard to flowers, avoid eyelets. She describes them as the "coriander of flowers", which means that you love or hate them - and at the moment, this perfume is not in vogue. AE0FCC31AE342FD3A1346EBB1F342FCB

"Although a modern version of embarking surely returns with style, today is not that day," she says.

Two scents with notes of skin tones include the eternity of Calvin Klein and poison by Dior, by Foster.


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Another floral that could age you is pink, says Kosich.

"Glycerin rose water is a nostalgic perfume that often evokes images of grandmother, especially when it is powdery," she explains. "Yardley London English pink water water is a classic example of an old -fashioned perfume that brings you back over time."

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Wooded perfumes

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All that is a bit "Woody" is another to avoid, Kosich specifically quoting the Yves St. Laurent's River Left river.

"Wooded perfumes can be considered more complex and exotic, which are often associated with maturity," she says. "Older women with more experience in life are better suited to these types of perfumes: YSL left bank is known for its basic notes of woody flowers and sandalwood and oak mousse."


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Patchouli, who says that Foster says, can feel like "incense from the 60s".

If it is your typical atmosphere, it recommends going for a perfume with a citrus note like lime or grapefruit instead.

"This [will] have a brighter and cooler result," explains Foster.


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Another powder is a powder odor, because these types of perfumes "tend to appear older," says Kosich.

"The purple and lilac floral notes in particular can distort in powder, evoking images of yesteryear. Known under the name of perfume particularly" powder ", Chanel n ° 5 is known by many as the classic smell of" old " She notes.

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Musk perfumes

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More musk perfumes could also suggest that you have a few years more than you - and they are sometimes even "perceived as an old lady", by Kosich.

"Musks are often twinned with wooded and wooded notes, making it a scent of the past," she said. "Jovan is the musk perfume par excellence popularized in the 1970s."

Your longtime signature fragrance

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If you have a perfume which is literally synonymous with your personality and which has not been changed for some time, it might no longer tell you.

"Some famous signature scents are stuck in a time capsule, transporting us at a moment of yesteryear," said Kosich. "The main examples of nostalgic signature scents are the white diamonds of Elizabeth Taylor and Giorgio Beverly Hills for women, and black Drakkar for men. These perfumes communicate a lot on the personal image, although you may not be Not the message you want to send! "

Stylists have some advice when you are ready to change it.

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According to Foster, there are a few things to consider when you are looking for a new perfume, apart from - of course - which smells good.

Instead of choosing a perfume and buying all the products on this line, try to "mix and match", with different perfumes for your shower gel and your body lotion "to create your own personalized mixture", She.

You also don't have to wear a perfume all year round: go for a summer and a winter food.

"Besides a little variety, your skin changes in hot and cold weather, so a perfume does not smell the same on your skin when the temperature changes," explains Foster.

Finally, take something that makes you feel good, because it will help you feel happy and pass this lively atmosphere to others.

"Whether it is to eliminate stress (vanilla and rosemary), increase relaxation (jasmine) or improve energy (lemon), your perfume can be good for your mental health," explains Foster.

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