4 ways that your skin tells you that your liver is in trouble

These skin conditions can be a warning sign of this working internal body.

Never underestimate the importance of your liver. Not only is it your largest internal organ, but it is a crucial component of the human body that makes tons of work, from digestion to hormonal regulation. It makes sense that the liver can sendVarious warning signals When something is wrong, since it works in so many different ways - and some of these signs of problems may appear on your skin.

Even if your liver is hidden on your right side, in your rib cage, skin conditions can be a warning signWhen something is wrong. "[The liver] plays an important role in body health and processes," explainsLinda Khoshaba, NMD, Fabne and theCEO and founder Natural endocrinology specialists (NES). "[So], liver problems can manifest on the skin." Read the rest to discover four skin conditions which can be a sign of liver disease.

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One of the liverMore than 500 functions is to make then release a liquid called bile, which breaks down fats and helps digestion. The yellowish bilirubin substance is a bile pigment. When there is a problem with the liver, bilirubin can accumulate and trainSkin yellowing, White eyes and mucous membranes. In addition, your urine can darken. Other jaundry symptoms may include fever, chills, stomach pain and light colored stools.

Conditions such as infection, bile calculations and blood disorders, as well as certain drugs,can cause jaundice. But a yellowish appearance may mean that your liver is in difficulty, especially when it occurs with other symptoms.

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"The liver plays a huge role in the process of hormonal regulation, and fluctuations at hormonal levels cause conditions such as palmar erythema," says Khoshaba. Palmaire erythema - also called liver palm trees and track disease - are potentially caused by hepatic condition. According to webmd,a number of factors Can be responsible for red palm trees, including pregnancy and inherited conditions. But liver disease can dilate blood vessels in the hands,Turn the red palms. (This can also happen on the feet, called plantar erythema.)

So, how do you know that if you have palmar erythema or simply, say, hot and sweaty hands? Webmd cites several ways to make the difference. If your two palms (or feet) are red, the area fades when you press it (white) or your palms feel hot, they may be signs of palmar erythema.

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Gitte skin

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While itching skin is generally associated with problems such as allergies, insect bites andEven mites, it can also be caused by an increasebiliary salt levels collect under the skin. Itchworsen at night Maybe a sign that the condition is linked to the liver.

"Some people can itch in an area, such as a member, the soles of their feet or the palm of their hands, while others livea itching all on, "According to the Mayo clinic." The itching linked to liver disease generally do not imply skin or skin lesions. However, you can develop visible irritation, redness and infection due to excessive scratching. ""

Also known as pruritus,The skin of itching caused by a liver disease "Tends to be generalized, mainly affecting members and in particular palms and soles," said theBritish Journal of General Practice, and is "generally exacerbated by heat (including hot baths), the menstrual period, hormone therapy to replace hormones, early pregnancy and contact with wool".


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"The spider angioma [are] blood vessels clustering near the surface of the skin," explains Khoshaba, noting that this can be an indication of cirrhosis. Cirrhosis isLiver healing, caused by different types of liver disease.

Since the liver is crucial for the treatment of blood which leaves the stomach and the intestines, the presence of scar tissue disturbs the process and slows down the blood flow, causing pressure. This can create the appearance of spider veins or red spots on the nose and other parts of the skin, as well as the appearance of bruises.

Other conditions can cause spider veins, such as injury or prolonged positions of position. But if you notice theAppearance of spider veins And also "feeling weak, unusually tired or swollen, or if your skin or eyes seem yellow, you should see your doctor", according to Healthline.

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