The man loses his leg almost the spider bite - look at these symptoms, warn doctors

He was in the hospital for almost a week after noticing a swollen place on his leg.

Many of us are quite frightened when we see an harmless spider in our house, so finding ourselves face to face with a venomous spider is a very terrifying perspective. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) assure that fatal spider bites are " extremely rare "In the United States, but that does not mean that there can not be serious consequences. In fact, a man just learned how serious a spider bite can be serious, after having almost lost his leg to Cause of a brown reclusive bite. Read the rest to discover the symptoms that doctors say that you should be careful.

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A man of Georgia had to be hospitalized after a brown reclusive bite.

Frightening spider on the hairy skin of hands.

Gabe Lustman , a pop and R&B singer based in Atlanta, recently spent almost a week in the hospital while he was fighting Severe spider bite , CBS News reported. Lustman said that he did not know when or how he was bitten, but that he woke up in "excruciating pain" one day, with a swollen stain on his leg.

"My leg was very painful, and I noticed like a small brand of bite but my whole leg was starting to swell and it became red and purplish and like all these unpleasant colors," he told CBS News, adding that he would raise the leg for a little short -lived relief. "[There was] acute pain shooting my leg when I got up."

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He almost lost his leg.

Nurse bandages the leg. Fracture of human lower limbs. Treatment of broken bones. Impose a gypsum. Patient surgical department. The doctor's hands tighten the bandage on his leg

Lustman did not know that the place swollen on his leg was an urgent medical emergency. He said he had tried to brush the pain for 48 hours before he decides to go see a doctor - and now he is grateful that he was no longer expected, CBS News reported.

"I came at a very, very lucky time," he told the media. "Because if I didn't do it, I could have lost my leg."

The doctors told Lusterman that if he had rejected medical care for 24 to 48 overtime, the infection could have spread to the point of being "uncontrollable", according to CBS News. But after a series of antibiotic treatments, Lustman said he felt better, despite a certain tenderness in the region where he was bitten.

"I can walk again, but when I touch my leg, if I knock or something, it's always painful," he said.

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The doctors determined that the bite came from a brown recluse.

Horizontal image of a venomous brown recluse or fiddle back spider. The image was shot from slightly above the spider giving a clear image of the spider's markings. There is great detail in his eyes, fangs and head or cephalothorax.

Although Lustman does not remember the real bite, the doctors were able to determine that he came from a brown reclined spider, reported CBS News. This species is " The most common In the southern and central states of the United States, according to Mount Sinai. However, brown recluses have been observed in large cities outside these regions. AE0FCC31AE342FD3A1346EBB1F342FCB

Adam Friedman , MD, professor and president of dermatology at the George Washington School of Medicine and Health Sciences, told CBS News that a bite of this poisonous spider can be quite dangerous for people of all ages - so it is important to recognize What they look like.

"Admittedly, the identification of the spider is useful because the brown recluse has a unique appearance, with a yellow to brown color and a brand of violin or violin on his back," said Friedman, noting that they hide Generally in the dark, warm and dry spaces like granaries or under wooden lots.

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They say you should be on the lookout for certain symptoms.

bite with a red rash on the skin close up

Reclus brown spiders are not quick to bite and generally do so when they are threatened. But that does not mean that you should not be prepared in case you are hit. "Overall, these bites are rare but rapid medical care is recommended for everyone," Friedman told CBS News.

According to the expert, it can be difficult to know that you were bitten because you may not feel it at the beginning. "The bite can be painless. However, the patient can develop redness, a possible tissue and tissue death," said Friedman. "The progressive worsening of pain, against itching and the degradation of the skin, should also push one to request care."

Lustman said that he had finally known redness extending in steak marks that looked like someone scratching along his leg - what the Mayo clinic says is a symptom This should cause immediate medical care.

According to Friedman, other systemic symptoms may include fever, chills, vomiting, joint pain, blood in urine and possible shock or death.

"Make sure you get professional medical care, because if I didn't do it, I could have lost my leg," said Lustman in his interview with CBS News. "It's your body, you have to attend and take care of it, because you don't know how serious these things can be and how bad it could be - I didn't do it."

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