The shopping expert shares the best discount hacks that make the target cheaper than Walmart

Walmart may have the reputation of being cheaper, but a buyer dissipates this.

With regard to popular large area stores, Walmart is generally a favorite for its low prices, while Target is better known for experience It offers. But a buyer recently went to social networks to dispel the common belief that Walmart is cheaper than Target. She had her bulb moment after comparing the prices of the two retailers and realized that some articles were much cheaper at Target. Read the rest to find out how you can save money on your next target trip as well as what people say prices.

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Being a member of Target Circle is ideal for saving money.

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If you are a frequent target customer and you are not a member of their loyalty program, you may want to consider downloading the Target Circle application. To create an account, simply enter your email address and a password, which will be the same connection identification information for the target website.

Once you become a member of the circle, promotions and discounts are personalized between categories, because the application keeps your purchases (which is also useful for feedback!). It is free to join, they have new offers every week, and for your birthday, you will receive an additional five% discount on your total.

As Target explains , all you have to do to access these additional savings is to enter your phone number on the payment screen or scan your Target Circle barcode, which can be found in the application. If you buy online, just log into your account.

On the other hand, Walmart Plus, the Walmart loyalty program costs $ 12.95 per month and does not have as many offers, according to the Krazy Coupon Lady .

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You can also earn rewards.

A woman holds a Target Red Card.
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Each time you make an eligible purchase in store, in the application or online using your Target Circle account, you will also accumulate monetary rewards, which equivalent to one percent of your purchase price. If you forget to enter your information, you can download your receipt in the application up to two weeks later. You can then apply the discount in the next store.

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A buyer shared reflections on a recent shopping trip.

Target shopping cart at Target.
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In a Tiktok video ,, Nancy Maricela , which uses the @ honey.mexican handle, explained that during a recent trip to Target, she planned to go to Walmart instead for lower prices. However, in the target, she used her phone to check the Walmart prices for the same rinse-blister and exact shampoo to note that it was not, in fact, cheaper.

In a monitoring video , Maricela stresses that a bottle of a liter of Walmart listened listener-to-listener is $ 8.38. "While at Target, one liter costs $ 7.39," she said. Although this is not a huge difference, savings like this add up over time.

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Other buyers are on the side of the target.

Target retail store customers checkout line separated from cashier

The target debate against Walmart has lasted for a long time, but many people seem to agree with Maricela. AE0FCC31AE342FD3A1346EBB1F342FCB

"The points and coupons on the Target application make me feel that it's better and Walmart is seriously out of me," wrote a commentator. "Target Circle makes a better deal with the rewards, it's like getting free LMAO stuff," said another.

A speaker likes "How Target generally has a promotion of X expenses in Say Home Essentials and obtain a gift card of $ 10 or something similar". And another said they had the impression of defending Target for years: "I always compare everything about applications."

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