If you shop at Walmart, prepare for this "additional bonus", from next month

You can take advantage of this offer thanks to a new partnership.

We all want to get the most out of our shopping experience, and retailers are quick to throw coupons, sales and other offers to attract customers. If you shop at Walmart, you probably appreciate the savings that these stores offer, and maybe you even enjoy theWalmart application or other online capacities. Now Walmart offers a new "additional bonus" for customers, which you will certainly want to take advantage of. Read the rest to discover what the retailer presents in September.

Read this then:If you shop at Walmart, prepare for this new "fantastic" change.

Walmart has worked to simplify the shopping experience.

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Throughout the summer, Walmart has intensified its game with regard to means of shopping by introducing new features, capacities and partnerships. In July, the retailer deployed new augmented reality features (AR) in the Walmart application, which allow you to see furniture and interior decoration items in your space before buying them. Walmart's online search features have also been updated to better serveBuyers who speak SpanishAnd the retailer announced aPartnership with Roku, allowing customers to shop online via their televisions.

Also in July, Walmart announced an update for members of its Walmart +subscription service, which you can nowForm with inhale delivery For an additional $ 40 per year. But this is not the only upgrade of the file for the members of Walmart + - and if you have thought of registering, perhaps the moment.

A new partnership is reflected in a new advantage.

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On August 15, Walmart announced that it "took its membership offer at the higher level"via a new partnership With Global Paramount. From September, Walmart + members will receive an "additional bonus" in the form of a paramount + essential subscription.

This convenience will not cost you additional - which means that your monthly Walmart + costs will remain at $ 12.95 - and you will save the monthly subscription fees of $ 4.99 as paramount + invoice for its "essential" level.

"We know that Walmart + offers members real everyday value - of the grocery store to fill their tank and more", "Chris Cracchiolo, Main vice-president and managing director of Walmart +, said in a press release. "With the addition of Paramount +, we demonstrate our unique ability to help members save even more and to live better by delivering entertainment for less."

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This decision is intended to make Walmart more competitive.

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AccordingWall Street's journal, the partnership between Walmart and Paramount has been struck to "challenge" Amazon - of whichPrime membership program currently has 200 million subscribers. The twinning with Paramount + will introduce a streaming service, putting Walmart more in accordance with the first -rate video service of Amazon, which is included with a prime membership, reported the point of sale.AE0FCC31AE342FD3A1346EBB1F342FCB

Walmart accepted the two -year agreement and a "12 -month -old exclusivity agreement" with Paramount after being in talks with Disney and Comcast, according toWall Street's journal.

But thanks to the "range of consumer products", Paramount already sells in Walmart stores, the two companies have maintained a "close relationship",Jeff Shultz, Director of Strategy and Business Director of Business Development for Paramount Streaming, said in the press release. AccordingWall Street's journal, Paramount also had an office in Bentonville, Arkansas who was "dedicated to Walmart".

"Now, associating the vast range of Walmart across the country with the broad and popular content of Paramount + which offers something for everyone is a unique opportunity to expand our partnership," said Shultz in the press release. "Together, we will bring the members of Walmart + all the extent of the Paramount + programming."

Here is what you can enjoy.

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According to Walmart, 85% of households in the United StatesUse streaming services, quoting information from the Kantar data, information and advice company. As such, Cracchiolo said that adding Paramount + offers this "premium content and a large attraction" that Walmart + members are looking for.

Paramount +The essential subscription is a step below The "Premium" level, which is $ 9.99 per month. Unlike the essential plan, Paramount + Premium has no announcement (with the exception of those of live television and in certain programs), as well as the possibility of watching your local CBS station live and download content to content Look at later, according to the Paramount +website.

But the two memberships offer access to nice content, including the popular television series Yellowstone and Star Trek , and even the new blockbuster Top Gun Maverick - when starts to broadcast Later in 2022, reported the penis.

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