Be alert for this during the grocery store, the police said in a new warning

A specific type of crime increases in grocery stores, so be sure to protect yourself.

Grocery is a task that most of us have to push our task list at least once a week. According to when you shop, you can find yourself fighting the crowd to chase the ingredients you need to prepare meals or browse the aisles for an essential at home on which you recently run. It can be a stressful and crushing environment, which makes a challenge to focus on something else. Unfortunately, criminals are likely to strike when our guards are down. Now the police have issued a new warning advising Americans to remain on alert for increasing crime during the grocery store. Read the rest to find out what you need to be looking for.

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The crime increased inside grocery stores.

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Customers pulling weapons from the display thieves attacking employees, there has been aImportant rise in crime In grocery stores recently,The New York Times reported in June.Kim Cordova, a president of the union in Colorado who worked 37 years in the grocery industry, told the newspaper that she had never experienced the level of violence that her members of the union face today.AE0FCC31AE342FD3A1346EBB1F342FCB

"People have changed," said Cordova, who works for food and united advertising workers, noting that change has occurred during the cocovio pandemic. "Sometimes I wonder if I live in a Netflix film. It can't be real."

The number of aggressions in grocery stores increased by 63% from 2018 to 2020, according to aNew York Times Analysis of data from the Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI). And it's not just the assault. Grocery stores and other retail spacesalso started According to Pymnts, accelerate security, modify the hours and even close the locations due to the increase in crime rates, especially in terms of flight.

Now, the authorities in at least one area warn customers of the grocery store of a specific threat.

Police have a new alert on an increasing crime.

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On September 19, the authorities of Bethel Park, in Pennsylvania, went to Facebook to issue aCriminal watch alert to residents of the region. According to the Bethel Park Police Service (BBPD), there has been a recent increase in "distraction flights" in grocery stores. The ministry said it has received three separate reports on these types of flights this weekend.

"Women leave their handbags open in their caddies are targeted by organized groups," wrote the BBPD on Facebook. "These suspects work to distract the victim, while the other steals their portfolio."

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You will probably not notice that your personal effects have been stolen later.

checking wallet at the grocery line

One of the problems that makes these distraction flights so disturbing is that people do not often realize that they have become victims of the crime until it is too late. According to Bethel Park police, many customers do not notice that their portfolio has been taken until the end of their shopping trip, which gives thieves a lot of time to do real damage.

"As the victims reach the register and discover their missing portfolio, the suspects have already used their credit cards in local stores to win thousands of dollars in purchases," warned the BPPD. "Be aware of your environment and never leave your handbag and unattended! If you notice suspicious behavior, contact the police immediately."

People in other areas could also be threatened.

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Bethel Park police officers awarded theThree recent flight reports At a Walmart and two giant giant grocery stores in the region, the WPXI affiliated to NBC in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania reported. "In many of these cases, the suspects are women, with foreign accents, and wear hats and masks to hide their appearance," wrote the BBPD on Facebook.

According to Bethel Park authorities, it is not only a warning for residents of the region. The BPPD warned that these organized groups using targeted distraction flights "often travel outside the state and do not stay long". So, even if you do not live in Bethel Park, your region could be the next on the way to the criminals. In fact, other distraction flight reports based on the grocery store have already been recently reported in California ,, Florida , and Connecticut .

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