The best shades of makeup to wear if you have gray hair, say the experts in beauty

Now is not the time to turn away from the color.

Do you recently decided to kiss your gray But are they perplexed on what shade of eyeshadow will flatter your new hair color? Or maybe you have a blushing collection of fresh pink tones that just don't work with your silver strands. When you opt for a new shade, it is true that your makeup may need a refreshment - and to become gray is not different. Read the rest to discover the most flattering makeup shades for those who have gray hair, according to beauty experts.

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Bronzey tones.
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Emily Mason, Who shares makeup and style advice for women over 40 Grind her gray In a recent Tiktok video.

"I personally had to change my makeup routine when I leave my hair gray, so I wanted Share these tips with you "She said in the video." First of all, becoming gray will certainly wash you, so adding color will be very important. To do this, I recommend using Bronzer. I use sunbathing on the high points of my face where the sun would kiss it naturally and also use the same tan as eyeshadow. ""

Who does not want a sunny face which seems to have just returned from a trip to Hawaii all year round?

Shades of rose

Soft rose and pink eyeshadow tones
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If in doubt, choose a beautiful pink shade for your cheeks, your lips and even the eyeshadows. This pretty pink combo is sure to accentuate your features and enlighten your face, especially if you Abandoned the hair dye .

Makeup guru Bobbi Brown accepted. "With gray hair, naked tones will leave you looking for washed colors. Hello America. "Rose is my favorite color because it really works on everyone, and it adds The perfect color touch While looking natural - as if you come from a quick walk outside. ""

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Champagne eyeshadow tones.
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If you want to add a little shine to your look, using champagne shades or beige tones will not only warm your face, but that will leave your skin fresh.

"Experimenting with different tones of champagne will add a radiance of heat, whether you are released in the afternoon or evening," said Harman Awal, a beauty and makeup expert at Your daughter knows .

In a tiktok video by Miranda Parker She also explains how she revolves to warmer tones now that she has gray hair. "I Prefer hot tones On my face to contrast with gray and silver hair, "she says.

The warmer tones are not only for your foundation and your sunbathing powder, you can stamp this glamorous shade on your eyelids for color washing, as well as in the interior corners of your eyes to brighten up your whole look.

Live berries

Berry eyeshadow shades
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If you have gray hair, you should try to kiss bright colors instead of moving away from them. Gray hair really offers a neutral palette that will burst these brighter shades. In addition, this is another way to avoid this washed look, says makeup artist and beauty blogger Aisha Ashi, who recommends opt for violets.

"Different shades of plum or eyeshadows look good on gray hair individuals," she says.

Brown also thinks that shades like purple or blue are doing very well with gray hair, reports the list, but if you do not feel comfortable making such a statement, she suggests a " Gray Bipré on the eye "To associate with silver strands.

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Red lipstick tubes
Pearlwinchester / Shutterstock

Makeup artist Laura Kay , likes a daring and vibrant red lip, especially for women with gray hair. AE0FCC31AE342FD3A1346EBB1F342FCB

"It is normal to assume that you should play on the color of your lip for fear that they intensify your look to the extreme, but The opposite is actually true , "she said to Daily mail . "By choosing richer colors, such as reds, deep roses, striking bays and plums, they will complete the fresher tones of your gray hair and will also add the balance to your features."

ASHI also recommends trying more vivid shades. If red is not your thing, a bright pink will have the same effect. "For lipstick, opt for daring nuances like a bright pink shade," she said. "Try not to opt for light colors to avoid the dull and washed look."

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