The 10 worst things to buy from Home Depot

You can remove them from the shopping list, say the experts.

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If you are renovating or if you have discovered a new passion for DIY projects, you will probably make a trip or two to Home Depot. Whether you are a novice or a seasoned pro, the store has aisles of supplies for all kinds of companies. And even if the chain can be the essential destination for devices And painting, retail experts suggest shopping elsewhere for certain items. Continue to read to discover the worst things to buy from Home Depot.

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House decoration

Woman decorating her apartment

Home Depot is a hot spot for many aspects of the renovation of the house, but the redecoration may not be its strong costume. Maria Juvakka , A Home design expert And the founder of Chic Pursuit, says that if you are looking for interior decoration, you should avoid this retailer.

"The selection is low and the products are too expensive," she explains. "In addition, it is a burden of products produced in series that you can find at cheaper prices at Target, Ikea, Marshalls, T.J. Maxx or Homegoods."

Basic electrical tools

power tools
Andrey_popov / Shutterstock

Although Home Depot can have a large selection of electric tools, some of them are not worth money. In this spirit, Sebastian Jania , Owner of Ontario properties buyers , suggests comparing the prices of other stores to make sure you get the best offers.

"You can find the same electric tools at Target or Walmart for much less, because there are not a ton of different electric tool providers," explains Jania.

He notes that a makita 18 volts with lithium-ion without a sawdone cord is $ 199 at Home Depot while the Same tool is $ 120 at Walmart.

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Plants and flowers

woman, taking care of her houseplants

The addition of greenery to your space is an easy way to make it more intimate, but if you are looking for this, do not head to the domiciliary renovation store.

"It could be surprising, but you should avoid buying plants and flowers at Home Depot," said Andrew Griffith , A household expert and owner of Garden Furniture.

According to Griffith, many buyers end up buying factories that are more likely to die from this retailer, unless they buy within the first two days of the opening of the floral department around spring.

"Many plants they receive are in bulk and some of them are not even intended for our American climate. They are also often treated in the same way, which leads to surprising rot, to the rot of the roots And is more exposed to pests, "he explains. "It is best to buy your plants in real factory stores because there are experts [there] that can help you make the right choice for your lifestyle."


Ronstik / Shutterstock

Regarding the purchase of mulch, it is preferable to avoid large retailers like Home Depot. Instead, Gene Caballero , landscaper and co-founder From Greenpal, recommends finding local landscaping suppliers or garden centers.

"These local businesses often have a wider and better quality selection of mulch. They can provide expert advice and products better suited to your specific gardening needs," he said, adding that they are also less Dear.

"Some municipalities even offer a free and recycled mulch of short waste, which is an excellent choice for gardeners concerned with the environment," he notes.

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Cleaning supplies

Cleaning countertop

It could be tempting to fill up on household cleaning supplies at Home Depot if you are already there to buy other products for your home, but the experts advise it.

Kyle Richards , A Residential and commercial entrepreneur And co-founder of Best Overland Park Painters, says that there are two major problems with the cleaning materials sold in Home Depot: the cost and the selection.

"In general, you will find better offers on these products in large box retailers like Walmart and Target. It is still better to buy them in local grocery stores," he said. "And all these stores have something that Home Depot does not have - better selection, especially with regard to cleaners adapted to the environment. Those available at Home Depot tend to be toxic products loaded with chemicals of chemicals '20 years ago."


Male hand choosing cabinet panel materials or countertops for built-in furniture design.

If you do counter purchases, experts recommend skipping home depot on your search. But it is not because the retailer sells poor quality versions of this product. Instead, Aviad Faruz , A retail business And the CEO of the Faruzo electronic commerce company, says that Home Depot tends to sell counters at a much higher price than you can find elsewhere.

"Home Depot does not have as many competitors with regard to warehouse stores dealing with the improvement of the house. As such, they can assess their products above than the market," he explains . "You can find counters for much cheaper in a stone courtyard or a manufacturer."

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Some hardwood floors

Man installing wood flooring in home.

The exotic parquet in hardwood is a draw for many customers who seek to add something unique to their house. But David Floyd , A Home Services Expert And the owner of The Pest inform, says that many exotic flexible woods and woods are more subject to termites - and the probability that you buy equipment that has been compromised by this devastating is higher when you buy in certain stores.

"The last thing you want to do is spend thousands of dollars on new floor coverings only to discover that it has been compromised by termites damage or even a current termites infestation," explains Floyd. "Now it will not be a problem, but the department stores of boxes such as Home Depot will not be as diligent as a specific hardwood retailer to check the activity of the termites."

Specialized wood

woman shopping for timber/lumber

If you are looking for high quality specialized wood, it is best to explore other options outside of Home Depot.

"The selection is limited, and the quality of the stock is simply not there to justify the price per boards", explains Korey Gregory , the superintendent to ASAP Restoration . Instead, he suggests heading for a wooden courtyard or a specialty wood seller because "you can almost always find better selection and cuts".

Wood quality and consistency could also be a problem. In a video, the Tiktok user @ Logancampbell101 shows one two per four of Home Depot which is distorted.

Likewise, TikTOKER Nate Kinnis , a carpenter, published a video Comparing two Home Depot two per four, of which he called "quality" and the other "light trash". He said, "We have many more grains and is much heavier."

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Kitchen cabinet equipment

Woman looking in kitchen cabinet

If you renovate your kitchen, you may want to get prints for your cabinets elsewhere. According to Daniel Cabrera , the owner and founder of Sell my fast house SA TX , Home Depot does not have many options.

"I found that their selection is limited and too expensive, especially if you are looking for a wow factor for your wardrobe equipment," he said.

For example, a pack of 10 Brass cabinet is $ 50 of Home Depot, while a similar set is almost half the price on Amazon.

Door handle

brass doorknob, signs your home is falling apart

Similar to the cabinet equipment, the door handle options are limited and costly at Home Depot. Cabrera advises once again to watch Amazon before buying.

"Amazon offers a wider range of styles, from modern to vintage. You will find better offers and higher styles," he said. For example, a black mat bathroom handle is $ 41.47 of Home Depot while Amazon has a similar for only $ 27.

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