Shopper claims that the CVS pharmacist gave him the bad medication: "I couldn't move."

But the pharmacy chain denies that there was a prescription mix.

Many of us have to run to CVS every four weeks to get our monthly medication recharging - and after a while, it becomes quite routine. At that time, you can't even be a resumed Your prescription To make sure you have the good number of pills in the bottle - or the right medication. It is always a good idea to be sure, because a buyer claims that she recently learned of the hard after having received the wrong prescription by a CVS pharmacist. Read the rest to learn more about this alleged mix of medicine.

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A buyer claims that she was bad by a CVS pharmacist.

Woman browsing medicine and supplements in the CVS pharmacy inside a Target store.

A woman from angleston in Texas, says that she received the bad medication in her premises CVS pharmacy , KPRC 2 affiliated with NBC in Houston reported on May 23. AE0FCC31AE342FD3A1346EBB1F342FCB

Request to remain anonymous, she told the media that she was in the steering wheel of the store with her son to obtain two prescriptions. While waiting for the pharmacist to get the second, she asked her son to catch a pill in the first prescription.

"He placed it on the console of my vehicle and I told him to go ahead and give me one because I had to take it," said the woman at Kprc 2. "He m 'just recovered, and I just jumped it in my mouth and I thought nothing about it. But once I got off, that's where I looked up and I realized that it was not like what I have at home. "

She says the pill made her become stiff.

Prescription pills spilling out of a container.

"I entrusted my pharmacy to give me the right medication," said the woman to KRPC 2. "I think they are professionals and that's what they are supposed to do."

When she returned to the place to tell the pharmacist that she had received the wrong prescription and had taken one of the pills, she said that he did not seem alarmed by confusion, which reduced her concerns . But about half an hour later, she said that her body had started to react negatively to what she had taken.

"I was as stiff rigid of the interaction that the medication they gave me with other drugs that I take," she told KRPC 2. "I became stiff and I could not Not moving for several hours. It was horrible. A horrible feeling I feel that I couldn't call for help. I was all alone. I had the impression that I was going to die here alone. What happened. And no one was going to know how or why. "

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CVS denied any reprehensible act in the situation.

CVS pharmacy exterior

Better life Contacted CVS about this situation, and we will update this story with their answer. In a statement to KRPC 2, a company spokesperson denied the allegations of the woman that she received the bad medication.

"Based on our investigation into this alleged incident that occurred more than a year ago in April 2022, the prescriptions for the two drugs you list below were written for [she] and our pharmacy A properly filled them, "said CVS spokesperson Mike Deangelis said to the media.

For her part, the woman shared a document with KRPC 2 which showed a financial settlement offer of $ 5,000 in CVs to her so that she "does not disclose" the situation to someone else. Deangelis did not denote that CVS offered him a financial settlement, according to the media.

"In the interest of customer service, we committed to our patient in response to his compensation request," he told KRPC 2.

But the woman said that she had not signed the regulations, which would not have been an admission of error on the part of the CVs.

"I felt the duty to speak so that others are aware of what they collect in their pharmacy," said the woman. "This is life concerning. I said to myself:" Well, I cannot get a lawyer and I could have taken the offer, but what would it do for the next person who gets the bad medication ? "It's a matter of security, no money."

This is not the first mixture of alleged drugs.

CVS prescription bottle

Like all large pharmacy chains, CVS found itself in the hot seat on the alleged mixtures of medication in the past.

In 2019, a Mississippi man filed a federal complaint Against CVS, claiming that the pharmacy "fills in negligence" its prescription at least twice with the bad medication, according to the Big Book .

Then, in 2020, CVS paid a Penalty of $ 125,000 to the state of Oklahoma after the regulators condemned to a fine and the company for dangerous prescription errors, The New York Times reported.

More recently, a different woman called the pharmacy for an alleged medicine error. Earlier this month, 51 years Grade Hector told CBS-Affiliate Wanf in Atlanta that she had picked up what she Thought was oxycodone , of which she had been prescribed for a bad sprained ankle, of her local CVs.

After her pain did not decrease, she said that she had called her daughter-in-law, who would have discovered that Hector-Faon had received Adderall instead.

"I am frustrated, I am upset, I suffer," Hector-Farison told Wanf. "I just want what belongs to me. I want to relieve my pain. I want CVS to be properly. I want them to apologize for giving me the bad medication."

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