See Mel Gibson's son and Clint Eastwood's daughter, who makes a film together

Milo Gibson and Francesca Eastwood co-vocal in an upcoming thriller.

The children of two Hollywood actors and directors unite their strengths for a new project. It has recently been announced that the upcoming thrillerPuff will beginMel Gibson son andClint Eastwood the girl. For bothMilo Gibson andFrancesca Eastwood, their family names are much better known than their career at this stage, but it will not be the first film for one or the other. Milo and Francesca each acted in a certain number of films, but it is their mutual family bond with twoOscar winners This draws attention to their latest project.

In a press release,Puffis described as a "cat and mouse thriller" about "a woman with a suburban housewife (Eastwood)" who is "terrorized psychologically by a manipulative entrepreneur (Gibson), leading to a twisted battle With deliciously unexpected results ". The film is currently in production. Read the rest to learn more about the careers of Francesca and Milo before their new film.AE0FCC31AE342FD3A1346EBB1F342FCB

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Milo is the son of Mel Gibson and Robyn Moore.

Milo and Mel Gibson at an after-party for a screening of
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Mel welcomed Milo with his ex-wife,Robyn Moore. The couple got married in 1980 and separated in 2006. In addition to Milo, they have six other children together. Milo also has two half-brothers and sisters of his father's other relationships. He is the only one of his brothers and sisters to be an actor, butTwo of them work behind the camera. As indicated byCloser,,Louis Gibson is a writer and director, andChristian Gibson is a camera operator.

Milo made his actor debut in his father's film.

Milo Gibson at the Mammoth Film Festival in February 2022
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Milo's first film role was inHacksaw Ridge, Drama of the Second World War of Mel. He has since been in other films, includingPalos Verdes tribes,,Gangster,,Rupture and exit, andUnder the lights of the stadium.

Milo was electrician Before becoming an actor. In 2018, he saidThe Hollywood Reporter to change my career: "I think I wanted to try other things that interested me. It was certainly never pushed by my father or something like that. But it was really something in the background of my Spirit, as if it's something I liked to do [one day]. And one day, I got a bit like, you know, I don't want to be 60 years old and I regret not going there - I think a lot of people regret a lot in life - and I didn't want to be one of these people. "

Francesca has two famous parents.

Clint Eastwood, Francesca Eastwood, and Frances Fisher at the premiere of
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The mother of Francesca is also a famous actor:Frances Fisher. Her and herunforgiven The Eastwood Co-Star, which was together in the early 90s, welcomed Francesca in 1993. Francesca is the only child of Fisher, but the 29-year-old has seven half-brothers through his father, including others actorsAllison Eastwood andScott Eastwood.

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Francesca started playing professionally in 2014.

Francesca Eastwood at the premiere of
Jamie McCarthy / Wireimage via Getty Images

Francesca was in a number of films and television programs, includingAwake,,old, and theTwin peaks the comeback. She also acted alongside her mother. They were both in the film 2016Hors-La-Loi and AngelsAnd Francesca played the youngest version of the character of Fisher in an episode ofFargo. Francesca is also famous for appearing in the E! reality seriesMrs Eastwood and Company, who played his mother-in-law,Dina Eastwoodand not-sister,Morgan Eastwood.

Francesca shared that shedid not always plan to join the family business. "My parents never pushed me to play and for a long time, I tried to avoid it," she saidSquire In 2015. "I planned to go to the business school and go in this direction, but I found myself returning to the theater, again and again."

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