USPS makes this major service change, from July 10

This could make a difference in the way you send mail and packages.

There are a lot of things that enterSending mail and packages Throughout the country, and we are counting on the American postal service (USPS) to understand how to make the big dupbage. It is hardly a simple task, and with staff shortages, budget cuts and continuous problems of the cocovio pandemic, work has become more difficult. As a result,postal service has constantly adjusted its services in recent years to try to minimize these problems that fall back on the consumer. Now the USPS has just announced another major change which should take place this year. Read the rest to find out which service adjustment to prepare in July.

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The USPS has already announced that this increased prices in July.

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Last month, it was revealed that the postal service provided forIncrease some of its prices In 2022. The USPS filed an opinion from the postal regulatory commission (RPC) on April 6, announcing that hewould rise Price of first -class mail of 6.5%. The expected price increases include the cost of the cachet of the first class Forever mail from 58 cents to 60 cents, as well as the increase in letters of an ounce measured from 53 cents to 57 cents, domestic postcards of 40 At 44 cents and international letters from an ounce of $ 1.30 to $ 1.40. As long as this adjustment is "examined favorably by the PRC", the new prices should take effect on July 10.AE0FCC31AE342FD3A1346EBB1F342FCB

But the agency is now preparing to make another major change this month.

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The postal service has just announced a second change for the month of July. On May 9, the agency said that it was preparing to adjust its shipping areas. According to the shipping school, these areas are the way USPSdetermines the distance Between an original and destination address in miles. There are currently nine ranges of different zones, zone 1 being everything that is sent to more than 50 miles and zone 8 being shipped 1,801 miles or more. Zone 9 is "designated for freely associated states", which covers things sent to the American territories.

"A sepreciary of the deposit, the postal service also plans to update how the distance between the original and destination postal codes is calculated to determine the allocation of the area," said the USPS. According to the agency, it will start to use the distances between 3 -digit postal codes to determine areas rather than using the distance between original and destination plants. This change should also take effect on July 10.

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This could force you to pay more to ship certain packages.

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When it comes to determining how much you have to pay to ship certain items, the price increases scheduled for July will not be the only thing you will have to consider. According to the shipping school, the shipping areas determine the price of shipping costs, as well as the class A Mail A package will be sent. Thus, the adjustment of the planned area could also make you pay more to ship plans to specific areas.

"For example, if the original postal code was from the extreme oriental of the original factory and the destination postal code was from the far west of the destination factory, thenThe price can increase An area, "USPS spokespersonDavid Coleman explained to bytes of electronic commerce.

But the postal service said it should not change the cost in most cases.

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Fortunately, it seems that this increase in particular prices would be rare. According to Coleman, the change aims to "provide more stable zone calculations to our customers" and not an USPS attempt to increase the prices of shipments again.

"In most cases, this will not make a price difference because for most pairs of postal code, the area does not change," he told bytes of electronic commerce. "For a few pairs of 3 -digit postal code, the area will change, rises at the top or bottom. It depends on the distance from the factory and the orientation between the factory and the postal code."

But Coleman also noted that there could be cases in which this change would make you pay less to send items to specific places than before. "If the original zip was from the far west of the original factory and the destination postal code was from the Extreme Eastern of the destination factory, the price can lower an area", a- He explained, adding that the national manual mail the definition of updated zone of (DMM) will provide more details on the exact modifications, and this will soon be published in the Federal register .

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