5 signs that you should not drink from your water bottle

Read this before taking another sip.

Before entering the water bottle from your bedside table to take your next sip, ask yourself a question: "When was the The last time I was washed that ? ""

Many of us reuse the Same water bottle For much longer than we probably wanted to admit it, filling it over and over without cleaning it. But although it may be a bad common habit, it does not mean that it is sure. In fact, a bottle of dirty water can endanger your health by exposing yourself to harmful bacteria.

How long does it take exactly Also For a long time when it comes to reuse your water bottle without washing it? We turned to health experts for an overview of the issue. Read the rest for what they say to be five signs that you should not drink in your water bottle.

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You notice cracks in the lid

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A crack in the body of your water bottle is likely to cause a replacement because it will run away all the time. But as David Seitz , MD, the medical director For ascending detoxification, tells Better life , damage elsewhere should cause the same exact answer, even if you do not make it. AE0FCC31AE342FD3A1346EBB1F342FCB

"If the lid or the cap is loose, cracked or damaged in any way, it is better to get a new bottle," he said. "You never know which contaminants could have entered the bottle, and you don't want to risk drinking something that could make you sick."

It smells strange

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Do not radiate strange odors associated with your water bottle, advises Blen tesfu , MD, a general practitioner Work with Welzo. A bad persistent smell could be a "sign of bacterial growth or mold," he warns. "These microorganisms can contaminate water and pose health risks if consumed."

Your water has a different taste

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A bad smell is a warning sign, and the same goes for all unusual flavors. If your water has a different taste when it is in your water bottle when it is in a glass, it is a sign that you should not drink it - especially if your bottle is made of certain materials, according to Nancy Mitchell , RN, a authorized nurse who is a medical expert for assisted life.

"The water itself is flavorless. However, plastic containers are known for the leachate of chemicals slowly in your drinking water," said Mitchell. "When this happens, this can give water a distinct taste of the polyethylene compound used to make the bottle. It is not sure to ingest, so if you notice that your water developed a flavor every time it is in the bottle, it can be time to launch this container. "

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The interior is discolored

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Even if you regularly wash your water bottle, you may notice over time that it does not appear This cleaner. If this is the case, you could face residues or spots that have discolored the inside of your container, according to Tesfu. And this is not something you need to ignore, he warns.

"Residues or spots on the interior walls of your water bottle, especially if they are difficult to eliminate, can be a reproduction ground for bacteria," says Tesfu. "These areas can be difficult to clean properly, allowing bacteria to multiply and contaminate water."

There is a visible dirt on the bottle

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When it comes to a bottle of dirty water, there is a type of residue that you especially want to watch. "If you can see a whitish or clear film tied inside your water bottle, then it is best not to drink it," said Kimberly Langdon , MD, a obstetricians certified on the board of directors And the resident medical director of the Farr Institute.

As Langdon explains, this is called biofilm - which is likely to contain many potentially harmful bacteria which can easily move from the body of the water bottle to your mouth while you drink. "The bacteria here can make you be sick and poisoned," confirms Langdon. "If you see this, throw the water immediately and pour hot water into the bottle. Then wash with soap and water. Make sure it is dry before using it again. ""

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