Don't eat dry almonds anymore! Soak it before using, you will be surprised by these benefits

Almonds are a seed that contains many nutrients good for health.

Almonds are a seed that contains many nutrients good for health. Typically, this seed is roasted as a snack or even raw. However, health experts have discovered that the new soaked almond is the "version" that brings the best health benefits.

How is almond soaking better than rough almonds?

Almonds contain high levels of nutrients, including large amounts of healthy non -saturated fat, fiber, protein and antioxidants as well as other important minerals such as vitamin E, B1, B2 , B3, B9, Manganese, magnesium, copper, zinc, iron and phosphorus.

Many people love to use almonds or ripe in main or secondary meals. However, almonds soaked in water, how to make the outer shell of almonds soft, helping the body digest nutrients from almonds easily and optimally. The almond shell soaked in water also helps the body to inhibit two anti -nutrients, tannins and phytic acid.

In terms of taste, in addition to the crunchy and hard feeling, you will also feel the bitterness from rough almonds due to anti -nutrients. Meanwhile, almonds soak in soft, fat, sweet and delicious.

How to preserve almonds soaked is also very simple. You can soak in water and store almonds soaked for up to 5 days.

The unexpected health benefits of almonds soaked

According to nutrition experts, you should eat 10-12 almonds soaked daily to be able to add valuable nutrients to the diet. If you maintain this moderation, you may notice some miraculous health benefits as follows:

Improve digestive health, treat constipation

Compared to dry almonds, almonds soaked with soft outer shells, it is easier to digest. At the same time, soaking almond water will also help activate nutrients in almonds better, help reduce the level of nutritional resistance of almonds. In addition, almonds soaked in releasing an enzyme that breaks the lipid in fat, thereby helping digestion. In insoluble fiber in almonds can help regulate intestinal motility, reduce and help treat constipation.

Increase energy consumption, support weight loss

For women who are dieting, almonds are part of a low -calorie diet because it can reduce bad cholesterol levels and lose weight. Specifically, almonds contain riboflavin and potassium to enhance energy metabolism in the body. Therefore, the consumption of almonds soaked will help your body easily enhance metabolism. This is also the reason why people who regularly eat almonds can maintain a slim body, reduce the risk of obesity.

Improve memory

Almonds are said to contain L-Carnitine (a substance that can help produce and develop new brain cells) and phenylalanin (substances that help improve cognitive and memory function). In addition, this nutritious seed is also rich in vitamins E, B6, omega-6 fatty acids and omega-3. These are minerals that can help maintain memory, promote brain growth and even slow down the cognitive decline due to Alzheimer's disease.

A study conducted on mice shows that almonds can help strengthen acetylcholine levels in the brain, thereby enhancing memory and delaying signs of cognitive dysfunction due to age.

Control blood pressure and improve cardiovascular function

In soaked almonds contains a lot of monounsaturated fatty acids (MUFA), which can help reduce low density lipoprotein or bad cholesterol in the blood. In contrast, the vitamin E content in almonds can promote good cholesterol. All of this is very beneficial for adjusting blood pressure. In addition, low sodium content and high potassium in almonds can help prevent high blood pressure.

In addition to inhibiting escalating blood pressure, vegetable protein, potassium, magnesium and abundant antioxidants in almonds can also help reduce the risk of artery obstruction, prevent signs of heart disease.

Against cancer

Almonds contain phytic acid and rich in tannins, which are considered substances with antioxidant properties, which help prevent tumors from growing. Many studies have discovered a significant relationship between eating almonds and reducing the incidence of colon cancer, breast cancer in women or prostate cancer in men.

Healthy skin and hair

In addition to adding almonds soaked in diet, you should also combine to use almonds soaked as a mask for hair and skin health care.

According to beauty experts, vitamin E and other antioxidants in almonds can remove harmful free radicals from the skin, helping to delay the aging process on the skin. Polyphenols found in almond powder can also help reduce inflammation, reduce itching and irritation due to skin rash or chapped skin.

For hair, a mask mixture of mask soaked with almonds and olive oil will help repair serious damage of hair, reduce hair loss, grow new hair follicles and thereby, help hair firmly. strong.

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