The latest news of Gisella Anastasia, has a new boyfriend?

Beautiful artist Gisella Anastasia recently is reportedly close to a handsome and rich businessman, who is the man's identity?

Beautiful artist Gisella Anastasia recently reportedly is close to a handsome and rich businessman who is reportedly having blood relations with Dita Soedarjo. Who is the man? Let's discuss more deeply through the latest news of Gisella Anastasia or familiarly called Gisel? What news is there? Let's discuss starting from the first news below!

1. Reportedly have a new boyfriend

After breaking up with Wijin in early 2022, finally Gisel reportedly had a heart mooring, a handsome man with a muscular body. Who is the man reportedly close to Gisel? Investigate a calibaration, the man named Rino Soedarjo, a handsome businessman in the field of production house and model agency. Rino reportedly has a family relationship with Dita Soedarjo and is the son of businessman Soetikno Soedarjo.

But is it true that Gisel and Rino are in a special relationship? When asked by reporters, Gisel only claimed that they were close friends, but still had not bears the status of 'girlfriends'. Gisel said, "Not yet (dating) and we are still exploring. We are essentially good -friend. "

Meanwhile, Rino Soedarjo reportedly had just had his 40th birthday. Many friends and friends, including Gisel who prepared Rino's birthday surprise. On social media, the two of them also did not hesitate to show intimacy to the public. Seeing the closeness of Gisel and Rino, many netizens prayed for them to be married and climbed into the aisle. What do you think?

2. Intimate with Gading Marten during basketball match

In October 2022, Rans Entertainment held a Clash media event as a gathering place for media and artists. Media Clash features a variety of entertainment sports competitions, one of which is basketball. From the artists formed 2 basketball teams headed by Gading Marten and Raffi Ahmad.

Interestingly, Raffi recruited Gisel as a teammate. Of course it made Gading Marten stunned because he had to fight his ex -wife in a basketball match. Even Gading almost hugged his ex -wife but failed because Gisel moved away while laughing.

During the match, Gading and Gisel look intimate despite the different teams. For example when Gisel fell, Ivory immediately helped and hugged Gisel. Of course it makes the audience hysterical! Meanwhile, Gisel clarified that everything that happened during the match was a form of concern for each other as parents of Gempita Nora Marten.

"We care about each other too. Besides, I and Ivory are indeed close like friends, especially when we take care of Gempi too, " said Gisel when asked by reporters after the match in the Kelapa Gading area, North Jakarta. In addition, Gisel's ex -girlfriend, Wijin, was also recruited by Raffi Ahmad to enter the team.

Then who won between the Gading Marten team and Raffi Ahmad? It turned out that the winner was the Raffi Ahmad team with a final score of 30-27. The artists' matches were also enlivened by Denny Sumargo, Wendy Walters, Marshel Widianto, Vicky Prasetyo, and many others. Have you ever watched it?

3. NewJustFamily photowithKimono

As a Gempita parent, it seems that Gisel and Gading want to continue to maintain their concern and closeness to Gempita. This was clearly seen when they made a family photo wearing traditional Japanese clothes, namely Kimono.

Gading wears a kimono for a man called Kinagashi, complete with Samurai sword attributes. While Gempi and Gisel wearing beautiful pink and blue kimono. Gading and Gisel seemed compact to undergo a photo session, as if deciding to return to being a happy small family.

The fact is that Gisel and Gading decided to continue to be compact caring for the baby even though there was no desire to refer. Even so, a lot of netizens prayed that the two of them could refer and returned to being a happy family.

4. His son won the piano competition

In October 2022, Gisella Anastasia shared happy news about her baby, Gempita Nora Marten. It turned out that Gempita had just won the piano competition. This was conveyed directly by Gisel through Instagram uploads. He said that his daughter won the 3rd hope of the piano playing competition as well as a finalist for the "10th Hong Kong International Youth Performing Artist 2023".

In the Instagram post, Gisel explained that Gempi had been rather difficult to be invited to practice piano. He wrotecaption,"Funny when he comes home he tells 👧:‘ Ma, do you know? The one who won first place was training at home one day 40 times, ma song that wanted to be contested '👩 [with enthusiasm and exasperation]: ‘Nahhh Kannnn! How about trying? Exercise at home a day 1-2 times just repeat the song, we already have to use fighting in the gem '. "

Gisel's Instagram upload was also welcomed by netizens, including Papa Gempi alias Gading Marten. He wrote,"Papa Mama is proud. " Gisel replied,"Very proud. "

5. debut playing horror films

Often starring in the widescreen movie romantic and comedy genre, finally Gisella Anastasia spread its wings with acting acting in horror films. The film is titled "Children of Satan" and takes the background of 1980-1990. What is the horror film like? Let's discuss the synopsis.

The film "Anak Titipan Satan" tells the story of a batik skipper who is looking for wealth in a waypesugihan.The director, Erwin Arnada said,"This film is the story about Pesugihan Jaran Penyulah. Pesugihan is unpopular because of heavy victims. This is interesting, the settings are 80-90, "

Meanwhile, Gisel, who is believed to be the main character, said he was happy, even though he was a cowardly person. But because he wanted to develop his career, he accepted the offer as the main character. Gisel said,"I am a coward since birth. But I want to learn and this film gives me a lot of lessons. (If there is another offer) I want to because it's pretty good."

6. His business was hit by bad news

One of Gisella Anastasia's business, the Madame Gie cosmetics brand was hit by bad news. Because the Drug and Food Supervisory Agency (BPOM) found the content of dangerous ingredients in some of the beauty brand products. As a result, Madame Gie received administrative sanctions in the form of withdrawal and product destruction. There are at least 1 ton of products that contain harmful dyes that must be destroyed.

At present, dangerous products in Madame Gie have been withdrawn and destroyed. The process is already in BPOM radar and monitoring in accordance with applicable regulations. Gisel stated that Madame Gie's production was carried out by a third party and he claimed to lack monitor the manufacturing process.

"We feel cheated. This is out of control. Because we are not the producer, and from the factory also apologized, because it turns out from the supplier. We are not producers, then in the last booking, in the last booking there is material that should not be there. But already apologize and the factory also has an apology, there is a problem in the supplier, "said Gisel.

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