7 interesting data on the actress Naomi Grossman

Maybe for some the name of this actress is unknown. But for the fanatics of American Horror Story is not like that.

Maybe for some the name of this actress is unknown. But for fanaticsAmerican Horror Story. It is not like this. Naomi Grossman played Pepper's character in the second season of the series and since then her name became popular among the fans of terror. This has been the most important role of it and in which she has demonstrated her ability to transform her. Here we tell you seven interesting data about it.

1. His beginnings

Naomi Grossman is American and studied at the School of Communication at Illinois Northwestern University. The 46-year-old interpreter began her career as an actress in the 90s with short apparitions in television series, advertisements and at the theater. She also made several median shorts. The strengths of her were the writing and production of individual projects, with whom she pleased with criticism.

2. A lucky audition

Naomi tells that it was very little what she knew about Pepper's role when she went to hearing. In mid-2012, the agent of her alerted him fromCasting And she was with the monologue who asked to prepare. She knew that she wanted someone small, almost dwarf and malformed. She was not as low as the rest of the actresses that came. The second test was makeup and she liked the result. The admission of it was almost immediate.

3. A novelty in American Horror Story

OnAmerican Horror Story: Asylum, Pepper is a patient from the Briarcliff psychiatric hospital suffering from microcephaly. Each season of production is different, that is why she naomi never thought that she would call her to interpret the role of her in the fourth edition of the series, "American Horror Story: Freak Show". This represented a whole novelty. She later she played another role inApocalypse., the eighth season of Ryan Murphy's franchise and Brad Falchuk.

4. Transformation

Before rolling, Naomi spent three hours in the makeup room to transform. For paper she used a forehead, ears, teeth, nose, hands and arms. She also required her head for her head.

5. Link with Argentina

Naomi studied secondary in the city of Córdoba, in Argentina. She there she fell in love with her language, culture, food and her people. She travels regularly to the Latin American country, because her father lives in Punta del Este and has an apartment in Buenos Aires. She has also visited countries such as Chile, Colombia, Brazil and Peru. She has performed work as a translator in Latin television programs.

6. Free time

The actress says to be a fan of yoga, a discipline that she practices daily during an hour and a half. In her free time she pleases to go to the theater, cinema and go out to dance. She confesses that she spends a lot of time on social networks, where she shares her experiences with friends andfans.. On Instagram she has about 100,000 followers.

7. More jobs

After the success of it as Pepper, the actress has played secondary characters in the drama and comedy seriesGood Girls (2018) and in the horror movieThe Lurker. (2019). She continues to write and produce proper projects for the theater. She says that she dreams of having her own television show her.

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