Ozempic can cause dangerous muscle loss, warns doctors - here's how to prevent this

There are a few steps that you can take while achieving your weight loss goals.

Semaglutide, the active ingredient in Ozempic And his sister's drug, Wegovy, can produce spectacular results for those who fought with obstinate books. But as with many things in life, it is not exactly a perfect solution. Many users have reported a serious Side effects , which led them to interrupt the use or, in extreme cases, landed them in the hospital. Now doctors are tackling one of the most dangerous complications of weight loss drugs: muscle loss.

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When people lower large amounts of weight, they also lose the mass of the lean body, which is often muscle, say doctors.

"When we look at the reduction in the weight of any intervention, about a third of the weight we lose tends to be lean mass , and this can be problematic, " I like Almandoz , MD, an associate professor of internal medicine in the endocrinology division of UT Southwestern Medical Center in Dallas, told NBC News last year. "The lean mass is healthier and associated with better metabolism, so when we lose the lean mass, we can lose part of this function."

The progressive loss of muscle mass, strength and function is known in the medical world such as sarcopenia, which generally affects the elderly, according to Healthline. However, those who take semaglutide or shooting - known by the brand names of Eli Lilly Mounjaro and Zepbounde - can experience sarcopenia at any age.

Sometimes called "lean fat", sarcopenia can reduce quality of life and leave patients unable to perform daily tasks, Rekha Kumar , MD, endocrinologist in New York and chief doctor of the weight care platform found, told The Outlet. AE0FCC31AE342FD3A1346EBB1F342FCB

Loss of muscle mass Also increases the risk of bone density and lower injuries, according to Medscape. And although sarcopenia can affect anyone about these drugs, the elderly should be particularly aware of preserving their lean muscle mass.

"These weight loss drugs, they essentially cause the Development of fragility In older patients in months instead of years, " Mitchell Steiner , MD, CEO of Veru, says The New York Times . (Veru conducts a study to see if a compound could help preserve muscles and eliminate more fats in patients over 60 on weight loss drugs.)

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Thus, although the number on the scale can drop dramatically thanks to Ozempic or Mounjaro, this does not mean that you are automatically healthy, Michelle Hauser , MD, director of obesity medicine at Stanford Lifestyle and Weight Management Center, told Nyt .

Any level of weight loss with these drugs is likely to affect muscle mass, but doctors say that there are ways to minimize loss.

Medscape notes that aerobic exercise and resistance training should be part of the treatment plan for patients on these drugs. Resistance training is generally preferred to aerobics to preserve muscle mass and building strength, but aerobic exercise also has its advantages. However, even if staying active is the key, you don't need to go crazy with your training schedule.

"What I try to emphasize is that we do not try to make you a bodybuilder or something," Scott Hagan , MD, assistant professor of medicine at Washington University, told Nyt . "Two sessions per week of light weight could be very effective."

Kumar also recommends two to three training sessions per week, in particular resistance training.

"Integrate it when you can. Keep the dumbbells at your office at work to get some rehearsals during a break, play a quick game of slits in the corridor or challenge yourself to hold a board during the trade break of your Favorite TV show, "Kumar told Healthline.

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What you eat about these drugs is also important. Experts recommend a diet rich in protein. According to Kumar, when loss of active weight, you should eat between 25 and 30 grams of protein with each meal.

You don't know where the best sources of protein? She suggests Greek yogurt or low or non -oily Greek cheese instead of the sure cream and the preparation of lean proteins (like chicken) in advance. Beans are an excellent addition to a salad, she says, and it is wise to go for quinoa on rice or pasta.

Although you can alleviate muscle loss with yours, companies also develop diet and exercise plans specifically for people under weight loss, the Nyt reported.

Medication manufacturers also treat concerns about muscle loss. Eli Lilly has teamed up with bioage labs to test a compound (azelaprag) which would contribute to improving metabolism and the function of muscles - and there is a continuous test of a new medication, bimagrum, which could help muscles to muscles Growing by blocking the receptors that supervise skeletal muscles and skeletal fatty mass.

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