The warranty scam of the new house looks so real that it continues to deceive people, warn the insurers

Do not be the victim of these apparently authentic letters that go around.

New technologies may have given crooks of new ways of targeting and attracting potential victims. However, there are still a lot of traditional tactics that criminals use who do not imply Your smartphone or email . Some have even returned to the use of telephone calls or traditional letters sent by post to steal money and information. And now, a new home warranty scam goes around that seems so real that it continues to deceive people. Read the rest to see why insurers warn the public of this last attempt as a scam.

Read this then: If you receive a call from this issue, hang up immediately, according to the police in a new warning .

A new type of home warranty scam, which makes the rounds may seem remarkably convincing.

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The text messages and emails dam that most people receive a given day may have made us more skeptical about united messages on our devices. But just as new forms of communication continue to see new types of identity theft attempts, a new home warranty scam is based on a Authentic letter letter which is sent directly to your front door. AE0FCC31AE342FD3A1346EBB1F342FCB

The latest grade appears as an opinion sent by post warning that the domestic guarantee of a customer has expired or is about to expire, the local reports of Rochester, Minnesota NBC, the KTTC reports. The exterior of the envelope can even be printed with an urgent message in red text, by pressing the importance of the letter or by suggesting an affiliation with a bank or a financial institution.

In many cases, the attached letter gives the impression that the company which contacts the recipient is in a way linked to the insurance company of its owner or even to the office of their county. The letter often stipulates that this is a final opinion before the expiration of a police, leaving the residents on the hook to pay any repair. Some notifications may even include a photo of the targeted house printed on a return envelope request an immediate payment of costs , deceive some by thinking that the demand is authentic, the Southern Maryland Chronicle reports.

Scammers may have access to information that can help them make their attempts more credible.

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Of course, the company that contacts the owners with these types of letters has no connection with its real insurance company, no matter what they can involve. And now residents have reported a convincing scam in several states, including Minnesota, Tennessee, Oregon and Maryland.

Unfortunately, it is even easier for criminals of Create this diagram that many victims think so. "Certain information on mortgages - such as the name of your lender and your service - is public files and the information can be found online," warned the office of the attorney general of Tennessee in a press release on June 29 . "These crooks use the name of your mortgage company in the letter seems legitimate."

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Authorities say that there is an easy way to know when you are dealing with a probable crook.


Since criminals often use information at their disposal to choose their victims, it is often impossible to avoid being targeted. But the authorities underline that there is a way you can often say that you are face fraudster .

"Solicitations that use threatening language or useless emergency are almost always a scam", Attorner General of Oregon Ellen Rosenblum Said in a press release on August 17. "If you are interested in buying a home warranty from a legitimate company, I encourage you to do your research, looking for guarantee companies that maintain your neighborhood, ask your friends and family references, search for the Type of coverage you need, compare business coverage and pay attention to exclusions and limits. "

If you receive such a letter by post, the authorities say that you must either throw it away immediately or report it to the police, reports Ktto.

You must be wary of new scams that become more sophisticated.

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The swindling swindle booming at home guarantee is not the only apparently legitimate jostling to go around recently: a new sophisticated operation known as " Recall phishing "It also became a problem. The authorities warn that the two-level con starting with an email sent to an imminent charge or the renewal of the subscription, which prompted the objective to call a simulated personal customer center criminals waiting to steal your private information.

Another scam also uses two cunning levels to steal money and personal information to victims. In this case, a phony text message pretending to be a delivery Notification for Amazon is sent to a target asking that they call a false customer service agent to check the costs. The crook will then ask the potential victim to download remote office software which will grant them access to your phone or computer, which they will then use to steal personal information or transfer funds, reported Techradar U.S. as Still, those responsible are wary of any message or invites unsolicited, especially if they contain strike faults, grammatical errors or press a feeling of urgency to send money or finish a task.

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