Secret tips for a happier life after 60 years, say experts

Done: It's never too late to start doing small but significant changes to your life.

This is one of the serious rules of life that as you get older, you can end up with fewer friends and feel more detached from life. According toStatistics presented by American mental healthMore than 2 of 34 million Americans over 65 years old suffer from some kind of depression. If you are a widow or widower, suffering from all kinds of health illness or find yourself isolated from the world around you, your chances of mental health illness increase.

The time of Covid obviously did not help. In fact, a new international study published in theNewspaper of the American Society of Geriatricshave found that those over 60 who feel lonely living lives shorter than their non-solitary counterparts. "This study is timely because the residence on home and physical distancing instituted since the beginning of the Pandemic of Covid-19 have only evidence of concerns for the mental and physical welfare of the elderly," said The research project of Senior co-author at the study Professor Yasuhiko Saito, the College of Economics,Nihon University.

Now, if you have larger and chronic mental health problems such as depression, we will urge you namely professional help. But if you are looking for small ways (still impcifling), you can improve your happiness from a daily day, know that we contacted doctors' scores, psychologists and other experts for their advice.

For starters, a common theme has emerged: you must come with the fundamental truth that you are not "too old" to make significant changes in your life that will not only cause happiness, but also a quality of higher life. "My first adult advice over 60 is to recognize that it is never too late," saysBilly Roberts, Lisw-s, a licensed therapist in Columbus, Ohio. "Many people over 60 have developed a belief system around what is possible and what does not do it. Feel as if he could not learn a new skill or pursue a new dream. C ' is rejuvenating mental health to embrace that it is never too late change classes or reorganizing a part of life. There is no adaptation skill as healing than hope. "

Psychologist based on Florida Zamira Castro, Ph.D., accepts. "You have to give yourself permission to change, evolve and be different, even if you start your golden years," he says. "At age 60, you have probably lived long enough to know that things are changing, but you may have forgotten that you have also changed with time. Just because you have never exercised or you never have ever been frank. T means it's too late to start! Today, it's a good time like anywhere, better than tomorrow, to give you permission to try new things and experiment with New things - it can keep you dynamic while you explore this new, more than 60 years old.. "

Read on several small smart tips you can do every day that will strengthen your mental health and you will finally make a happier person. And for healthier life tips for your golden years, do not missThe best exercises for the construction of stronger muscles after 60 years, say experts.



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"Wearing bright colors raises your mind and gives a positive tone for the day," says Jill Liberman, a motivational speaker, the author and founder ofChicken. "It also influences how other people perceive you. The bright colors exuded trust and happiness in a person."

In addition, she says that the former saying that "misery loves the company" is rooted in reality. "Surround yourself with positive people who souleve you," she says. "Just as negativity is contagious, the positivity is therefore positivity. Surround yourself with people who are positive and support your well-being. "For more great hacks of happiness, read howExpenditure of $ 5 on this will provide you with instant happiness, says science.


Say "arrive," not "to have to"

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Sometimes a little change of perspective goes a long way to your mental health, says Adrianna Holness clinical psychologist, Ph.D.,Executive mental health."You can move your state of mind with a simple word," she says. "How long is" Have? "" I have to get up on time, "I have to make sure the children are ready:" I have to prepare breakfast ", I have to go to the grocery store. 'And if you changed' must" arrive? "Note how to change a word can change your point of view of necessity in an opportunity frame. So what are you doing today?" And for more ways to be happier - and more in best health - in your daily life, make sure you are aware ofOne of the main side effects of walking more every day, according to science.


Look for laughs in everyday things

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According to Steven Mr. Sultanoff, Ph.D., Pepperdine University Clinical Psychologist, you have to find ways to have elapsed with fun and original life around you. After all, research has shown that "the experience of humor reduces biochemically stress (reduces serum cortisol), emotionally (dissolves painful emotions such as anxiety, depression and anger) and cognitive (removes the Negative thinking and activates a healthy perspective), "he said.

His advice? "Look for humor around you," he says. "Every day, seeks to find a" funny "in the environment. Here is an example: as a child, my father would take me in a street where the street ended and you had to turn left or right. Before We were the city the cemetery and of course, posted at the end of the street was a sign that was read, "dead end". That tickled my funny bone then and continues to do it (in memory) today. "

In addition, you can try to "tickle your own funny bone." "Visualize moments of favorite humor," he says. "Visualize and share funny moments, fun moments where you have laughed so hard as you have dropped, cried or peed your pants. These can be real situations or situations observed on sitcoms or created from stories, jokes, caricatures, etc. "

At the end of the day, "Wit helps you to be able to place your world in perspective, resulting in less stress and increased content and happiness," he says. And for more means, you can feel better instantly, make sure you are aware ofHe thought about thinking when you are stressed, according to a new study.



