The general ex-Dollar employee gives a new warning to buyers

She warns customers to be careful and ask for something specific in the register.

Dollar General quickly became an essential place for buyers of good deals as well as those who seek to save money in the middle of continuous inflation. The retailer at reduced prices always extends its scope and its number of stores, while introducing new options for buyers, such as fresh andInnovative experiences. But despite its more affordable reputation as a chain, Dollar General has gained a significant number of counterpouss recently due to allegations that it was activelycustomers surface. Now, a former employee is expressed on the issue and offers his own warning to buyers. Read the rest to discover what she advises.

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Prices at Dollar General are a hot discussion subject.

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Dollar General made the headlines this month when it was announced that the state of Ohio wascontinue To charge customers in the register more than what was listed on the shelf. Several Ohio counties have launched surveys, with the auditor of the butler countyRoger Reynolds, the division of weights and measures, identifiererror rate ranging from 16.7 to 88.2% in local stores,Newspapersreported.AE0FCC31AE342FD3A1346EBB1F342FCB

Eight of the 10 general stores in Franklin County also failed inspections, which prompted a warning from the county auditorMichael Stinziano. The listenerCity of specific examples Where a bic click razor scanned for $ 6.50 when the price of the shelf was $ 6 and Comfort Bay shower hooks that scanned for $ 5 when they were at $ 2 on the shelf .

Ohio's prosecutor's office announced theofficial trial In a press release on November 1, with the Attorney GeneralDavid YostOnbillating the problem "appalling behavior". According to the press release, Dollar General is in violation of the Ohio consumer sales practices, in particular its rule on "advertising of bait".

Composed the problem, customers have been informed that Dollar general employees cannot change prices in the register. Ohio residentWilliam Anderson, who first sent a letter to the office of the auditor of Butler's county declaredNew journals.

Now, a former Ohio employee warns customers of this store policy and what they should do if pricing problems arise in the register.

The former employee says that workers in Dollar general stores are not at fault.

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In an interview with Whio, former employee general of the dollarLynda Swankspoke about theChain policies, declaring that the problems are increasingly coming, as opposed to partners and managers of individual stores.

"They put their employees much more than they should," Swank said, who worked at Dollar General for four years, in The Outlet.

She added that there is a designated day each week, called "Super Tuesday", where the incoherent prices are supposed to be adjusted. "Nothing is supposed to be done that day before the price changes were made," said Swank. However, endowment policies interfere with the ability of employees to achieve this.

According to Swank, the general dollar stores in which they worked were not allowed to work more than two employees, except "sometimes" on the delivery days. It is generally not Tuesdays, when the price assortment is supposed to occur, which means that there are only two people capable of storing shelves, ringing customers and performing other tasks .

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Swank warned customers not to back down.

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In addition to customer price change requests, Swank said that she had also experienced "an alleged price exchange" as a buyer at Dollar General. "I confronted the manager and I said, you know, change it, [and she said]:" Oh, we are no longer allowed to make price changes, not in the register "," said Swank to Whio.

The point of sale was maintained with an Ohio official, the auditor of the county of MontgomeryKarl Keith, who said that the law required the prices to correspond between the plateau and the register. If you receive a decline, Swank has encouraged buyers to stay firm and warned them not to go through a purchase if price differences arise.

"Do it well-if they don't do it properly, don't buy it, continue elsewhere," she said.

The limited number of employees has created other problems.

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Endowment problems affect other aspects of the GENERAL Dollar shopping experience, beyond the inconsistent prices. A video recently published by @_MesMerizeyou on Tiktok showed the social media user trying to tighten his cart in an alley filled withProduct boxes. Buyers quickly said they had similar experiences in Dollar General Stores, with a speaker saying that they "refuse to go" because of the packed alleys.

Dollar General Employees also added to the discussion. An employee said their store received truck deliveries twice a week, and due to a limited spacing, the boxes are found in the aisles. A separate comment echoes Swank's claims on apparent policy to two employees.

"I work at Dollar General and we are not allowed to hire just stockers with me, so we have only one manager and a cashier," wrote the employee, while another store partner said that managers can only give so many hours, which means that there is simply not enough time to "make a breach in inventory".

Better life Contacted Dollar General to comment, but has not yet heard.

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