Walmart buyers never say they buy great "never" value - here's why

A viral tiktok has customers criticizing the popular store brand of the retailer.

Walmart Sells endless brand products, but regular buyers know that some of the best offers can be found with high store brand value. Walmart launched the label for the first time in 1993 as a means of selling basic grocery articles at a lower price. Then in 2009, the company relaunched the brand with a youthful treatment and a range of expanded products. But now 15 years later, many Walmart buyers are less than impressed by the brand of great value, some say that they avoid it entirely.

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On February 5, a woman named Bex published a video At his Tiktok @Traveler_bex account, showing himself during a recent trip to a Walmart store in Tennessee. In the clip, it films a case in the middle of the alley of the grocery store which contains different products of high value meat. They are announced as a "special director", with a sign indicating that they are on sale for $ 5, compared to $ 8.38.

"Listen, it's on sale. You know why? This is why," said Bex in the video when she picks up a two -booked turkey breast pack, revealing white, black and blue spots on the side.

"Mold. Mold in your turkey chest - on sale," she said. "Special moldy turkey breast."

Tiktok de Bex's won more than 52,900 views in less than three days, with several buyers who travel about Walmart in the comments section.

"@Walmart when you are all too busy continuing for receipts, and you explained this?" A person answered.

Some commentators have said that cases such as the discovery of moldy cold meat are the reason why they completely avoid the store brand of the retailer. "I never buy great value," wrote a user. AE0FCC31AE342FD3A1346EBB1F342FCB

Another commented: "I don't care about my poverty, I will never accept and will never buy a great value in Walmart."

Other Tiktors have said that employees are encouraged to leave products like this on the ground.

"I work at Walmart, we are told that to turn them off, not to check them. So we just do what we are told - not to try to get in trouble," replied a person.

Another wrote: "I filled for Walmart. They don't throw things, they just put it on sale."

And this is not the first time that the quality of the high value brand of Walmart has been questioned. In August 2023, buyer Jazzmyn Alexis published a video About a situation similar to his tiktok @jazzmynalexis account. In this video, Alexis shows a large value of ham package of high value in a Walmart store which also has mold.

"It is a friendly reminder to check your meat before buying it because Walmart does not do it," she said in her Tiktok. "I found this mold ... meat on the shelf at the end of July, and it expired in May."

Alexis' video has also become viral on Tiktok, collecting more than 65,000 views. In the comments section, buyers also blamed the mold that meat was the Walmart store brand. "It's a great value ..." replied a person.

Another joked: "Well, he gave his name for a reason."

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This same month, a buyer shared his experience with a cheese with great moldy value On Reddit .

"Someone else finds mold in his cheese at great value? He says he is not supposed to expire before November," published on August 13.

In a familiar chorus, a commentator had a simple response to the Reddit user's problem: "Never buy cheese at great value. Everything.

Better life Contacted Walmart about the high -value complaints of customers, and we will update this story with its answer.

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