Amazon users bomb this show with 1 -star reviews to be "too awake"

The television adaptation of a separate league will not appeal to everyone.

Fans of the original will always have strong feelings when a beloved film or television program is redone or redesigned, but as regards a new adaptation, these feelings are shaped by something other than a classic obtaining an update. The sports film of the 1992 periodA separate league Tell the story of a professional female baseball team in the 1940s. The new TV adaptation of Amazon Prime Video, which created on August 12, also concerns the Rockford Peaches and takes place at the same time, but it revolves around New characters, including several black and queer women.

Unfortunately for some viewers, the stages of the television version ofA separate leagueI took to be historically exact and inclusive as the series "too awake". And if you watch the list on Amazon, you will see hundreds of criticisms to a star accusing the series of "awakened waste". Read on to find out more.

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The new series is more inclusive than the film.

Chanté Adams in
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To be a series rather than a film, theLeague of their The show takes more time to focus on the personal life of baseball players, as well as their careers as anhletes. And in addition to presenting players on Rockford peaches, he also focuses on a black player, who is not allowed to play in the Professional Baseball League of All-American girls because of her race. In addition, the show explores the life of a black transgender man and many lesbian characters, one of the main relationships of the show being a romance between two players on peaches.

The show is already a critical success.

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Globally,A separate league received good criticism. He hasA 95% approval rating of criticism On Rotten Tomatoes and 79% of the public. On Amazon Prime, he receivedan average of 4.2 in five stars; 74% of the notes are five stars, but 17% of them are just a star.

One of the positive criticisms on Amazon can be seen as follows: "This is a beautifully scripted LGBTQ + program which deals with the current and past problems of the community as well as the stereotypes created and stigmatized from IT and individuals Bipoc. " Another written fan: "The cast is great and I appreciate that they also show black scenarios, which are essential additions to the real history of America and leagues."

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But some users have accused it of addressing the "PC Woke crowd".

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Video Nicola Goode / Prime

Most opinions to a star indicate the LGBTQ + representation of the program as its main fall. A criticism reads as follows: "It's ridiculous. I had to turn it off. Everyone in the show is a lesbian. I thought I was going to watch something good. I was wrong." Another critic written: "I was hoping that it would be a healthy rotation of the film. It focuses too much on homosexuality." Someone else says: "A league of inspiring women breaking the barriers or a league of sexually confused / lesbian women?"

A criticism entitled "Agenda LGBTQ, in your American face!" Said: "They are 100% attached to their program, it is impossible to create something sweet or historically exact." Another, entitled "Woke Garbage", says, "without any reason, to appease the crowd PC Woke Mob, they added black roles where everything they do is to face racism ... it's PC WOK GARBAGE . I couldn't go through the 2nd episode, I expect that a trans character appears by the end of the season. "

The co-creator of the series responded to angry criticism.

Abbi Jacobson at the premiere of
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During a Twitter question session, the creator of the series and the starAbbi Jacobson We asked her how she feels herself "About people's answers to the show? Their stories and how they resonate and see each other in the characters."AE0FCC31AE342FD3A1346EBB1F342FCB

"I was quite blown away by the answer this weekend,"Jacobson replied On the show's Twitter account. "I really changed to learn about this generation of women. I am really proud of this spectacle + to know that its resonance with people really means a lot."

But, she added: "On the other hand, I saw a lot of angry and angry people with our inclusion of more experiences (Poc, Qwoc, Queer) and this anger (aka fear) does not made me sure of the reason why this reimagination had to be manufactured. Why the representation is so important. "

The show has already inspired a real former player to go out.

Maybelle Blair at 2022 Outfest Los Angeles
Images Jon Kopaloff / Getty

Maybelle Blair Played for the Professional Baseball League of All-American girls and was a consultant in the show. At 95, she decidedTo go out publicly as a lesbian During a panel for the series at Tribeca Film Festival earlier this year

"If this was not the case for [the co-creators] Will [Graham] and Abbi and all creating the new series of A separate league , I would never have come out of my life, "said Blair Entertainment tonight .

Jacobson Told Today blair , "She had not been publicly" released "and explained how [in] this league, many women were queer and it was a very hidden part of this experience." She added: "For someone who is finally 95 years old, is simultaneously incredible for her to finally be what she is. But also, I think it's quite heartbreaking that she took her 95 years for her to be who she is. "

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