Doing this in the bathroom could be an early sign of dementia, warns the doctor

This change in your daily routine could be a symptom of cognitive decline.

The debilitating effects of dementia make crucialFirst signs of the disease. Although there is currently no remedy, identifying the start of Alzheimer's conditions and other conditions that cause cognitive decline can help people seek treatment as soon as possible for symptoms and progression of the disease.

"Dementia is a disorder that affects an individual's ability to remember, think or make decisions," explainsJim Dan, MD, geriatric clinical advisor and member of the board of directors atSenior assistants, a national care provider for the elderly at home. "Dementia is not a specific disease, but rather a global term used to describe a group of symptoms specific to memory loss and other cognitive deficiencies which are serious enough to interfere with the ability of an individual to Conduct daily activities. "

Some of the signs of early alert of dementia are better known than others. Read the rest to discover a surprising early symptom that you may not be on the lookout.

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This change in your daily routine can be a warning sign.

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Growing forgetting is aCommonly known symptom Dementia, people often wonder if their memory loss is linked to age, due to stress or a potential dementia symptom. But memory loss can continue to affect healthy habits.

"[Dementia] often attacks discourse and brain language centers, transforming daily tasks that are otherwise considered simple - such as bathing, dressing or consumption - in difficult tasks because the person does not Not remember how or why do them, "explains Dan, who also quotes" the difficulty in performing familiar tasks, confusion over time or place, problems with words - speaking or writing - badly putting things, Withdraw social activities and mood swings / behavior changes "as potential symptoms.

These familiar tasks may include regular hygiene practices, such as hair care, oral health and bath. "Although simple forgetting is normal with age, forgetting a routine often practiced as daily hygiene can be worrying, because behavior changes are one of the first most common symptoms of dementia "Explains Dan.AE0FCC31AE342FD3A1346EBB1F342FCB

Practicing good hygiene can become difficult.

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Because dementia can affect the ability to perform even the most routine activities, Dan advises that a change in daily routines can mean the start of the cognitive decline. Even simple acts of teeth brushing, grooming and dressing can be affected: "Individuals with early signs of dementia can find it difficult to dress - [like a] incapacity to dress and / or to Change clothes, or maybe wearing something exceeding or inappropriatefor the weather"He says." If an individual previously led a daily hygiene routine in the context of his normal and daily behavior, it is common that these familiar tasks become more and more difficult to accomplish. ""

According to very Wellhealth,Difficulties dressing May include forgetting how to use zipper or buttons, put clothes in the opposite order, or to become overwhelmed by clothing options and not be able to choose articles.

Why does dementia have an effect on daily habits?

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Memory loss can change the capacity to carry out still regular routine activities; People can forget how to practice good hygiene, or even why they have to do it. According to the Alzheimer's association, "as the Alzheimer's progress progresses, the person with dementiacan forget How to brush your teeth or forget why it is important. "But there isOther cognitive changes caused by dementia that can affect daily habits. For example, a change in deep perception can make the bath frightening, and people "may not perceive the need to bathe or find a cold and uncomfortable experience".

Dementia can cause bad judgment, and this symptom can precede even the common early sign of memory loss. The ability to make good decisions can also affect hygiene practices, such as a person who decides that he does not need to bathe, or that he is sure to dress slightly in hard weather.

Apathy too is aPersonality change This can happen at the start of cognitive decline. This can lead to a loss of interest in its appearance.

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Act when you see the first signs of cognitive decline.

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It is important to consult a health professional if you become aware of the first signs of dementia. "Because dementia progresses quickly ... Symptoms often become serious enough to interfere with daily tasks," explains Dan. Although there is no dementia remedy, Dan explains that "activities such as socialization, mental and physical exercise (that is to say, play word games that stimulate muscle memory of the brain, make puzzles that encourage critical thinking andCoordination Eye-Main, or get out for a walk) can help the mind to remain active and be useful to slow mental deterioration. ""

In addition, the failure of the practice of healthy habits can worsen dementia. Research has shown that factors likeSleep with enough And brush your teethtwice a day may decrease the risk of cognitive decline. "A healthy diet, regularly exercising and controlling cardiovascular risk factors ... will help reduce the burden of a patient's life," said Dan. "Taking care of your health will not cure the disease, but will rather eliminate aggravating factors."

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