The most affectionate zodiac sign, according to astrologers

There is a reason why they are always going for a hug.

You can probably divide most of your loved ones into one of the two groups: Huggers and non-Huggers. Those in the Hugger group welcome you with open arms each time they see you, cuddle next to you on the sofa, and will tell you how much they love and appreciate you on an almost base per week. Those in the non-chasers category are a little more reserved, savingPhysical and verbal affection For private moments or special occasions. But today we are talking about the first - and how their unique tenderness could be associated with astrology. Read the rest to discover the six most affectionate zodiac signs, from the maintenance of the PDA pros.

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This practical and subject to perfectionism sign is more affectionate than you think. "When they serve you and rub your backs, they don't think they are affectionate," saidPsychic celebrity and astrologer Inbaal Honigman. "They are fully aware of the medical and psychological advantages." This same level of sensitivity also comes into play when he comforts someone in distress. "For a virgin, telling you that everything will go well is science," explains Honigman. "There are empirical evidence suggesting that things are always going well at the end." All this means that they are a reliable friend to turn if necessary - whether they realize that they are affectionate or not.


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The Scorpion sometimes gets a bad blow. Of course, this sign isSometimes jealous, secret and manipulator. But they can also be intensely loving and faithful to the people they care about most - and it also goes to show affection. "For a scorpion, affection is something that is intimate and they keep it very private," saidCroissant,,Professional tarot reader and astrologer to the divination of the croissant. "When the Scorpios feel, they feel harsh and deep, it is therefore logical that they are one of the most affectionate signs." If you go out with a scorpion, expect a lot of hugs and kitchen kisses; However, they are likely to turn away from the PDA in larger groups.

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The penchant of this sign for the affection is really written in the stars, starting with Venus, its governing planet. "Named for the goddess of love and beauty, Venus gives Taurus a strong romantic sequence," saidAndrea Scalisi,astrologer and owner Haven Shoppe. "However, Taurus's personality is rooted in the earthly element, which means that they display affection in a practical way." So, if you need last minute advice or help with a project, you can count on a bull to present yourself without hesitation.

In romance, a bull loves physical contact within reasonable limits. "They do not like to feel suffocated, so their approach to affection must be moderate and is determined by their mood at some point," explainsRelational astrologer Anna Kovach. That said, most of the affection you receive from a bull will be in camera.


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The style of affection of a lion is better demonstrated by the lion, its terrestrial representative. "In nature, a lion is at the heart of his pride, and in the same way, Leo feels the happiest when he is surrounded by friends and family," explains Scalisi. The leos are openly affectionate with those of their inner circle and are ready to spend a lot of time and efforts to make them happy.AE0FCC31AE342FD3A1346EBB1F342FCB

It also sounds true for theirlove life. "In romance, Leo likes to impress his partner with exaggerated gestures and shows affection by physical intimacy," explains Kovach. Expect unlimited public demonstrations of this sign.

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Physical and emotional affection are key personality traits for cancer. "Cancers are known to be" mom's friend "because of how they tend to be affectionate," says Crescent. "Their energy is like getting home on a new batch of cookies - sweet and warm." A sign of water led by the moon, cancers are emotionally intelligent and know exactly what to say and do so that others feel loved and neat.

So why are they not number one? The only thing that holds cancers on our list is that they can take a while to let new arrivals enter. "They can be slow to open when they meet new people, butTheir development and protection instincts Discover as soon as possible, "says Kovach.


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There is a psychological reason that this sensitive and emotional sign is very affectionate. "The associated element of fish is water and like water, fish have limits definition problems," explainsAuthor and astrologer Lisa Barretta. "They will be too loving, too much like, sur-entouer, too much will encroach and immediately." For this reason, they are also one of the best signs to visit when you need ashoulder to cry.

Cuddles and hugs also naturally come to this sign. "In romantic relationships, those born under this sign like to be able to maintain physical contact as a means of finding reassurance," explains Kovach. "They like to hold hands, snuggle up in bed and even snuggle up for hours while listening to music or watching television." Sometimes they could even feel unsafe when they are unable to give or receive affection. If you are in a couple with a fish, check with them from time to time to make sure you give them the affection they need.

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