The former star child reveals why she stopped acting right after the successful show

Danica McKellar went in a different direction at the end of the years of wonder.

When she was too well known asWinnie Cooper,Danica McKellar decided to make a major change in his life. From 1988 to 1993, the young actor played onThe beautiful years As Winnie, the neighbor and girlfriend of the main character Kevin Arnold (Fred Savage). At the end of the show, McKellar was 18 years old and she decided instead of immediately playing another role to move away from her acting career.

Finally, McKellar returned to performance, but it also prospered in another area. Read the rest to see what she had to say in a recent interview - with her own son - on her big post-WONDER YEARS decision.

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McKellar felt that she "could not escape" from her famous character.

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McKellar's 11 year old son Dracorecently interviewed the 47 -year -old for aEntertainment tonightsegment. He asked his mother: "When and why did you decided to take a break from acting and becoming a mathematician?"AE0FCC31AE342FD3A1346EBB1F342FCB

McKellar replied: "I went to the UCLA, but when I arrived at school, wherever I went, the people of the campus shouted through the campus, you know:" Hey Winnie! "[or] he, I loved youThe beautiful years! 'I couldn't get away. "She continued", so I needed to discover how I was precious outside of Winnie Cooper, and mathematics were difficult and I did well. And I like this feeling that my value, important things had nothing to do with my appearance or on television. ""

A moment has changed everything for her.

During an interview onSteve Harvey Talk show in 2018,McKellar explained Why she decided mathematics like her major.

"I decided to take a math class, and I was so nervous, but I took it anyway because I have always loved a challenge," she said. "And I'm going to tell you something, I marked the highest scoring in mid -term of 133 people - like, by many. I was struggling. And I had no idea. I studied so hard , but I didn't think I was belonging, simply because I hadn't looked at the game. "

She had a surprising interaction with another student the next day.

"The next day, there was this big turning point for me-it was when I knew that mathematics had saved me and I had a new feeling of self," she said. "This guy hit me on the shoulder and said," Excuse me, isn't it this girl "and I swore that he was going to say"The beautiful years, who played Winnie Cooper. Instead, he said, "Are you not this girl who obtained on 22 [score in the test]?" And I felt so proud and so good in my skin for something that had nothing to do with all these children's stuff. ""

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She wrote 10 educational books.

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McKellar wrote10 pounds on mathematics, including children's books and books that specifically encourage college and secondary girls who are interested in the subject

"I hate the idea that there are so many children (and parents) who are so frustrated and find scary mathematics", "she said Children's review In 2020. "So I decided to change this state of mind and make it entertaining, but also educational. By writing books, I can reach many more children all over the world."

In addition to his books, McKellar also co-wrote a physics theorem entitled The Chayes-McKellar-Winn Theorem.

She returned to acting after having named her name in academics.

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McKellar told Harvey that she had taken four years off, but that her career in mathematics had not slowed her down when she decided to return. Since he returned, she has played rolesThe west wing,,how I Met Your Mother, andInspector mom, among many characters in many other television shows and films. Recently, she also made a lot of votes and appeared in several Hallmark films.

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