7 low -cost cooking renovations with instantly dramatic results

You don't have to spend more money just to see a difference.

If you dream of giving your kitchen a facelift this winter, you are certainly not alone. Real estate experts at Agent advice recently analyzed Instagram data and found that the most popular room of choice for domestic renovations Right now, it's indeed cooking. There are more than 1.8 million Instagram messages with major make -up in this space - practicing that cooking "continues to be a source of pride for owners both functionalities and aesthetics" like the heart From the house, according to experts from the agent's advice.

"Owners, designers and renovation lovers can use this data as a source of inspiration for their future projects". Chris Heller , a real estate expert by the consulting agent, in a press release. "With Instagram serving as a virtual gallery for home transformations, the possibilities of improving and personalizing living spaces are unlimited."

But the upgrading of your kitchen can end up costing you a nice penny if you are not careful. If you want to make sure that you do not empty your bank account, plan to tip other home experts on how you can get the ready for Instagram less. Read more to discover seven low -cost cooking renovations that provide instantly spectacular results.

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Be bold with your backsplash.

tower, luxury residential apartments

Sometimes everything you need to obtain a space that seems new is "to add fresh and colorful accents", according to Nicole Saunders , senior Interior design specialist and the founder of the Build Vault design.

In this spirit, remember to go daring with your backsplash using a checkered tile . You can always go with a classic black and white look, or get things to go to the upper level with a different shade, suggests Saunders.

"The addition of a touch of color with decorative tiles for your backrest will instantly brighten up space," she said.

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Turn off plants.

Stylish kitchen interior design with dining space. Workspace with kitchen accessories on the back ground. Creative walls with woode pannels. Minimalistic style an plant love concept.

You can be used to keeping your plants confined to the living room. But some enthusiasts of cooking renovation on Instagram want the owners "imagine being Surrounded by beautiful plants "In this space. And Joy Aumann ,, Authorized real estate agent , interior designer and founder of Luxurysocalrealty, is inclined to agree. AE0FCC31AE342FD3A1346EBB1F342FCB

"A small garden of herbs or plants in the kitchen is a cheap way to bring life and color to the room," she shares. "Plants can change the appearance of a kitchen by adding color and texture. In addition to improving air, they can make space calm and peaceful, which is a big effect for a small investment. ""

Change the color of your cabinets.

Green kitchen interior with island. Stylish kitchen with wooden worktops. Cozy olive kitchen with utensils and appliances. Kitchen and dining room. 3D visualization

It costs a lot Money to replace all the cabinets in your kitchen, but fortunately, you don't need to start from scratch to get spectacular results.

"Cabinets play a central role in the definition of the overall aesthetics of a kitchen," Mark Buskuhl ,, home expert And the founder of Ninebird Properties in Dallas, Texas, confirms. "But if you find your obsolete cabinets or sporting an unattractive color, don't be afraid! There is an easy solution to transform the look of your kitchen."

This quick solution? "Remember to give them a new layer of paint," recommends Buskuhl.

For example, go to a fresh or dramatic black green to change the look of your cabinets for less. "By selecting a modern and fashionable color, you can instantly breathe new life into your space and create a captivating atmosphere that will leave you and your guests," notes Buskuhl.

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Find new lights.

Beautiful bright interior of the kitchen in a minimalist style - kitchen furniture with ceramic sink, brass faucet, cutting boards, kettle and homemade flower on the surface

Many people assume that the update of basic accessories in their kitchen costs a fortune, so they do not think twice to change something like a sink tap in stainless steel for brass . But it is a common news idea, because it is "in fact one of the most profitable ways to give your kitchen a brand new look", according to Saunders.

"The simple fact of replacing the old handles, the buttons, the taps and the lights can make a huge difference in upgrading the overall aesthetic of your kitchen," she said. "It will also make your kitchen more modern and updated without breaking the bank."

Fill your spice storage.

Organized, labeled food pantry in kitchen with spices, grains, flours, and rice

A new spice or organizer can not only improve your kitchen, but also make it more functional, according to Aumann. Maybe you want to hide your spices A tearing system Or display them carefully near your oven. Anyway, "there are many good solutions that will not break," notes Aumann.

She says that a rack or an essential spice organizer may cost you between $ 10 and $ 50, but you can save even more money considering a DIY solution.

"The use of an organizer to clean your kitchen cabinets and your counters can make it easier to work and be more beautiful," shares Amann. "A well -organized space can also be larger and more user -friendly, which is a great improvement in looks for a small investment."

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Get rid of your old outlets.

outlet switch on wall in home ,Equipment that connects electrical signals to various home appliances.

Regarding the electric outings of your kitchen, it should be out with the old and with new if you want to reorganize things inexpensive. One way to do so is to upgrade the design, color and material of Your output covers .

"New switching plates can modernize a space with a minimum of effort". Michael Reeve ,, cooking designer And the well -known YouTube influencer @Kitchinsider, says. "Choose metallic finishes for an elegant look or colorful options for a fun touch."

You can also update your old points of sale to those that include USB ports, as this adds "features to your kitchen", according to Reeve.

"I think each kitchen should have them now with all the devices we have and the charge we make," he said.

Give your floors a facelift.

A modern kitchen with white and black fronts and a large corner window, vinyl panels on the floor.

Finding a new look for your kitchen floors can also make all the difference in your space.

"If you operate with a relatively small budget, invest in alternative floor coverings can be a great way to revitalize your kitchen," Wilma Brown ,, Expert in ownership and construction And the embarrassment of sales at Kingdom Park Home, says.

The most budgetary equipment to consider is vinyl floor , according to Brown.

"The vinyl flooring is easy to clean, durable and extremely versatile, and it would be unlikely that there is no vinyl option that is suitable for the style of your kitchen," she explains. "It can also be installed at home by yourself, so you wouldn't need to pay for a professional to do so."

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