Dollar General has "dangerous conditions in stores across the country," warns managers

The retailer has just been struck with new OSHA fines on the dangers in store.

It becomes more and more difficult to not Do you find purchases in a store these days. With these retailers expanding their physical presence to new heights and inflation still hit hard, consumers in the country flock to the most popular reduction chains. But you may want to think twice before entering your closest General dollar , as the company is cited again for dangerous conditions in store. Read the rest to find out why officials now say that Dollar General has "dangerous conditions in stores across the country".

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Dollar General has been cited in the past for dangerous store conditions.


Dollar General has been in hot water with regulators on dangers for some time now. In 2022, the administration of safety and health of the US Labor Ministry (OSHA) discovered that Emergency exit doors were padlocked in one of the retailer's stores in Wisconsin, and that barrel locks were placed at an emergency exit in a different place from Ohio. Following the dangers in these two locations, Dollar General was cited for fines of more than $ 580,000 from the OSHA. AE0FCC31AE342FD3A1346EBB1F342FCB

Since last winter, Dollar General has also been forced to store Due to dangerous conditions. This includes another Wisconsin store which was closed for several days in December after failing a fire monitoring inspection in the middle of customer complaints. And more recently, two general locations in North Carolina were forced to close temporarily after the fire inceptors "found the stores with allée and blocked outings".

This is however only a breach in the continuous battle of the retailer with the inspectors.

But now the retailer is affected by new fines.

Close-up action of safety supervisor's hand which is weared an impact glove is holding a clipboard, and use the another hand writing something on paper during safety audit. Selective focus at glove.

Dollar General is again denounced. In a May 23 Press release , The OSHA announced that the retailer had been struck with new fines for dangers. This last series of quotes is published after dangerous conditions were found during inspections in general stores of nine dollars in Maine, Northern Dakota, Ohio and Wisconsin at the end of last year, according to the agency. And the combined penalties of these quotes add $ 3.4 million in fines to the general dollar plate.

Between October and December 2022, the OSHA inspectors found "exit roads, doors, fire extinguishers and blocked electrical panels and dangerous stacked goods" in six northern Dakota stores. In the city of Minot, they even discovered that at least six employees in a general store of a dollar "underwent an exposure to toxic vapors ... after the rupture of several chemical containers and their mixed content". In November 2022, inspections also revealed emergency outings blocked in Enfield stores, Maine; Kettering, Ohio; and Kewaunee, Wisconsin.

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Officials say that this affects general dollar stores across the country.

The front store sign of a Dollar General in the morning light.

With assembly quotes and fines for inspections in different states, the OSHA warns that the dangers of Dollar General are clearly widespread. Since 2017, the retailer has been affected with more than $ 21 million in sanctions offered following 240 inspections carried out in places in the United States, according to the agency.

"Dollar General continues to expose its employees on dangerous conditions in its stores across the country," said OSHA deputy secretary Doug Parker said in a press release. "As one of the country's largest retailers, the company must focus its attention on solving these problems and changes to the company's scale to protect the safety and well-being of people that 'They use. "

OSHA inspections in the country's general dollar stores have constantly discovered common dangers such as blocked aisles, emergency exits, fire extinguishers and electronically signs, as well as dangerous stacked boxes. "These conditions expose employees to fires, electric and struck and other dangers in violation of federal regulations," warned the agency in its press release.

But the retailer claims that he is attached to security.

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Despite these current problems, Dollar General sticks to say that he does what he can prevent the dangers in store. "As a growing retailer serving thousands of communities across the country, Dollar General is committed to providing a safe work environment to its partners and the purchasing experience to its customers," said the Company in a press release Better life . "We regularly examine and refine our security programs and strengthen them with training, communication, recognition and continuous responsibility."

Dollar General added that he was taking the discovery of dangerous conditions in one of his stores seriously. "When we learn situations where we have failed to respect this commitment, we are working to resolve the problem in a timely time and to make sure that the expectations of the company concerning security are clearly communicated, understood and implemented "Explained the company.

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