Gernor this helps you lose weight and sleep better, says a new study

Make an essential snack can stimulate your intestinal health.

It is not a secret that yourChoice of food Impact your health electron: everything, from your weight to your quality of sleep, can be traced for the food of your plate. One of the reasons why the diet is essential for good health is that what you eat has an impactYour intestine or microbiome.

Intestinal health is inextricably linked to almost all aspects of your well-being, includingbrain function,,Risk of chronic disease,,weight management, andsleep quality. Although there is an abundance of healthy foods in intestine, a new study highlights the surprising advantages for the health of a common snack. Read the rest to discover what it is and how to eat it can stimulate your overall health.

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Your intestinal health affects your weight and quality of sleep.

Good Gut Health
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If you are looking for better ways to better manage your weight or sleep, remember to eat a more intestinal diet.

Bacteria in your intestine (also called microbiome) shelterOver 50 bacteria billions"But a bit bad. Consuming a diet based on fiber -rich plants, prebiotics and fermented foods that contain probiotics "good" bacteria, helping them to prosper and contribute to excellent overall health. On the other hand, eating processed foods makes harmful bacteria proliferate, which has a negative impact on your health.

The balance of good and bad bacteria in your intestine considerably influencesSeveral aspects of your health which contribute to weight management and sleep, including metabolism andimmune function.

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Eat more of these elements stimulates healthy intestinal bacteria.

Bowl of Almonds
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Instead of reaching the smart bag or cookie pot next time you want a snack, do your microbiome service and take a handful of almonds.Kendra Weekley, RD, a dietitian recorded with theCleveland Clinic human nutrition center, recountBetter life, "Almonds are a wonderful food that offers many advantages for different parts of the body. They have healthy fats, proteins, fibers and micronutrients that can benefit the intestine and other organs."

A recent study published inThe Journal of Clinical Nutrition studied the impact of almonds on the intestinal microbiome. Researchers discovered that eating 56 grams of almonds per day (approximately 46 almonds) can improve intestinal health by promoting butyrate levels, a short chain chain acid (SCFA) produced by microbial fermentation of dietary fibers in Your lower intestinal tract.

Butyrate is essential for good overall health.

Person Eating Almonds
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Although the study has revealed that almond consumption has caused any change in the abundance of bifidobacteria (healthy probiotics in your intestine), the researchers observed that eating more almonds increased the production of butyrate, this providingSeveral health benefits. For example, this SCFA adapted to the intestines is anti-inflammatory,protector against colon cancer, and strengthens the cells that line your intestine - which in turnSupports your intestinal blood barrier By preventing bacteria and other microbes from entering your blood.AE0FCC31AE342FD3A1346EBB1F342FCB

"The butyrate is produced when the bacteria of your intestine decompose the fiber of the colon. The butyrate is the main source of energy for the happy colon cells, so the more the butyrate is nourished in the colon, the more the colon can work more effective" , explains Weekley.

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Consume almonds in various forms to promote weight loss and sleep better.

Almond Milk Next to Bowl of Almonds
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If you don't like almonds for themselves, you can always take advantage of the health benefits of these trees by consuming almond butter or using almond flour. However, the service size recommendations will change depending on the form you choose. In the study, the participants consumed every 28 grams of almond portions per day for four weeks, one handle twice a day. Using this metric, one to two portions of almond butter or almond flour are safe and effective for intestinal health.

"Almonds, in addition to a complete diet with other nutrients rich in nutrients, can promote a healthy intestinal microbiome, which can help sleep and metabolism," said Weekley. "Many studies have linked intestinal health to sleep better. In addition, almonds are digested more slowly and can help someone feel full, promotingweightloss. ""

Be careful not to do too much on almonds. Almonds are dense in calories, due to their high fat content, so eating too many people can cause involuntary weight.

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