A massive star has just exploded, and you can see it for yourself - that's how how

The supernova was spotted for the first time a few days ago.

Looking at the night sky is simultaneously soothing and crushing. It is a clear indicator of the vast university, while the moon and the stars can also provide a comforting constant. But if you are ready to pass in front of the pet and learn more about the celestial bodies that dominate the night sky, you are lucky: there is currently a massive star explosion that you can see for yourself. Read the rest to know how and when astronomers recommend seeing this superb supernova.

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The exploding star was discovered for the first time on May 19.

new supernova in galaxy M101

Amateur astronomers are delighted: a new supernova (mainly an explosive star) was discovered in the Pinwheel galaxy. Also known as M101 or Messier 101, the galaxy of the spiral soup is roughly 21 million light years far from the earth, according to American scientist . AE0FCC31AE342FD3A1346EBB1F342FCB

The supernova, officially appointed SN 2023ixf, was spotted for the first time on May 19 by Supernova-Hunter Koichi Itagaki , which is based in Yagamata, Japan. The existence of the supernova was confirmed by the Zwicky transient installation (ZTF) Telescopes in California the next evening, Forbes reported.

"It took me about five minutes to confirm that it was a supernova," said Itagaki American scientist . "The discovery was made in bad weather with a lot of clouds. We were lucky."

Scientists are delighted with this exciting discovery.

Interesting thing, SN 2023ixf is the supernova closest to the earth detected in the Last five years , and the second has closed in the past 10 years, according to the National Aeronautics and Space Administration (NASA). On May 22, the The Hubble Space Telescope announced that he started studying the supernova - and scientists are delighted with all the "new clues" that can surface.

As American scientist Explain, the event is a type II supernova, which occurs when a humungous star "lacks fuel". In other words, this star - which is repeatedly the size of the sun of the earth - could not bear its own weight and collapsed in a black hole or a neutron star. According to Space.com, as a result, there is an explosion of both Light and energy Last Friday, it was visible from the earth.

Astronomers underline that SN 2023ixf can help strengthen knowledge on supernovas, because it is so "close" to the earth and was discovered before reaching its brightness of Pic, by American scientist .

"It will probably be potentially the most detailed supernova studied in terms of climb, then decadence and all the different stages of the supernova itself", " Yvette Cende , PHD, astronomer at the center for astrophysics | Harvard & Smithsonian, says American scientist .

Here's how you can see it for yourself.

Man Stargazing with a Telescope
Astrostar / Shutterstock

If you are interested, Sanjana Curtis Astrophysicist at Chicago University, said you can certainly consult the supernova.

"It is a rare overview by a very spectacular and dramatic event that occurs - in terms of astronomy - not to, and I do not think that people should miss it because it might not happen again for a decade "said Curtis American scientist . "So, if you have a telescope, you want to point it to M101 now."

According American scientist , the Moulin galaxy - and the supernova - are now visible when using a "modest garden telescope".

The Pinwheel galaxy also houses the Grande Dipper, in the Constellation of Ursa Major, that an amateur astronomer can probably spot. To locate the supernova, find the "handle" of the Grande Dipper, which is made up of two stars, Aliot and Mizar. If you continue the line beyond Mizar, you should be in the "general neighborhood" of M101, according to Space.com.

From there, the more experienced Stargazers could be able to locate the supernova, because it is out of place on one of the spiral arms of the galaxy.

You can also look at a live flow.

woman watching livestream at home
Leungchopan / Shutterstock

There is no need to panic to set up your telescope in time, because scientists have confirmed that the supernova will be visible for the coming months, by American scientist .

But if you don't have a telescope, it's not a problem either. According to Space.com, the virtual telescope project is Live broadcast of the development explosion free On his website And on Youtube . The event begins at 6 p.m. Eastern Daylight Time (EDT) tomorrow May 25.

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