The style of wedding dress you should wear, depending on your zodiac sign

Whether you are a traditional bride or you love something unique, the stars know exactly what you need.

When it comes to planning your big day, no detail is too small. You must think of the seats table, the reception playlist, the cake , and the flowers - and that does not even count what bridesmaids walk in the aisle with which the boys of honor! Of course, there is a detail that is more important to do well than the others: the wedding dress.

Choosing the right dress is more than pretty fabrics and chic styles; It's about finding the dress that allows your natural beauty to shine. But with So many styles And the silhouettes to choose, it can be difficult to reduce things. So why not turn to the stars for advice? In front, an astrologer shares the style of wedding dress you should wear, depending on your zodiac sign. Are you more a classic line or a funky and flirty combination? Keep reading to find out.

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Aries: length of tea

tea length dress
Istock / Andreua

As a ram, you will be Just as confident , commander and cool on your wedding day as you are any other day.

You have daring tastes and you like to show yourself whenever you have the opportunity. But you are also someone who is still in motion during social gatherings, so you need a style of wedding dress that will not slow you down.

This is why we think that a dress of vintage tea length is the perfect cut. Stop just above the ankles, you will not have to worry about tripping on your train while you run your bridesmaids on the dance floor. AE0FCC31AE342FD3A1346EBB1F342FCB

Bull: darling

sweet heart neckline
Istock / Bojanstory

Regarding the timeless and traditional nuptial style, nobody does it like you, Taurus!

A lover of All luxurious things And on the top, it is not surprising that you are the type of bride that buys without budget. You want to look in fashion effortlessly and conventionally chic at the same time. This is why you will like a classic heart neckline.

The shape of the heart of this silhouette speaks to your Venus romantic side And is one of the most flattering bridal styles. It is also the perfect basis for accessorizing with a lot of bling.

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Gemini: High neck

wedding halter dress
Istock / Kobus Louw

You are a very dynamic, fun and easy -to -live . But geminis are also known to want the best of both worlds.

You would like a wedding dress that will run the heads when you walk in the room, but it is also comfortable and relaxed. So we think that a non -traditional high collar dress has exactly what you're looking for.

This style shows just enough skin to keep things interesting and keep your arms free for the evening. Whether you dance all night or reach another piece of cake, nothing will bother you.

Cancer: lace

floral lace dress
Istock / South_agency

A sentimental cancer The bride does not need much to be happy on the big day: as long as your friends, family and fiancé are there, you will be on the moon.

You train for the first dance since you were a child. So you need a dress that lives up to the fairy tale you dream of. And there is no better way to capture this magic than with a lace wedding dress.

Sweet and romantic, this dress style will give you the impression of having left the pages of a Nicholas Sparks novel. Finish the look with a vintage veil from one of the members of your family to make the big extra special event.

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Leo: Ball Dress

ball gown bride
Istock / Edwin Tan

Watch out for the world, the main attraction has finally arrived!

The leos have a flair for the dramatic and a desire to be seen . So why would someone expect you to play safely during your special day? Your ideal wedding dress will have the perfect mixture of drama and elegance - like a large pouffy ball dress.

These dresses are available in almost all silhouette, shape and color, so you can find exactly what you want. Not to mention all the ruffles, embellishments and additional diapers that you can add to make sure you sparkle and shiny.

Virgin: sheath

sheath dress
Istock / Ojo_images

Sophisticated and traditional brides, virgin brides always seem to make a feeling of Subtil glamor .

This is because you are very in touch with your personal style and what makes you feel good. Your tastes tend to compete more minimalist and modest than most, with particular attention to small details.

This is why we think you would love a superb sheath dress. Made with soft and fluid fabrics like silk and muslin, this dress is an elegant way to present your natural beauty.

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Libra: without straps

strapless wedding dress
Istock / Coffeaandmilk

Balance is the lovers In astrology, it is therefore sure to say that the day of your wedding will be the event of the season.

You are a hopeless romantic who seeks this fairy tale once in life to sweep you away. And when it will finally happen to celebrate, you want to make sure you are at your best for the photos.

This is why we love the strapless look for you. This simple and symmetrical design will allow your natural radiation to shine and give you many options to accessorize.

Scorpion: High-Bask

wedding dress

Scorpions are not afraid to take risks with fashion, and you are not against kissing it either sensual side .

But as much as you want to look avant -garde and sexy, you also want to have an air of sophistication on your wedding dress on the day of the big day - that's why we recommend a modern high style dress.

You will always get the drama of the full train while walking in the aisle, but the unexpected asymmetry at the front will surprise and amaze your guests. This also leaves room so that your shoes play a major role throughout the look.

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Sagittarius: separate

separates wedding dress
Istock / Dmytro Buianskyi

Sagittarians are the Zodiac adventurers . You like to explore new foods, places and styles and do not try to wear a typical wedding dress on the day of your big day.

So, when you are going to dress purchases, consult today's trendy separations. Mix a satin skirt ethereal with an adjustment tank or opt for a fluid and tulle background and a romantic embroidery - the options are endless.

Wedding separations also give you the possibility of transforming into a shorter skirt (or, dare to say, shorts!).

Capricorn: A-Line

a-line dress
Istock / Kobus Louw

When it comes to choosing your dress, you are the kind of bride who knows exactly what you want, Capricorn.

Often considered the most serious zodiac sign , you want a classic style that checks all the boxes of what you consider as the perfect wedding dress. You might even be ready to make follies on a personalized dress if it means having your dream dress.

For the bride who wants the best, why not follow the path of old Hollywood and wearing an elegant online wedding dress? It is the perfect blend of subtlety and sophistication.

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Aquarius: Combination

white jumpsuit
Istock / Tash Jones

Forget what all the stereotypes of the zodiac say: Aquarius is a secret romantic (and very Sappy) in the soul.

You break your brightest when you kiss your rebellious , it is therefore not uncommon for the aquarius brides to look outside the styles of traditional wedding dress. Why not make things happen with a white bridal combination for your big day?

It is a fun touch on the classic wedding dress and gives you much more freedom to move. And although it is unconventional, it is always very chic and chic, perfect for the ceremony and the reception.

Fish: Mermaid

wedding mermaid dress

The fish of the fish are the the most ethereal From the group, you therefore need a wedding dress to match your angelic vibrations.

You dream of finding your Astrological soul mate for a long time. Therefore, you are attracted to fairy tale dresses with soft materials and a lot of radiance.

This is why we think you will like a wedding dress cut with mermaid. This elegant design has an adjusted corset on the top and a cascade in cascade of fluid fabric on the bottom. It is the perfect blend of princess and femme fatale.

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