Marshalls buyers threaten the boycott of the cash register: "Put your lines in control"

Frustrated customers ask the retailer to install self -guard kiosks in stores.

While self-check continues to dominate the supermarket industry - 96% of grocery stores Offer self -service roads, according to the Food Industry Association - there are still many retailers who have not yet given up to technology. And despite a lot of perspective of customers who avoid self-truth kiosks at all costs, many buyers are impatient to digitize and be subject to their own hands. This is particularly true at Marshalls, where customers say that long lines have become uncontrollable.

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Self-treatment is somewhat controversial, although it certainly has a lot of fans. In 2021, the Smart Customer Analytics and Experience Raydiant platform interviewed 1,000 American consumers about their self-gray experiences and habits. Ninety-five percent of participants interviewed The said self-service kiosk is faster than the inhabited registers, and if they are given the possibility, 60% prefer to scan their own articles and self-payment rather than speaking with an employee of the store.

These opinions may have changed in recent years, the proliferation of auto-grenouet the winner No more criticism . But Marshalls is one of the many retail stores feeling consumer pressure to install Auto-Grenouet routes. In recent months, frustrated buyers have called the department store for omitting to take its "control lines" and have even threatened a potential boycott on social networks.

In a message published on X, a defeated client said that the lines were a problem as they were to leave the premises immediately.

"@Marshalls third time I got out of your shops because you cannot put your lines in control - not even a way or a person at cash or a person. The last time, I try to buy whatever this either in your store ", they wrote .

Another Shared a snapshot of a super long payment line, which served in half of the store.

"Why ... Is the @Marshalls cash line rolled up around the men's section in the rear bath section?!" They commented, noting that one of the Marshalls competitors is already on the car train.

"Compared to no line to Ross who uses self-treatment?"

In a separate article, a Marshalls buyer went so far as to find something you love is "Such a unluckiness" Due to the small cash register of the store.

While some customers believe that the installation of self-service kiosks would improve the flow of pedestrian traffic in the cash area, others plead so that Marshalls open at least more inhabited registers, especially during periods more occupied of the day when the lines can be exorbitant.

"Maybe some of your partners or the store manager should open another register when you have a line along and on the ground. A register does not work", a Shopper commented .

Another said that it was "crazy" to only have two open registers when there are a crowd of people waiting for departure and other staff of the nearby store.

"How do you have a manager and a" customer experience coordinator "in service, but I am in a line about 30 people deep and only 2 people work in the register. It's crazy," said .

The fury surrounding the long lines of the Marshalls cash register comes, because many retailers re-evaluate their own relationship with self-service machines. Recently, Walmart and Target were criticized for Have restrictions on articles to self-treatment, and Unbearable waiting time on their own.

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