10 comfortable roms that you should watch on Netflix this weekend

Helmet with a glass of wine and popcorn, and throw one of these funny films.

Who doesn't like a good romantic comedy? It's fun to follow while two people merge hilarious scenarios On the path of their happy ending. There is something comforting in novels and their plots (often predictable), especially when they are love stories to which you can come back again and again. So, if you are looking for a film to snuggle up and watch with your partner, your friends or while enjoying a "me" time, we have covered you. Read the suite for 10 comfortable Roma that you can broadcast on Netflix this weekend.

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Always be my (2019)

always be my maybe

These original Netflix stars Ali Wong And Randall park As Sasha and Marcus - Amateur Childhood who separated after a tragedy in adolescence. Their paths cross again when Sasha, now a renowned chief, returns to San Francisco to open a restaurant.

In a Interview with Bustle , director Nahnatchka Khan said she had met Wong and park on the set of ABC Fresh And the pair shared its hopes to make a modern When Harry meets Sally . So if Rob Reiner And Nora Ephron The beloved rom-com is one of your nostalgic favorites, Always be my should be on your surveillance list this weekend.

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Happiness for beginners (2023)

happiness for beginners

This original Netflix, which has just fallen in July, is based on Katherine Center Roman 2015 of the same name.

This one follows Helen ( Ellie Kemper ), a recently divorced school teacher who decides to take a course in survival of the Appalachians. During her stay, she meets Jake ( Luke Grimes ), who happens to be his brother's best friend.

Although there are emotional moments, you will make yourself laugh from the support of support and passed away on the chemistry between Kemper and Grimes. It is a solid and comforting choice, guaranteed to make you smile-and maybe encourage you to go out this weekend too! (Although we will not judge you if you stay in it.)

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The perfect find (2023)

gabrielle union the perfect find

If you like your Romance Roma in a big city, The perfect find (based on the 2016 novel of Leigh Couch ) Offer this and more. g Union Abrielle Plays Jenna, a fashion editor forced to get into the world of career after being dropped by her high -power boyfriend Brian ( D.B. Woodside ). After winning a job, she goes out with friends and kisses a stranger ( Keith Powers ) - It is only the next day that she discovers that the foreigner, Eric, is her colleague and her son of her boss.

You will not be able to stop rooting for Jenna and Eric as they fall in love, so plug into it if you want all the sensations.

It is complicated (2009)

meryl streep and alec baldwin in it's complicated
Universal images

When it comes to comforting movies, anything Nancy Meyers is sure to adapt to the invoice. Its 2009 success It is complicated stars Meryl Streep And Alec Baldwin As a divorced couple who ends up having a secret matter. The wild premise will certainly have to laugh - with the help of the starred set that appears John Krasinski ,, Tinker ,, Rita Wilson ,, Zoe Kazan , And Steve Martin .

Beyond his humor, the film decor in Santa Barbara, California, and the Streep character Fabulous house The dreams of "coastal grandmother" are made. For comfortable ultimate vibrations, put on a large sweater, pay a glass of white wine approved by Meyers and broadcast this delicious film.

marmot day (1993)

groundhog day
Columbia Pictures

A beloved classic for decades, marmot day is a favorite from the 90s, you should see if you haven't done it yet. He adds a certain fantasy to the mixture, as a protagonist Phil Connors ( Bill Murray ) is stuck in a time loop, relieving constantly on February 2 (Aka Groundhog Day).

The film follows Phil when he tries to understand how to get out of the loop, while falling in love with his new producer, Rita Hanson ( Andie MacDowell ). marmot day often Make lists Among the best novels of the 90s, and after having seen it once - or much more times - you realize the reason why so many people will return to this reliable favorite.

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To all the boys I loved before (2018)

lana condor in to all the boys i've loved before

For a rom-com that will remember your young years, log into To all the boys I loved before . Although it is a Rom -Com, that does not mean that it is less convincing - the history of the Lycée Lara Jean Covey ( Lana Condor ) is multilayer and sincere. You root Lara Jean from the start, while she tries to sail in life after her private love letters are sent to the boys to which they wrote.

If you end up loving this one, you are lucky, because it is in fact the first episode of a three-part series, based on novels by Jenny Han . You can find the suites, To all boys: P.S. I still love you And To all boys: always and forever , on Netflix too.

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New in town (2009)

renee zellweger and siobhan fallon hogan n new n town

New in town is a romantic film in a small town that will surely win you. Renée Zellweger Play Lucy, a consultant sent from Sunny Miami to New Ulm, Minnesota, in business - in winter death. She is certainly not used to weather or lifestyle in New Ulm, but things turn back when sparks fly between her and Ted Mitchell ( Harry Connick Jr. ). AE0FCC31AE342FD3A1346EBB1F342FCB

The snowy setting and the stars worthy of passing out in this Rom -Command as well as comfortable - and even if you are not ready for the arrival of winter, you will want to be warm and grilled by the observation of the fire New in town .

Someone great (2019)

DeWanda Wise, Gina Rodriguez, and Brittany Snow in Someone Great

Gina Rodriguez leads the cast of Someone great , with Jenny, a music journalist freshly out of a nine -year relationship. With the help of his best friends, Blair ( Brittany Snow ) and Erin ( Wise Dewanda ), Jenny is determined to have a final adventure in New York before her imminent move to Los Angeles, where she won her dream job.

Rather than concentrating explicitly on romantic love, Someone great focuses on the power of female friendships and shared love in these relationships. This one has its low moments, but watching Jenny, Blair and Erin Trapse during the summer NYC are worth getting it for love and laughter.

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Set up (2018)

set it up

Set up to one of the most impressive scores on Rotten tomatoes , with a 92%approval rating. If this does not inspire you to add this ROM commelle to your weekend surveillance list, the casting will certainly do it.

Harper ( Zoey Deutch ) and Charlie ( Glen Powell ) are assistants of their respective bosses, Kirsten ( Lucy Liu ) and Rick ( Taye Diggs ). The pair binds to their stressful work, developing a plan to install their patterns and give itself more free time in the process. Although the configuration is initially successful, Harper and Charlie must work to keep Kirsten and Rick together, all while another spark ignites between them.

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Resort to love (2021)

resort to love

If your comfort idea is somewhere on a beach, Resort to love is the Rom-Com for you. The film follows Erica ( Christina Milian ), who goes to a seaside resort in Mauritius where her friend Amber ( Tymberlee hill ) reserved a job as an artist. Once there, Erica learns that she is actually a wedding singer - and as Ex, Jason ( Jay Pharah ), and his new fiancée ( Christiani Pitts ) Also remain on the island, she will have to play their wedding. It looks like a nightmarish situation until Erica meets Caleb, Jason's brother -in -law.

If you do not want fall yet, be comfortable on the sofa and enjoy the tropical romantic vibrations - and great music - with Resort to love , which was co -produced by Alicia Keys .

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