7 Best tips for saving your home for fall

Experts say that these are the best ways to keep mice and rats out of your home this fall.

The first signs of fall generally point out when we start to remove time spent outside and start to return inside. But as time is starting to cool, people are not those who seek to stay warm: rodents and parasites are also always active and looking for a place to become comfortable. If you want to stay common Problem areas such as your basement , attic and mouse of cooking and without rat this fall, there are a few simple ways to prevent them. Read the rest for the best tips for saving your home for the fall, according to experts.

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Inspect your doors.

man installing front door lock
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The closure and locking of your doors could prevent people and animals from coming and coming as they wish, but small rodents will have no problem sneaking under or through holes. This is why it is essential to ensure that your entries are sealed.

"The gaps under the doors can be resolved by installing a weather strip or a door scan", explains Daniel LEDEZMA , Lead of the program at Pest Control Company Antimex Carolinas .

In addition to following the manufacturer's instructions, using a flashlight to check your work is also the best. "The objective is to minimize the shiny light, and adjustments could be necessary to achieve it. You can also use a pen or a pencil to measure it," he advises.

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Check the other entry points.

crack in brick foundation, signs your home is falling apart
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Your house can show its age in many ways while the elements are wreaking havoc. Unfortunately, this can also create entry points for rodents and parasites.

"Before it is too cold, fall is a good time to inspect the outside of your home, in particular your foundation, your exterior walls and the roof areas for all gaps, cracks or holes" , suggest Jim Mchale , entomologist and president of JP Mchale Pest Management .

And do not assume that a small opening is not a problem. "If you find openings, be sure to seal them," said Mchale. "No hole is too small: the mice can pass through a hole the size of a penny and rats the size of a quarter!"

It is also essential to use the right equipment for work. "Make sure to fill the gaps and holes with an appropriate material such as steel wool first. Do not just use expanding foam and suppose it will prevent them," warns James Agardy , technical and training manager at Viking pest control .

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Pay attention to your decorations.

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One can argue that one of the best parts of the fall is to go for your home with seasonal decorations. However, even if you hope to define a slightly frightening atmosphere, make sure you don't place the scene for a frightening infestation of rodents.

"Do not leave edible holiday decorations for too long, such as pumpkins or squash," EMORY MATTS , an entomologist and the director of rodent technical services for Revuokil Terminix , tell Better life . "They look festive, but they can end up attracting mice and other pests."

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Look for leaks.

leaking water tank
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Cracks, holes and openings are not the only household problems that can cause rodent problems. The problems with your devices could also make them easier to make themselves comfortable in your home.

"Repair the pipes, sinks, bins and fleeing toilets," explains Mchale, who adds that they can become more apparent in the fall once the condensation of summer humidity begins to go out. "Make sure there are no stagnant water areas around your home that mice can use as a source of water."

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Find an appropriate place for your firewood.

firewood stack
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The first net bite in the air is usually a sign that you will soon start using your fireplace. Just make sure to prepare yourself properly.

"When you prepare your firewood supply for the winter, make sure it is as far from the house and keep the area under clean wood so that the mice are less likely to nest at it", explains Matts.

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Do an "fall cleaning".

Woman Getting Ready to Clean

Spring may be the season that people have associated with your Spic and Span house, but this is certainly not the only time you should consider doing a complete cleaning. Use the arrival of autumn as an excuse to deepen the areas of your house which could become inviting for rodents and parasites. AE0FCC31AE342FD3A1346EBB1F342FCB

"Fly the vacuum cleaner in all areas of your home and pay special attention to your kitchen, your pantry and wherever food tends to accumulate," said Mchale. "And reorganization can also help you: be sure to store all foods in your cabinets in plastic seal containers."

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Put your court in order.

raking leaves on lawn
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Spring may be when you prepare your courtyard for full flowering, but work does not end simply because it is fall. Staying above your lawn tasks can greatly contribute to keeping mice, rats and other parasites away from your property and your home.

"Cut the members of the trees away from the house and also keep the shrubs and the bushes," suggests Ledezma. "You should also make a last garnish of excessive grass and weeds around your home. And be sure to clean the piles of leaves or waste, which can become port sources that can encourage rodents to look for a shelter near you. "

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