5 new warnings to customers of the American postal inspector

This advice is particularly important during the holiday shipping season.

The American postal service (USPS) is now in the middle of theThe most time of hectic shipment all year round. During the 2022 holiday period, the agency expects to coarsely manage13 billion parts mail from its customers. But if you are one of the many Americans who plan to send and receive letters or packages to celebrate the season, do not make negligent mistakes that could allow criminals to take advantage of you. The American postal inspector, who oversees the USPS law application,Recently said to Consumeraffairs This "holiday mail can also be a vacation for thieves." To help keep your mail sheltered from theft, read the rest to discover what the United States Postal Inspection Service (USPIS) warns you of doing - and not doing - with your mail.

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Place your mail only at times.

USPS worker emptying the mailbox on a MAnhattan street in New-York, USA on November 17, 2012.

Thieves recently started "fishing" letters in mailboxes in order totake a check,,David Maimon, Associate Professor of Criminal Justice and Criminology at the Georgia State University, told Consumeraffairs in November. "The criminals are increasingly targeting USPS and personal mailboxes to pilot filled checks and sell them on the Internet using social media platforms," ​​he said.

To prevent one of your holiday letters from being torn off this season, the USPI told Consumeraffairs that customers should only drop the mail for hours of pickup. In other words, the USPI "suggests that if you use one of the USPS Blue collection boxes for outgoing mail, you deposit these items before the last collection or in your local post office," said the point sales.

Depending on the postal service, the pick -up times arePublished on the label of each collection box and can vary depending on the day of the week.

Do not send certain things by post.

Corruption concept. Business man check a stack of money in envelope.

It is not only checks that you need to worry about going through the messaging system. You should also avoid sticking money in your holiday cards this year. The USPIS has told Consumeraffairs to consume that customers do not send money by post and use a USPS mandate if necessary.AE0FCC31AE342FD3A1346EBB1F342FCB

"The postal service does not doprohibit money In the mail [but] reminds customers the options they have, "a USPS spokesperson said in a previous warning (via Wusa9)." Tracking and stop payment can be put on a check if it does not happen to destination. ""

Learn about the late mail.

man standing outside and bending over to check for letters in his mailbox

Delivery delays I have wreaked havoc on USPS customers this year, and you might expect them to be even worse during the holidays with the influx of mail volume. But do not let this hypothesis allow you to ignore the missing mail.

Instead, the USPI actually suggests customers "inquire about the late mail", by consumer. If you do not receive any expected postal parts "within a reasonable time", especially if it is a check or a credit card, you must contact the sender as soon as possible.

"Sometimes the packages aredelayed or reachanted Due to unusual circumstances. Before contacting us… contact the sender for more information on your expected mail, "said the USPS on its website." If you have been informed by a sender that he sent a package and believe that it has been delayed or perhaps lost, contact it from the item and ask them to provide the tracking number or Follow the package. ""

Get your mail quickly.

People waiting in line at a United States Post Office in Orlando, Florida where people are wearing face masks and social distancing,

You could put yourself more at risk of theft of mail through certain habits. The USPIS warns customers not to leave any letter or package in their mailbox or at their door for a long time. "If you do, you essentially advertise that someone is not at home," said Consumeraffairs.

Instead, postal inspectors highlight the importance of picking up the mail quickly. But what happens if you are out of the city for the holidays? Use the USPS HOLD Mail service.

"Other than the holidays, the Americans probably do not use the USPS messaging service as often as they could, but during the holidays, the postal inspector thinks that using it would be intelligent for anyone could be absent even one day or two "," according to Consumeraffairs.

The postal service will be "Hold your safety by mail In your local post office "up to 30 days with this offer, according to its website." To keep your mail longer or to restart your mail, please register for a transfer service, "said the agency." You can make your request up to 30 days in advance or from the next scheduled delivery day. ""

Make sure the packages go to the right person.

USPS Priority Mail package on a stack of the daily mail.

If you are the one who ships the packages, there are things you can do to make sure they also get to their legitimate destinations.

The USPIS has told Consumeraffairs that the shipping shipping can also request that the mail be held. Customers can request the Hold For Pickup option when shipping the packages, which allows recipients to collect the package in their local post office.

"This approval is used by shipments for the articles to which they do not wantThe recipient's door, "USPS explains." This improvement is designed to meet the unique needs of shipments that send high value goods or to better meet the needs of customers concerning convenience. ""

Another advice for sender is to request a signature confirmation. The USPIS said it was "another safety layer" to ensure that your package arrives at the right recipient because it requires that the USPS factor get a signature before delivery. "Signature confirmation requires that the recipient (or a person responsible for the residence) bepresent to sign For the article, "the postal service says.

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