USPS must bring "spectacular changes", says the general postmaster

The agency is entering the third year of a decade.

THE American postal service (USPS) had deep financial troubles for some now. So when Louis Dejoy Took as a post owner in 2020, he promised that he will put the agency on the right track. In March 2021, he unveiled his Deliver for America Initiative - A 10 -year plan intended to achieve financial sustainability and excellence of the service for postal service. The USPS has promulgated several changes in the past two years as part of this major overhaul, price of price to slower delivery standards. But with so much time in this transformation, Dejoy now gives an overview of what we can expect in the future. Read the rest to know why the general post office says that the USPS must bring "spectacular changes".

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The postal service is two years after its initiative over 10 years.

United States Postal Service van delivering mail in Buford, Georgia

Despite the beginning of 2021, postal service is still only in the first stages of its global transformation. Last month, the agency published its Second year progress report on the DFA initiative. According to the report, the USPS has already made numerous advances during the first two years of its plan. This includes improved service performance, increased packaging processing capacity and six new sorting and delivery centers. AE0FCC31AE342FD3A1346EBB1F342FCB

"While we are entering the third year of our delivery plan for America, there is new energy and dynamism in the American postal service," said Dejoy in an April 27 Press release declaration . "While I travel the nation to meet the great men and women of the postal service, it is clear that the investments we make are chargeable - and this shows our improved delivery for the American people and our commercial customers. The progress that we "in the past two years demonstrates that our plan is realistic and achievable. We are just beginning. "

Dejoy said the agency had not been able to make the necessary adjustments for a while.

U.S. Post Office in Galax. Building and signs.

The progress made during the first two years of the DFA have already been so vital for the postal service, according to Dejoy. During Main address During the National Postal Forum of 2023 in Charlotte on May 22, the general post office explained that the USPS could not make the necessary adjustments to its agency for a certain time.

"We have served under the terms, rules and conditions, established by Congress, our regulator and the postal service itself. However, in the past 15 years, these terms, rules and conditions have increased more and more by Conflict with our ability to carry out our mission. This creates a dynamic that must be recognized and counted, "he said.

As Dejoy explained, it created a "postal environment" that has not prepared the agency for success. "During a period of significant change in our country, postal service has encountered legislation, regulations, rules and harmful political activism that have challenged logic and inflicted damage," he said. "These uncapped or interested efforts have intimidated and confused postal management and restricts the ability of the organization to make the required changes necessary for long -term survival."

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USP must now bring "dramatic changes" accordingly.

close up of usps postal carrier's satchel

To compensate for the "contagion period" with which the USPS dealt with for almost 15 years, the agency intends to strengthen its efforts during the third year of its DFA initiative. According to DEJOY, this will require "dramatic changes" for each part of its postal environment. "These spectacular changes must be made at a rate, and with tenacity which is rarely observed and rarely necessary, in government or private industry," he said during his speech.

With his 10 -year transformation, Dejoy said he reinvents postal service at all levels from top to bottom. "The delivery plan for America is not a plan for unavailable," he said. "It is a plan for a dramatic change in the way we perform our service, that if they are executed in time and carefully, will lead to long -term success for the organization."

Dejoy said the agency would start focusing on a specific initiative.


According to Dejoy, one of the "dramatic changes" to recover the postal service is the modernization of its network. "The biggest initiative, and which will address a condition that has led to high and limited performance, is the overhaul of our national treatment network and the operating practices that deploy to use it," he said during his address.

As part of this modernized network, the USPS seeks to establish 60 regional treatment and distribution centers (RPDC). These will be able to "manage the entire volume transported in and outside each specific region," said Dejoy. "Once finished, this new network will be able to accept mail and packages at specified cutting hours and reach millions of delivery points the next day, taking the leader's postal service at the last kilometer, at Leader in the last 150 miles, "he said.

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