6 ways to make your guests feel like the best host of all time

Do not blame us when your guests never want to leave!

Nothing better than coming back to your hotel room and seeing new soft towels and a little chocolate perched on the pillow. The little things go really far when you travel, but the high -level service and the attention to details do not have to stop on vacation. If you have guests, whether for dinner or a weekend visit, you canmake your house as welcoming Like any five -star stay - and he doesn't have to break up. To get the best tips for making your guest feels like the best host of all time, we called on interior architects and home experts. Read the rest for their easy advice.

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Do the welcome is worth it.

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It is essential to be warm and welcoming upon arrival of your guests. If they spend the night,Kevin Wang, interior designer and co-founder ofInyouths led mirrors, suggests creating a welcome basket that you can give them to the door or instead in the room they will stay. It may include items like toiletries, water bottles, small snacks or a small note. "It will make your guests feel thought and neat from the start," he said.

If you have people just for the evening, it is always important to make them feel at home from the start. Make sure to know what time they arrive and meet them at the door with a delicious refreshment by hand. "Get them with a smile, treat yourself to take their coat and show them where they can put their personal effects," saidStacy Lewis interior designer and owner ofModern eternity.

Use the walls as a focal point.

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Probably, you will not be able to completely reorganize your space, but a simple upgrade to one or two walls in the room of your guests can take the room of SO-SO to stun. And you can easily approach these projects in a day or two.AE0FCC31AE342FD3A1346EBB1F342FCB

Cristina Crin, founder ofPerpetuum conceptions, suggests creating an accent wall, either by painting it, or by adding wallpaper (the stick wallpaper is even easier). "It's not that expensive and it can add a hotel feeling to your room."

Crin also says that the addition of large images framed on the wall will greatly contribute to reheating a space. Art or black and white photos will stand out against a colored accent wall, and if the wallpaper is not as bright, the daring pieces will complete the room well.

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Have additional pillows and covers at hand.

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"Your guests should be able to relax in your home, so make sure they have everything they need to be comfortable," saidJen Stark, founder ofGood DIY. This includes many covers and pillows. Not only are they useful (especially if the guests spend the night or if it is cold), but they add this perfect perfect atmosphere to a room.

Try to find a place to store blankets and pillows where your guests can easily access it. This could be a pouffe in the living room or a bedside table or a basket in a friends room. Stark suggests coordinating colors and patterns with your existing interior decoration and exploring different textures such as velvet or faux fur if you are looking to amplify the space.

Get to know your guests in advance.

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By talking to your guests before their visit, you will understand their expectations and you can adapt their stay accordingly.

"Find out if they have allergies or special needs so you can be prepared," said Wang. This also facilitates your preparations, because you will know exactly what to pick up the grocery store or the pharmacy.

Lewis thinks that it is also important to discover their hobbies and their interests. "This will help you plan activities they will appreciate while they stay with you," she said. Once you know what they like, you can decide which of your favorite local restaurants or stores to take them.

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Prepare your house in advance.

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Although you cannot control everything, you can do your best so that all your preparation work is out before the arrival of the guests. Make small tasks such as vacuum cleaner, whitening of sheets, bed manufacturing and refrigerator storage will ultimately rationalize the process.

If you feel outdated, create a simple list of tasks. "If you know your guests come, take the time planning in advance," says Stark. "This includes food and ready drinks, as well as to make sure that there are no potential dangers in your home."

Aside from standard cleaning and shopping tasks, small things like window opening to let in fresh air or preservation of a playlist to get when customers arrive can make all the difference.

To go beyond.

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A good host knows that it is important to balance your time with the guests. "Be available if they need something, but give them space to do their own thing," advises Lewis.

However, this does not mean that you should skimp on the small details that make customers feel comfortable and excited. "When they are ready to leave, send them with a little something to remember from you, like a homemade treat or a little token of your appreciation," suggests Wang. If you often entertain, leave a guest book in the room that everyone can use to share their favorite parts of their stay.

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