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So what mistakes should we avoid at breakfast?

In weight loss, most of us make fundamental mistakes that we may not even realize. Relatively frequent marauders in our weight loss efforts are bad breakfast habits. Moreover, these bad habits may not only result in some extra pounds, but can even cause serious health complications. So what mistakes should we avoid at breakfast?

Too small breakfast

The most common foul that many people commit at breakfast are insufficiently large portions. If you hold a diet, you often save for breakfast. But this is a mistake, because breakfast as the first meal of the day will start your metabolism, and should therefore be abundant and varied and include quality foods that can supply the body with enough energy for several hours. If the portion is insufficient or breakfast with poor food, hunger and fatigue will come very quickly, resulting in a risk that if you are hungry for example at work or somewhere on the go, you will reach for unhealthy food food or automatic foods.

Incorrect food choice

If you think you can have anything in the morning and do not spoil anything, you are wrong. Even at breakfast, it is necessary to think about what we eat. Too fat and unhealthy dishes, such as sausages and sweet pastries, should be taboo or just an exceptional diet. Better focus on whole grain or rye pastry and ham with minimal salt content and larger meat content. It is also advisable to break down any fruit or, in adequate quantities, dairy products.

Excess dose of caffeine

This inconvenience concerns a relatively large part of the population. Maybe you like to drink a cup of coffee or other caffeine drink in the morning. If you stay with one cup, it certainly won't hurt you. But if you have the habit of putting those cups in the morning and possibly add cream and sugar, rocket is increasing the likelihood that you will soon want something sweet and unhealthy, which will certainly not benefit your diet. The advice here is simple and universal, everything in moderation.

Insufficient drinking regime

One of the most common mistakes in trying to lose weight is a bad drinking regime, or insufficient consumption of water and other unsweetened beverages. The best thing you can do for your body in the morning is to have a glass of clean water. Your body will certainly appreciate it. However, you should drink the water before you even start consuming breakfast. Of course, you can improve clean water with lemon or have unsweetened tea. In addition to the necessary hydration, you will relieve the feeling of hunger, benefit the digestion process and help better absorb nutrients. In addition, by following the right drinking regime, you reduce the risk of overeating, because, as they say, hunger is a thirsty. So cheers!

Consumption of sweetened beverages

You will surely remember a typical hotel breakfast, which must not miss a large pitcher of orange juice on the table. Unfortunately, most juices bought do not contain fresh juice but only a concentrate, which is also complemented by a huge amount of sugar. In addition to sugars, the juices bought include a variety of preservatives and dyes, which is not good for the body. If you cannot imagine breakfast without a glass of fruit juice, the best solution is to buy fresh oranges or other fruit and prepare fresh home juice. This variant is, although more expensive and more time consuming, certainly much healthier. Nevertheless, it is still necessary to think that even freshly prepared juice contains a relatively large amount of sugars, and it is ideal to indulge in just one glass, especially when you are trying to lose weight.

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