The South West and Alaska make major changes to flight purchases

Look for changes to how you pay and the quantity you pay on future flights.

THE winter vacation We are on our doorstep, and many of us plan to see relatives. "Many" could actually be an understatement: the U.S Transportation Security Administration (TSA) has already said that it expected that that vacation season will be "busiest of all time". But if you fly with one of the two main operators, you will want to take note of certain changes to the experience on board. Read the rest to find out how Southwest and Alaska Airlines update flight purchases, how you pay how a lot you pay.

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Southwest increases some of its flight prices.

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Spirits can move on the flights of Southwest Airlines this holiday season, more in one way. The Texas -based carrier recently confirmed that it was increase prices Alcoholic drinks on board, said a simple flight. According to the airline, she has changed the prices of her drinks for several years, despite inflation continues.

"The southwest adjusted the prices adjusted for drinks on board in 2018 and recently examined our post while we are working to maintain low prices while offering our customers unrivaled flexibility," said a spokesman simple Flying. "During the exam, we made the decision to implement a modest change at the cost of our alcoholic drinks."

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This change has already entered into force.

Man enjoying drink during flight. Passenger holding glass of sparkling wine against airplane window.

If you take a southwest flight for Thanksgiving, prepare to pay more for your drinks on the plane. The new carrier prices have already entered into force, on November 15. AE0FCC31AE342FD3A1346EBB1F342FCB

According to Simple Flying, Southwest Airlines previously billed $ 7 for any drink containing one of his alcohol options: Deep Eddy Vodka, Jack Daniel's Whiskey, Wild Turkey Bourbon Whiskey, Cazadores Tequila or Bacardi Rum. Now this cost has increased by $ 9% per drink.

Southwest also billed $ 6 for beer and wine. But now, its beer options (Lagunitas Ipa, Miller Lite and Hawai-Only Kona Brewing Big Wave Golden Aleas) and "Beyond Beer" (Midi Seltzer and Dogfish Head Liberka Limonades) will cost the passengers $ 7. Meanwhile, the carrier now invoices $ 8 for a glass of wine.

Alaska Airlines changes the way you make flight purchases.

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The Southwest is not the only carrier to adapt purchases in flight before the holidays. Alaska Airlines now makes changes to the way you can pay on board, according to a November 16 press release of the company. The transporter based in Seattle has announced that he would introduce TAP to pay Apple users on his flights.

"You can pay for your alcoholic drink or your snack with just a simple tap of your iPhone or Apple Watch to pay with Apple Pay, other digital wallets or a credit without contact without scan", A declared Alaska Airlines in its version.

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This new payment option will be deployed in the coming months.

Alaska Airlines new partnership with Stripe for contactless payment for iPhones
Alaska Airlines

Alaska Airlines said that the new Apple technology and its partnership with the STRIPE financial infrastructure platform allowed the carrier to provide contactless payment with iphones on board.

"We are constantly innovating to give our customers the most transparent and caring experience" " CHARU JAIN said the vice-president director of innovation and merchandising in a statement. "We are proud to associate ourselves in Stripe to be the first airline to bring the Apple tap to pay iPhone technology on the flight."

Passengers will be able to hold their iPhone or Apple Watch near the iPhone of a on -board agent to pay for their purchases, and the "payment will be safe via NFC technology", according to the press release.

But not all flights can yet be equipped with this new technology: "Press to pay on the iPhone which takes place on certain flights and will be available in our fleet in the coming months", noted the carrier.

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