Delta CEO says you will never see "these flights

The airline's executive has spoken of the future of industry and what travel will soon look like.

Saping on a flight can always provide a well -necessary change of landscape. But in recent months, the air transport industry itself has undergone many changes that are difficult to notice. In addition to raising health precautions from the era of the cocovated era, companies adjusted everything,Pre-plunged perks atFlight offers-without speaking aboutreconfigure their schedules and route cards. Now, the CEO of Delta Air Lines said there were flights that passengers "will never see" as more changes are in store. Read the rest to see what the future of travel could look like, according to one of the main leaders in the industry.

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Difficult changes in the past year are finally paid for Delta.

A Delta sign above seats in an airport terminal

To say that the airlines had a difficult grimace after two years of problems linked to the pandemic would be an epic understatement. Even if the restrictions have decreased, the persistent effects on the endowment created a timetable of schedule which led towaves of cancellations and delays. But during an appearance at the International Annual Conference of Council Airports Council in Minneapolis on September 20, CEO of DeltaEd Bastian said things were finallyStart turning For his company, indicating that most of the carrier operations worked better than before that COVVIStar Tribune reports.

"During the first 18 days of September, we operated around 50,000 main flights during this period. The total sum of the cancellations we had was 43 out of 50,000," he said. "It is a completion rate of 99.92%, which our partners frankly, our customers deserve, but when you think of the story of the media who is still there, people are always nervous, and the reality is that We have to continue to prove our way back. "

But the executive also stressed that everything would probably not come back as years ago.

The CEO of Delta said that you "never go see" certain flights in the future.

Delta Airplanes sit in a row at Kansas City International Airport

When you discuss the future of the industry, Bastian has remained optimistic about maintaining growth. But he said that job changes within the industry also meant that certain changes caused during the cocovan may not return as they were before, including the servicesmaller regional airports.AE0FCC31AE342FD3A1346EBB1F342FCB

"For some markets, we must make choices to find out if we will pilot a larger flight, if we will consolidate the number of operations, but you will never see the plane with 50 places the level of prominence in the Industry, "said Bastian at the conference, by CBS News. "In fact, in Delta, we are roughly out of them. I think we have less than 20 that we are flying today."

"When Delta merged with Northwest in 2009, collectively, we had around 1,200 planes as a company, 500 of them were 50-seat or smaller planes," he explained. "It's about nothing today."

Bastian said that Delta had granted around 20,000 early retreat for his employees at the start of the pandemic, including around 2,000 pilots - a move, he now says regrets, according to theStar Tribune. But even if the company has returned to around 85% of its workforce, greater changes in industry mean that regional airports may not see their cutting flights return.

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Many airlines have recently reduced their service to regional airports.

A man looking at the arrivals and departures board in an airport

It is not only Delta who finds it difficult to follow his requirements of the route to staff shortages. Last year saw many main carriers entirelycut their flights to small regional airports.

American Airlines announced earlier this year that it would beWithdraw from Ithaca and Islip At New York; Dubuque, iowa; And Toledo, Ohio to September 7, reports Financebuzz. United Airlines also announced that it would deposit all the flights inside and outside College Station and Killeen, Texas; Columbia, Missouri; Evansville, Indiana; Kalamazoo and Lansing, Michigan; Monroe, Louisiana; And Wausau, Wisconsin.

JetBlue also announced its own cuts. The low -budget airline said it would no longer serve Boisse, Idaho or Kalispell, Montana earlier this year, reports Financebuzz.

Delta notes great growth on other markets and focus its attention there.

Delta airplane airplane interior with person deplaning.

Despite the fundamental changes in certain markets, Bastian said that society saw a solid recovery in other areas. He indicated that the interior revenues of Delta passengers in the second quarter had in fact exceeded that seen in the second quarter of 2019, while international passenger income was recovered at 81% during the comparison of the same period, theStar Tribune reports.

"We are flying more in Europe this fall than we never stole in the fall in our history," Bastian told the conference. "The world wanted to travel again, and the world wanted to travel in unprecedented number, and the momentum is really, really great to see."

The executive also said that the cocovated experience had provided essential lessons on how the company should work in the future, including the importance of gathering people and staying devoted to its customers, reports CBS News .

"Put people before the profits," replied Bastian when asked what he had learned during the pandemic. "I remember the conversations we had to block the middle seats. Delta blocked the middle seats longer than any airline in the world. We did it for almost a year and a half until What people can be vaccinated and so on. Customers always thank me every day, when they see me. It was focused on taking care of them, but it was also focused on taking care of our own people because our own people did not want to be more on crowded planes than our customers. "

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