All the reasons why people are furious at this year's Oscar nominations

The recently announced heads for the 2023 Academy Awards have steamed cinema fans.

This year Oscar appointments Are here, and they include the two surprises that have celebrating moviegoers and some snobs that make them evacuate their frustrations on social networks. There were a lot of good news for some of the greatest films of 2022: All everywhere at the same time obtained the most appointments at 11 years old and the branches at the box office Avatar: Water path ,, Top Gun: Maverick , and Black Panther: Wakanda forever Also marked several lead nods.

Small films are not empty either. After Sun Star Paul MESCAL made of the category of best actor, and In Leslie carry out Andrea Riseborough obtained an appointment of the best actress after An unexpected last minute campaign of many of his peers.

Regarding the representation, the harvest of this year's candidates is in history. We have the most Asian actor nominated in a single year with four players: Michelle Yeoh ,, Ke Huy Quan , and Stéphanie HSU from All everywhere at the same time and Hong Chau from The whale .

But the day of Oscar appointment is never without its disappointments. The live announcement was not even finished when subscribers of the price season brought the backlash on social networks. Read the rest for seven reasons that 2023 Oscar appointments have furious people.

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The whale obtained three nominations.

Brendan Fraser in

While Brendan Fraser has been strongly favored to receive an appointment for the best actor for The whale , and his Co-Star Chau had been predicted as a candidate of actress for the best actress, the prospect of The whale Be nominated for nothing upset some people. In addition to these two nominations, the film is also nominated for the best makeup and hairstyle.

The whale was accused of being fatphobe for the way he portrays the character from Fraser, Charlie, including his food frenzy and the treatment he accepts from others. It was also called to put the star in a "big costume" for the role, a practice which has become increasing controversial. Considered the best appointment to makeup and hairstyle The whale Received largely concerns the prostheses and other tools used to transform Fraser into a man of 600 pounds, Critics are not happy .

There are no nominees for the best director.

Thuso Mbedu and Gina Prince-Bythewood at the 2022 Women in Film Honors
FEATUREFLASH Photo Agency / Shutterstock

The category of best director is generally populated almost entirely with men, but the last two years were aberrant values. In 2022, Jane Campion won the Oscar for Dog power , and in 2021, Chloé Zhao won for Nomadic . Zhao was only the second woman to win the prize and the first woman of color.

This year, we are back to all male nominees: Todd field to Tar ,, Daniel Kwan and Daniel Scheinert to All everywhere at the same time ,, Martin McDonagh to The Banshees of Inisherin ,, Ruben Östlund to Triangle of sadness , and Steven Spielberg to Fabelmans .

Some of the women filmmakers who were in the running this year include Sarah Polley to Women who speak (She received an adapted scenario appointment and the film is nominated for the best film), Charlotte Wells to After Sun , and Gina Prince-Bythewood , who could have become the first black woman nominated in the category for The king's woman .

Women in Film, a group that recommends gender quality in the industry, responded to the unbalanced category in a press release. "" Again, the voters of the academy have shown that They do not appreciate women's voices , excluding us from the appointments of the best directors ", the declaration begins, as indicated by The Hollywood Reporter .

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No black woman is nominated for the best actress.

Danielle Deadwyler at the 2023 Critics' Choice Awards
Joe Seer / Shutterstock

The list of women in the running for the best actress Oscar came is surprising for several reasons. To start, it was planned that Viola Davis would be nominated for The king's woman , and that Danielle Deadwyler could also be considered for Up to . No star was nominated, which means that No black women were nominated in the category for the second consecutive year. A woman of color has only won once in this category: Halle Berry to Monster ball in 2002. AE0FCC31AE342FD3A1346EBB1F342FCB

Blond has been recognized.

Ana de Armas as Marilyn Monroe in

Like with The whale And Fraser, the backlash here is not towards Star and now the candidate for the best actress Ana de Armas But the film itself.

Blond is inspired by the life of Marilyn Monroe But takes a lot of creative liberties by telling his story. Many viewers I found the offensive and sexist , with some of the most flagrant problems, including scenes in which a fetus speaks to Monroe, the representation of the film of abortion and scenes of graphic sexual violence.

No appointments for No .

Keke Palmer in
Universal images

The Academy generally loves films on Hollywood and cinema, but that did not help Get out director Jordan Peele's most recent effort, No . (However, of course, No has a darker vision of industry than many nominees focused on the Hollywood past. did not receive any appointment .

Fans were disappointed, as they thought No deserved to be recognized for visual effects, the best cinematography and for Keke Palmer Performance, to name a few categories.

Little love for RRR .

N. T. Rama Rao Jr. in
Pen studios

Indian epic RRR won a whole fan after its release in early 2022, and it seemed that the momentum could take it to several Oscar nominations - perhaps even the best film. In the perspective of the big show, he was nominated in five categories to the Critics' Choice Awards, including the best film, and to the Golden Globes, he was nominated for the best original song (which she won) and the best Non -English Linguistic film.

But with regard to the Oscars, RRR is only nominated for Best original song for "Naatu Naatu". It is the first song to be nominated from an Indian film, which is an important step, but RRR The believers expected more.

A full snob for Decision to leave .

Tang Wei in
CJ Entertainment

In the wake of appointments, Decision to leave was one of the most trendy subjects on Twitter. The romantic thriller of the South Korean director Park Chan-Wook is not nominated in a single category , despite being acclaimed by fans and criticism. Fans hoped to see it for the best cinematography and the best director and are particularly surprised that it did not cut the best international feature. Instead, the category includes In the west, nothing is new ,, To close ,, Eo ,, The calm girl , and Argentina, 1985.

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