Sport and fitness after 50. Strong mature athletic man in sportswear exercising on rowing machine at gym

"Physical exercise is a must, not a luxury," says Peter E. Gradilone, LMSW, Mat, fromClarity therapy. "It's depressing when you want to do things, but your body says no. The bodybuilding offers a bit of the fountain of youth in this muscular mass is preserved, often beyond your premium. Swimming offers cardio as well as greatly improved flexibility. And, of course, better blood streams lead to better mental capacity. Make both! "

For more information on changing lifting weights, do not miss theSecret side effects of the weights raised for the first time, says science.


Take cute breaths

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"Taking conscious breaths - you simply bring your attention to your breathing and take a moment to enjoy life - can launch a very positive waterfall of events in our mind and body," says Scott Kaiser, MD, a certified advice Geriatrician and director of geriatrics cognitive health for thePacific Neuroscience Institute At the Saint John Providence Health Center in Santa Monica. "This simple practice can actually unlock the power of mediation and help" stress "" stress "while initiating a" relaxation response "in your heart rate at slowdown, relaxing blood vessels to reduce blood pressure, strengthen Immune factors, reduce blood glucose, improve mood, and so on. "


Hire a therapist

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"Going to therapy at a time when there is a lot of transitions in your retirement life, the empty nest, the reduction of your home - can be extremely useful," says Jose Ramirez, LMHC, ofThe Psychology Group. "Many people over the age of 60 feel lost during this time and this can lead to feelings of exclusion. This can also lead to symptoms of depression or anxiety; you need a toll on mental health."

As anyone engaged in psychotherapy can attest, the therapy can help you by learning to cope with these feelings and to determine what you need to feel more accomplished. "It can be a place where you have a favorable person in your corner that helped you at a difficult time," says Ramirez.



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Well, it does not have to be a specifically pottery class - it just has to be something you would really like to try. "Try an activity you have always wanted to do but never had time to do," says Ramirez. "Sign up for this pottery or art class class that you have always wanted to try. Doing something that interests you is a great way to elevate the mood. Use your hands and learning a new skill is an excellent way to keep the body and the active mind. This can free a creativity that you never knew you had. "

This may evolve from an interest in a full-time time, he says. "You can even meet people sharing the same ideas and create a new social network. It can be difficult to make new friends in adulthood, but to be involved in a hobby can give you access to people with similar interests. "



Seniors in the wellness class do Qi Gong or Tai Chi exercise for relaxation

"This is a Chinese exercise that is very common among seniors and elderly," says Cynthia Halow, Founder of the Max. "Practice this exercise helps seniors stay active physically and mentally, and can also be practiced by those who suffer from chronic diseases."

Now, if you think Tai Chi is a waste of time, think again. In fact, it's an excellent exercise. A recent study published inAnnals of internal medicine I found that Tai Chi-in addition to helping you disaffirm and get a better balance and stability (all the great things after 60 years), also useful to lose weight and reduce your belly fat.

Researchers recruited more than 500 adults with central obesity (or greater median) under the age of 50 and attributed them to one of the three groups: those who made Tai Chi, those who performed "exercises conventional "such as walking or force training, and those who have not exercised at all.

At the end of the study, the exercisers and those who performed Tai Chi experienced a loss of body fat around their size and lost weight overall. The two groups decreased their cholesterol of high density lipoprotein (HDL-C), although those who performed Tai Chi were better able to maintain this lower cholesterol by the end of the study. The study ends with a single sentence: "Tai Chi is an effective approach to reduce [waist circumference] in adults with central obesity aged 50 or older."


Take a lot of walks


"People who continue to exercise because they get older have a lower risk of developing Alzheimer's disease, obesity, osteoporosis and diabetes, to name a few", explains Boris Mackey, Editor-in-Chief and Community Director of the CommunityRehabilitation 4 dependence. "Exercise improves digestion and oxygen flow which means that you can improve your mobility and balance, which are considerable benefits. Exercise is a great way to manage your mental health and that it does not is never too late to start. "

For more reason why walking can be crucial for your exercise plan, see here forWhat a daily walking habit does for your body after 60 years, says science.

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