Delta travelers threatening the boycott on the awards and changes to access to the show

Many say they will cancel their cards and go to different carriers.

The benefits of carriers can make or undo the flight experience of a passenger, especially if you often travel. So over the years, Delta Airlines has managed to obtain a large amount of loyal travelers due to its frequent leaflet program and its Sky Club airport salons. But now, the airline has just announced new modifications to its awards and its access to the show which can cancel all the confidence it has acquired with the passengers. Read more to find out why Delta travelers are now threatening to boycott the carrier.

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Delta revises its Skymiles program.

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In a September 13 Press release , Delta Air Lines announced that it "simplifies" its loyalty program during the new year. From January 1, the members of Skymiles will only be able to gain the elite of the medallion by the medallion (MQD). The carrier removes the medallions qualification miles (MGM) and the medallions qualification segments (MQ), which travelers were previously able to use to work towards elite status.

As Dwight James , The main vice-president of the engagement and loyalty of Delta, said USA today , THE decision to consolidate Single MQD metric options are intended to make its Skymiles program more rationalized.

"We have examined a lot of different measures and something we included was that MQD was already part of our construction and that seemed to resonate the most and the best with many of our members," said James. "We wanted to come to a metric. Customers said it was well."

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It also increases the thresholds necessary to achieve elite status.

Hand holding a phone with Delta Airlines flight booking application. Delta logo blurred on a blue background. Delta Airlines is one of the major airlines in the US

Delta noted that travelers will have more ways To build MQD with the new revision. This includes things like Delta and partner flights, Delta Skymiles American Express Cards, Delta Car Rentals, Delta Stays and Delta Vacations. But the carrier does not only change the way you earn elite status; This also changes the thresholds to reach each level of medallion during the new year. AE0FCC31AE342FD3A1346EBB1F342FCB

The state threshold of the silver medallion will go from 3,000 MQD to 6,000 MQD, the status of the gold medallion will drop from 8,000 MQD to 12,000 MQD, the status of platinum medallion will go from 12,000 MQD to 18,000 MQD, and the status of diamond medallion will go from 20,000 MQD to 35,000 MQD.

"These changes will not have an impact on the status of your 2024 medallion - just how you win for 2025," explains Delta On his website . "The status for 2024 is won in 2023. These modifications are first applicable in 2024 to the status of 2025."

Delta also plans to restrict access to its salons.

entrance to Delta Sky Club

Changes will also strike the salons of the Delta Sky Club. The carrier announced that it updated its guidelines on access to the show for certain members of the American Express card "as part of its continuous efforts to help preserve the premium experience in the popular salons of the company Aerial". From February 1, 2025, Delta will limit the number of times you can visit its Sky clubs each year depending on the card you are in mind.

The American Express card holders with the Platinum card or the Business Platinum card will be capped at six visits per medallion year. Meanwhile, Delta Skymiles Reserve and business cards holders of the Delta Skymiles reserve will be limited to 10 annual visits. No limitation are placed On Sky Club Access for travelers with the Centurion card by American Express, according to the points guy.

But before that, some travelers will be excluded from Sky Club salons during the new year. From January 1, those with the Delta Skymiles Platinum American Express and the American Express card from Delta Skymiles Platinum will no longer have access to the Transporteur fairs. Previously, these card holders were able to pay access to a rate of $ 50 per person.

Also, anybody Reserved on a basic economic ticket will be prohibited at Sky Club from January 1, no American Express card they hold.

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Travelers threaten to boycott the airline for these changes.

Passengers seated, waiting in a Delta Air Lines hold room at Salt Lake City International Airport (KSLC)'s new terminal. The new terminal opened in 2020.

James said Wall Street's journal that changes in the awards and access to the Delta Motor Show will help The carrier ensures that it "reserves the most premium experiences for our most premium customers". Consequently, it seems that the airline, in turn caused a clear tension among its other loyal travelers.

"I know that you are all super faithful to Delta, but Delta is not super faithful to you, because their policies seem to try to keep the elitist," wrote a person in a September 14 X post . Another X User posted , "Imagine spending $ 35,000 in flights @Delta per year and they say" Sorry, it's your eleventh visit to Skyclub. No chex mixture in a plastic cup for you! ""

Many travelers also said they were planning to boycott Delta for changes by moving to other carriers. "Aye, @delta just a downstream, I will change my type of card after this BS. Please have given me the green light to book with more affordable airlines", a person Written on x . Another user expressed a similar position by publication , "Wow ... @Delta has just fire its Skymile, Amex and Sky Club programs in a single announcement. It is an unusual commercial decision to tell the customers most passionate and loyal to fucking. Only dollars count For the advantages. I have other steam options now I suppose. "

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