10 American islands to add to your list of buckets - no required passport

Get out a beautiful paradise island without going through customs.

You don't need a passport to plan the holidays of a lifetime. You may not even have to get on an airplane. There's noEasier place to travel after that in the United States, and fortunately, these borders extend far enough.

SinceCaribbean Islands To retire in the big lakes, these destinations are as beautiful and diverse as they are practical to visit. It's time topack your bags, you will want to add these 10 American islands to your list of buckets. And then don't missThe 10 best American cities that each traveler should see.

San Juan, Puerto Rico

San Juan Puerto Rico
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Porto Rico has everything you might want in a tropical paradise: large palm trees, turquoise waters and ancient mountains covered with lush vegetation awnings. It is the ideal place to sit on some of theThe best beaches in the United States And soak in the sun with a Pina Colada in hand.

If you drive only 1.5 hours from the city, you will findNative Caguana ceremonial park With stone monoliths, petroglyphs and artifacts from the 14th and 15th centuries. Just as fascinating isCastillo San Felipe del Morro, a Spanish fort who took 250 years to build and finished in 1790.

Stay just on the water atSan Juan Marriott Resort and Stellaris Casino In the Condado region, famous for its restoration, shopping and dynamic nightlife scene.

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Daufuskie island, South Carolina

Daufuskie Island South Carolina
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The island of Daufuskie is less than an hour of ferry from the continent in South Carolina, but it could not feel further from the bustle of daily life. The sandy beaches extend until the eye can see, while the dolphins splash into the water and the alligators raise the heads of the deep green lagoons. The island is rich in history with well -preserved tabby ruins, a small Gullah museum and historic headlights. There are few cars on the island - most people travel by golf cart, which are legal for driving on public roads.

Live music at the outdoor bar atDAUFUSKIE ISLAND CRB COMPANY, rum sipper atDAUFUSKIE ISLAND RUM COMPANY, horse riding and golf are among the most popular activities.

There are no hotels on Daufuskie Island, so the best way to discover thismagic place it's reserving aHaig Point Discovery Package, which includes accommodation in a historic manor or lighthouse, a golf cart and a ferry transport to and from the island, as well as activities adapted to your interests.

Island of San Juan, Washington

Aerial View of San Juan Islands in Washington State
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Located between the state of Washington and Canada in the sparkling waters of Puget's sound, the island of San Juan is soaked with natural beauty. The seals join the beach, the whale pods swim offshore and the white-headed pygargues run above. The Ferry quay is in the heart of Friday Harbor, a charming little town filled with boutiques, galleries and incredible restaurants. At the other end of the island, a small airport welcomes visitors who arrive in hydravion. It is the ideal place to spend your days hiking, kayaking or reading a book on a bench by the water.

Lakedale Offers some of the most flexible and unique accommodation on the island of San Juan with a traditional lodge, luxury yurts with private swirl baths, andGlamping options In luxury canvas tents.

St Croix, American virgin islands

St Croix Virgin Islands
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You don't need a passport for aIncredible island holidays In the American virgin islands. A perfect day in Saint-Croix, the largest island in the territory, includes a walk on white sugar beaches, a scuba diveNational monument of reefs of the island of Buck, and explore the churches of the colonial era before taking sunset in one of the many romantic restaurants in the region. Come hungry because this area is famous for fresh seafood.

Immerse yourself in local culture with a stay inBuccaneer beach and Resort Golf, A modern luxury hotel which traces its roots until 1653.

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Mackinac Island, Michigan

Mackinac Island in Michigan
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When you go up on Mackinac Island, you will be forgiven to ask yourself if you have managed to trip over time. Located in Lake Huron in northern Michigan, there are no cars on the island.AE0FCC31AE342FD3A1346EBB1F342FCB

The inhabitants and visitors move on foot, by bike or on horseback and in a carriage. The island's architecture extends over three centuries and includes indigenous Victorian, colonial and early structures. That you spend your dayhiking, kayak, or in one of the island's fudge stores on the island's main street, is one of the country's most unique holiday destinations.

For accommodation, the beautifulPoint Resort Mission is a few steps from the Ferry quay and cannot lack attractions like the Maison de Papillon Monarch and Rock Arch.

Coronado Island, California

Coronado Island in California
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The beautiful island of Coronado is a short distance from San Diego and extremely easy to reach by bridge, ferry or water taxi. The beaches are soft and white with a breathtaking view of the roofs of San Diego. The island is known for historical buildings, charming stores and walking and bicycle trails along the water. The island of Coronado is famous for itsattitude adapted to dogs, so do not hesitate to bring your best friend to fur for the trip.

theDel Coronado Hotel was made famous in the filmSome love it hot, withMarilyn Monroe andJack Lemmon, and there remains one of the most luxurious and most sought after places to stay on the island of Coronado today.

Washington Island, Wisconsin

Lavender Fields in Washington Island Wisconsin
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In the county of Door, Wisconsin, Lake Michigan extends so far, it seems to melt in the sun. It is easy to see why this region of the Great Lakes is often called "CAPE COD of the Midwest". During your visit, jump a ferry for Washington Island. ThisEnchanting refuge is a must to explore the beaches, dinner on fresh seafood and wander in orchards and scented lavender farms. The island has only 600 residents and the city center is a picturesque collection of stores and galleries.

For a truly unforgettable stay,Cottages of Dejardin Island Offer complete kitchens, washers and dryers, and everything you need to live like a room a few minutes walk from stores, restaurants and downtown bars.

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Bald Head Island, North Carolina

Beach House in Bald Head North Carolina
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It only takes twenty minutes to reach Bald Head Island by Ferry. The cars are not authorized on the island, so the islanders move via the bike, the golf cart or the tram. Once arrived, be sure to explore the views sinceOld, The oldest lighthouse in North Carolina. The island is home to a spectacular golf course, unique stores and incredible restaurants. Ten thousand of the 12,000 acres of the bald island are not developed, which makes it an irresistible retreat for nature lovers.

The inn at Bald Head Island is the ideal place for aBeach getaway, offering a daily breakfast, the afternoon Hor of works and high-end accommodation in the heart of the village of the bald island.

Amelia Island, Florida

Bikes on Amelia Island in Florida
Aryeva / Shutterstock

The 13 miles of virgin beaches of Amelia Island offer sand so that you would swear that you are walking in the air. The historic district of Amelia Island pleads for one of theThe most beautiful small towns in the state, with colorful Victorian architecture and historic houses, many of which have been converted into bed and breakfast establishments.State Park of Amelia Island Offers more than 200 acres of coastal forest, salt marshes and long sections of sand for scrolling and the beach.

Some of the best views and restaurants can be found atRitz Carlton Amelia Island, who employs a naturalist on the staff who created programs for customers interested in adventures such as shark teeth, kayak or bird observation.

Waimea, Hawaii

Waimea Bay Hawaii
Shane Myers Photography / Shutterstock

Hawaii is just as famous as aRomantic getaway and oneGreat place to visit with children . Waimea is a calm area of the island filled with green velvet hills and cattle ranchs. Do not miss the farm markets or the chance to make a horse visit or mountain bike in the local landscape. You will not have to choose between the white or black sand beaches here - Waimea is a short distance from the two. In winter, the region is famous for surfing, while in summer, snorkeling and swimming are more popular activities.

Waimea Fairmont Orchid is one of the most beautiful and luxurious seaside resorts of all Hawaii with 32 acres by the water, a private lagoon with breathtaking views of five mountains and scented tropical gardens.

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