Walmart and the target workers say they are afraid of the parking lots of their stores

Employees say they feel the most dangerous outside of their stores.

It is no secret that parking lots have hidden dangers. The country's law enforcement organizations have warned against different scams which occur outside stores, and the news is filled with reports of Retail flight , creating even more perilous situations in parking lots. Not to mention the most obvious dangers in dozens and dozens of cars that sail in a small space. It turns out that these concerns are not limited to buyers: Walmart and target employees say that they feel dangerous in the parking lots of their stores. Read more to find out why employees are afraid and what you can do to ensure safe.

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Employees are experiencing the dangers of parking in stores.

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Twelve anonymous Walmart and target spoken with insider On the most dangerous aspects of their work - and several have said that the parking lot was the place where they feel the most dangerous, fearing both violence and the inattentive drivers. AE0FCC31AE342FD3A1346EBB1F342FCB

Employees were particularly concerned about dangerous drivers, a Walmart partner noting that customers "transform parking into their own personal race lessons".

By taking things in hand, a target worker said that he and a colleague had the number of drivers who stopped at a stop panel near the store's entrance door, telling the initiate that 40% "Breed through".

To respond to security problems, an employee targets in Texas also told the point of sale that workers who frequented the parking lot had to wear reflective vests. However, this is not an infallible plan, because the employee added that sometimes drivers still do not notice them due to distractions like SMS.

Better life Contacted both Walmart and Target to comment, and will update history during the editorial staff.

Police are also investigating recent violent crimes in parking lots.

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In recent weeks only, there have been several reports of collisions and violence in the car parks, including the death of a 27 -year -old Walmart employee in Denver, Colorado, who was killed when he was hit by A car last month. According to Denver7, the victim was Return carts From parking to store when he was struck by an 83 -year -old driver.

Armed violence also occurs in parking lots, including a mortal shot to a walmart in Hobbs, Texas, and a fight that ended with a man slaughtered in the neck in a Walmart Oklahoma city, oklahoma .

Last month, a shooting in a target parking in St. Paul, Minnesota , left a dead man, while another shooting was reported outside another target in Montgomery, Alabama, although the latter has made no injury.

But violence is not limited to the two large -scale retailers. Another fatal shooting occurred in a shopping center Lake Park, Florida , May 17. The same day, a fight broke out outside a Wegmans Chesterfield, Missouri , following a daycare bende. An injured man died the next evening, Ksdkraed affiliated with NBC.

"It's frightening and it's the kind of thing you hate to see happening", buyer Tommie Harsley He told KSDK of the incident at Wegmans.

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The figures speak for themselves.

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While the employees of Walmart and Target can fear their own car parks, the data show that there are dangers hiding in parking lots nationally.

In the first quarter of only 2022, 80 people were killed in parking lots across America, according to D&D data daily , an information site for retail prevention professionals, asset protection and IT security.

This number is underway at the same time in 2021, when 65 were killed in parking lots, and 2020, when 35 lost their lives.

Be proactive in the parking lot.

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There are a few precautions that you can take when you walk in a parking lot, whether you are about to work or run to shop. In any parking or garage, you should be aware of your environment , according to the recommendations of the Safety Society of OSSTAR vehicles.

If you shop early in the morning or in the evening, try to say in well -lit areas and always use pedestrian passages and bridges. Once you are safe inside your vehicle, OnStar also says that you should not dwell before leaving.

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