5 warnings to buyers of old Big lots

You will want to avoid shopping for the moment and prepare if you buy from this department.

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Big Lots stores (also known as Big Lots!) Is famous for its affordable offers on everything, from food to furniture. The company, whose headquarters are in Columbus, Ohio, began in 1967 and has been developing since.The inexpensive channel boasts more than1,400 stores in 47 states, it is therefore likely that you have already bought one before, whether for a mattress or a new pair of shoes. But the next time you are at the Gros store, you will want to keep these tips at hand. Read the rest to discover the most important warnings of the old employees of Big Lots, of the reason why you will need a little patience if you take big furniture for the reason why you do not want to be there before close.

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Do not shop long before closing.

inside big lots store
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If you plan to make large batches just before closing the store, you will probably be exceeded. According to several former employees, it is one times the busiest, and there is a lack of staff at hand to help.

In a Reddit thread where current and old employees broadcast their reproaches, a poster with the User name Reidenlightman wrote that "a few years ago, there was always a way to make sure that the storehad many employees To manage customers, generally a manager with 2+ partners. ""

But now, they have found that stores in their region do not have enough employees due to budgetary constraints, noting that a manager will have to close the store with a single partner. "The last hour is generally overwhelmed by last -minute buyers. And in addition to that, they ask everyone from 9:30 am instead of 9:45 am, without exception."

Be patient when you buy furniture.

big lots store furniture
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If you are heading for big lots to make a big furniture purchase, you will want to avoid leaving before closing, and you will want to be patient because many current and old employees complain online that there is no Enough people working in this department.

"They want you to sell [sic] without a team, and be the only manager of the store andAlso load it With little or no help, customers do not want to pay for delivery, "said ex-employee Toussaint42 on Reddit.

If you don't want to pay delivery, make sure there is a team in place to help you load your vehicle, or maybe bring a friend with you to make sure the process is easy.

And remember that your patience will be chargeable: Big Lots offers major markings on expensive parts. A former employee revealed on Reddit that when he worked in Big Lots, "they would receive Pier 1 andto mark Finally, like 80% reduction. ""AE0FCC31AE342FD3A1346EBB1F342FCB

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Stores can be difficult to navigate.

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If you are a frequent batch buyer but sometimes find it difficult to find what you are looking for, you are not alone.

"Never go to large lots and have the impression that everything is moved? It is because it is. There are certain sections (about half of the store) that managers and tracks aresaid to reorganize Above every week, "said Reidenlightman on Reddit.

Another problem is that a large part of the goods are not on the ground. "There are so many products in the back shop andNo place to say it, as sales are so down, "according to another ex-employee on Reddit." There are pallets on the product that is not transmitted because they cannot install everything in the warehouse. "If you have spotted something online, you might want to call in advance to make sure it is actually in the store you visit.

Check prices to make sure you get the lowest.

big lots storefront
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Have you ever asked a big employee of something that costs something, only to find them confused? This is because the prices of the articles are constantly changing, which makes them difficult to follow.

"The prices arechange so often Whether we learn customer changes, not from the company, "a former employee noted on Reddit.

Unfortunately, this means that it can be difficult to shop, because managers and employees are constantly trying to follow. "This leads managers to waste time to go to the POS and match the price at the price it indicates on the shelf / sticker. Then, someone is assigned to fix the price labels," adds Reidenlightman On Reddit. You will want to check the online price to make sure you get the best good deal.

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Do not feel obliged to register for the reward program.

big lots store sign
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Do not feel obliged to register for the reward program when a store partner asks you. And don't get bored either if you get the question frequently; Employees simply do their job.

"Managers only want you to register customers so that the rewards give them the bonus in their checks, they only motivated you if it should be beneficial for them, I could bring customers to give money all the time butIf I have not obtained the awards Then, I would have fewer hours, "shared a former anonymous sales partner in Florida on the board of directors.

A representative of previous customer serviceindeed written that the main objective of the company is to bring people to register for their reward program "and that their store had" a requirement of 30+ if not higher ". The employees can" lose whole days of Their schedules because of not reaching their quota ".

In fact, the signature of people for awards was so difficult that some current employeesComposed of false emails So it seemed to reach their quota.

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