The Ross dress for less is under fire for doing this to buyers without asking

A buyer has described recent experience in the register.

ShopRoss dress for less, commonly known as Ross, is generally a pleasant experience, especially if you are looking for good deals. There are so many offers to find on everything, household items for clothing and many sales partners available throughout the store to help you, that you need another size or that you do not find an article that you are looking for. But the retailer at reduced prices is now confronted with certain criticisms from buyers for something specific that employees have done in stores. Read the rest to discover what Ross is under fire to do without the authorization of customers.

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Store policies have recently been questioned.

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Ross is not the only one to receive criticism: other channels have recently obtained a FLAK for a range of stores and store practices. In a recent tiktok video, the user @__esmerizey has published his experience by trying tonavigate At the bottom of the aisle in a general dollar store filled with unpacled inventory boxes. Many have taken the comments to share similar experiences, some adding that they no longer made their purchases at Dollar General accordingly of the congested alleys.AE0FCC31AE342FD3A1346EBB1F342FCB

Bath & Body Works is another channel that was under fire on social networks. Tiktker@eldestmillenial published a video of aFilled garbage dump withUnused provision bags November 4."It is because of Christmas. It is because they go to the Christmas bags," she said, going around the dumpster to show more bags stacked in the back. "This is the most waxed thing I have ever seen. Can't you save them before Christmas?"

Now Ross is the retailer in the hot seat - and buyers have different opinions on the issue.

A Ross buyer saved money, but she was not too satisfied with reason.

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Although they certainly age its drawbacks, there are also advantages. Many retailers offer a discount for the elderly, generally one day designated of the week. Ross is no exception, offering its 55+ discount Weekly, "exclusively for customers 55 years or over ", according to the company's website. Customers of this age group receive 10% of their purchases on Tuesday, but a buyer was surprised to see the discount on reception.

In a Tiktok video of November 15, Jennifer, who uses the tiktok @gigi_dolleyes handle, explains that she had stopped in a Ross store to take some things thatTotated about $ 50.

"[So the cashier said]:" Wait a minute, it will cost $ 44, "she explains in the video, adding that she had thought nothing about it. But when she got to her car, She realized that the cashier had applied the discount of 55+ on Tuesday. "I mean, I am not angry with that, because hey, it's $ 7.50 that I did not have to pay, but He didn't ask me, "she said." He didn't ask me for my age ... Do I look at you 55 years? God, I hope not. "

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Others said it had happened to them too.

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Other buyers said that they had had a similar overwhelming experience at Ross around this sensitive subject."They gave me the senior reduction to Ross recently and I am 52 years old," said a comment. "A sad day, especially since the cashier was at least my age, not a young child."

"They gave me the discount and I was in their thirties," wrote another commentator, while someone else joked saying that overestimating your age can cause "emotional damage".

The debate was also committed to knowing if the Tiktker seemed to be 55 years old. Many said that she probably seemed to qualify for the delivery, and some noted that even if she did not do so, the discount is a plus. "If I get a discount, I don't care that the cashier [think] I am 100 years old. Who cares? Thank you for the discount ..." wrote a commentator. "My mother was happy when it happened to her. She loved the Ross and the senior menu of IHOP LOL," said another.

Others have said that the cashier's hypothesis was a bit rude, but again, saving money is generally not a bad thing. "It was rude", read a comment. "You look younger, but the discount!"

Ross employees say that store policy makes the discount delicate.

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According to the Ross website, customers are supposed to inform the cashier when they arrive in the register that they are eligible for the delivery of over 55 years, but they "may be required to provide an identifier" for verification purposes .

The former Ross employees sounded on Tiktok's video, saying that they had a decline in customers, no matter how they addressed the problem. "As a former Caissier de Ross, I had angry customers for having asked and I had angry customers of not having asked. There is a fine line," said a comment. Another ex-Associa added that Ross does not allow cashier to ask questions about age specifically, but they can ask if buyers are part of the "Tuesday club".

"I would do it but I would ask if you were part of our Tuesday club first," said a comment. "We are not even allowed to ask you if you are a senior. So I try to get around him." Another added that employees can only request an identity documentrequest For the discount, which means that employees "must literally assume" with regard to age.

Even if you are not yet eligible for Tuesday, being nice in the register could win the discount. "As a former employee of Ross, I gave this discount to nice customers whatever their age," wrote a tiktoker.Better lifecontacted Ross to comment, but has not yet heard.

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