The love story between Neymar Jr. and Bruna Bianincardi

Neymar and Bruna Biancardi have just resumed their relationship after 7 months away, and from what social networks indicate, they are more passionate than ever.

Football player Neymar Jr. It is one of the largest current Brazilian celebrities. Aspects of your personal and professional life generate a lot of buzz, news and comments with each development. While inside the Neymar fields has not excited much recently, your love life is proving to be much more agitated.

Recently, Neymar assumed to have resumed his relationship with model Bruna Bianincardi, with whom she had a boyfriend - and finished - a few months ago. Check out a little more about this love story full of emotion.

The player is always news

Neymar Jr. It is one of the most popular and recognized soccer players in the world, as well as being one of the most famous Brazilian personalities today. This is certainly due to his football, as he has a field presence that is undeniably exciting, with his great dribbles and amazing goals.

In addition, he was seen at the beginning of his career as a possible “new pelé”, an unfair nickname that has put the spotlight on the boy since his emergence in Santos. Although he has not been entitled to this hype Designed by some people, he has had a career of many emotions and achievements, with titles and artillery where he went, in Santos, Barcelona and now at PSG, Paris soccer club.

Outside the fields, Neymar is also a target personality of great scrutiny and monitoring of the world media. From the parties at the Covid-19 pandemic, support to President Jair Bolsonaro to the famous and controversial love relationships, Neymar Jr. It never seems to get out of the news.


When it comes to Neymar's passions, the whole world closely followed the relationship with actress Bruna Marquezine, who lasted from 2013 to 2018 between some comings and goings. After the definitive ending (so far) with Bruna, Neymar had a few months hectic from many social events and of course, some affairs.

In April 2022, it seems that the soccer player “quiet”, since after many rumors and many very clear clues left on social networks, he and model Bruna Bianincardi took a serious relationship.

At the time, according to the player, the fact that Bruna got along with her friends "made all the difference when deciding whether to take Bruna to the world." Soon after they had a very active relationship, at least what they transparent on social networks, always sharing statements and posting photos of the moments they enjoyed together.

How the first relationship ended

But the relationship did not last as expected, since only 4 months later, in August 2022, the two confirmed the breakdown on social networks. Many rumors circulated about why the end and even talked about a supposed betrayal of the player, but by the statements of Neymar and Bruna, the end seems to have been quite friendly.

Bruna, after many questions for press vehicles at the time, vented: “Every time are involving me in gossip, I prefer to make it clear here that I am no longer in a relationship and no, there was no betrayal.”. And this seemed to be the end of this love story.

How he started over and last events

However, sources close to the two say that even with the end, they never stayed far away. After being seen together again, and finally, spending the New Year together in Paris, now in January 2023, they assumed to have resumed the relationship.

Apparently, the couple came back with everything and are enjoying each other a lot, as Bruna spent a month of vacation at Neymar's mansion in Paris. The perspectives seem to be very positive, as they also have the positive sign and great support from Neymar's son, Carol Dantas, as well as companions of the player's "parces".

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