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In the past, voluptuousness was synonymous with eroticism and beauty. Today, against all prognosis, it turns out that many people continue to feel attraction for curves.

Self -love and body positivism are among the most widespread messages on social networks in recent years. After decades in which the ideal female figure was quite small (do you remember the infamous "Heroin Chic"?), The current trend has begun to return the confidence to many women who do not wear a size 0. And although self -esteem must come from Interior, the truth is that a large part of men (and some women) seem attractive bodies with curves. We bring you five of the main reasons to love these silhouettes.

1. Is part of nature

If you take a look at the paintings and sculptures that represent goddesses of Roman and Greek mythologies, you will notice that their bodies are voluptuous and strong, not thin. This is because at the biological and subconscious level the human being tends to associate curves, large breasts and wide hips with fertility. It is simply an evolutionary theme. Even if you are not in your plans to have children with you or at this time, it is in the "programming" of your sentimental interest to experience that attraction. In addition, in the past, when the living conditions were different, women with large bodies were associated with opulence and abundance, something that was desirable for the survival of the progeny.

2. Self -confidence is attractive

In a society in which, despite the advances, the superficial still weighs, many women with curves have to go through difficult experiences that harden them. This in many cases translates into greater confidence in themselves and their decisions, because they have managed to work and appreciate who they are. Trust is a great aphrodisiac because it lets your possible couples and the world that it is a woman who feels good and who can enjoy her body. It is also subconsciously believed that a curvilinear couple will be more receptive, positive and charismatic.

Rocking Beige underwear. Arecognizable Young Woman Pulling Up Her Underwear While Standing Against A Studio Background. Confident Young Woman Feeling Comforable In Her Own Body.

3. It is synonymous with youth

An additional fat can make wonders on the face, especially when decreasing or delaying the appearance of wrinkles. Therefore, curvilinear women tend to look more than other women of the same age, but with less body fat. This makes many men prefer couples with more curves because they believe they will look better in the future, when they age. However, this is relative and also depends a lot on the healthy habits of each person. Having curves will not help your lozanía if you lead a sedentary lifestyle and consume junk food, baby alcohol, consumes drugs or smoking daily.

4. Compassion has curves

Both men and women believe that people with curves are more compassionate and affectionate for two reasons. The first is that they perceive them as people who find joy in the small things of life, such as cooking and sharing with their partners, in addition to taking away the weight of believing that they have to have certain physical characteristics to be attractive. For example, in the case of men, they can also suffer from low self -esteem and body dysmorphia. The second reason is more relative to psychological security, since rounded bodies remind of the well -being we felt of children with our mothers.

5. Best relationship with food

This is also relative, because a size does not say whether or not the person has a good relationship with food. But there are many men who believe that curvilinear women can share their taste for food, that is, they will not ask for "only a salad" when they go for dinner. The thought is that they do not want to feel alone at the table, when eating is one of the great pleasures of life. Perhaps this can be seen from the approach that being with someone who spends a lifetime in a restrictive diet is not fun, so they prefer something more balanced.

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